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Unboxing NoMakeNoLife

I haven't done a skincare or makeup review in a long while but I was recently sent a subscription box from No Make No Life . This is a monthly beauty box with 8-9 (full sized, I believe) items from Korean or Japanese skincare or cosmetic brands! It is only $35/month with free worldwide shipping so it is perfect for an Asian skincare or beauty junkie! Let's take a look at August's box:  We have two types of masks in the box from a Japanese brand. Unfortunately, since most of the information is in Japanese, I am unable to read the details. There is a card in the box that explains a little bit more about the products. Mint chocolate ice cream is my favorite ice cream flavor so I am definitely excited about these masks! You hardly ever see mint flavored products in the skincare or beauty industry because they tend to cause irritation to sensitive skin. I, on the other hand, love the cooling effect of mint and the scent of it. Apparently mint chocolate is trendy in
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The Unconventional Gold Coast Trip

Recently, I took a short trip of 5 days and 5 nights to the Gold Coast in Australia. Typically, when you think of the GC, you'd imagine Movie World, Dream World and Wet n Wild World. However, I didn't want to spend too much money on the trip so I chose not to visit any of the "world" places. Plus, I had already visited them some 15-20 years ago when I first visited Australia as a kid. Well, why go to Gold Coast then? First of all, it's summer in the Northern hemisphere and I wanted to escape the heat so going north was not an option. Secondly, plane tickets to Gold Coast were relatively inexpensive and flight times and durations aligned nicely with our schedules. Without any of the "worlds" as part of our itinerary, I figured this trip was definitely going to be a super chill one. You might be wondering what there is to do without visiting the tourist spots of GC so I decided to compile my itinerary as well as some places that I wanted to go but did