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Favorite Looks From Trinkets

Have you caught the latest Netflix series called Trinkets? If you haven't, you definitely should! I think it is a cute coming-of-age story and I can't wait for more episodes. Another reason why I like the show so much is because of its fashion. When a show has good style, I can't help but be drawn into it.

Here are some of my favorite looks that I would love to recreate some day. It's not the most summer appropriate for this time of year but you can definitely use them as style inspo for fall. Sorry, but I'm definitely biased towards Tabitha's style because that is more me. I don't have a lot of Moe's looks because she has more of an athleisure style that doesn't vibe with me but it's cute if you are into that look.

We don't get a lot of scenes of Tabitha in this yellow turtleneck sweater and plaid skirt. This was taken from the opening scene of the show. Definitely something I'd wear. 
Rachelle has kind of a preppy look. She wears a lot o…
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Betty Cooper's Outfits in Riverdale Season 3

Lately, Betty's outfits have been catching my eye every time I watch Riverdale. I mean, everyone's outfits have been super cute but Betty's wardrobe has been speaking to me this season and I just needed to compile them for reference. If you ever needed outfits for school, I think her style is perfect. Plus, Lili Reinhart is so pretty and the perfect Betty Cooper.

S3E1 The season starts off during summer break so it may not be suitable for the current fall/winter weather but you can still make some of them work.
Betty wears a turquoise floral button down dress that looks very Urban Outfitters/Kimchi Blue because I have a similar romper in a different print and I've seen similar colors and prints on their website. I love the dress but they are usually too long for me.
 This one is a very simple look with a pair of overalls and plain white tee under. Easily achievable.
This is a dreamy lilac midi dress and it looks amazing on Betty. This color really suits her skin tone an…

ColourPop 2018 Fall/Back To School UML Swatches on Asian Skin (NC 20)

This post is a little late because this collection was released a month or two ago. Honestly, I haven't purchased anything from ColourPop since June so it's been awhile. There are quite a lot in the back to school fall collection but I'm only covering the ultra matte lips in this post. I got 6 out of 8 of them because the other two seemed too bright for my liking and not the kind of colors I would wear anyway. I'm still waiting for the lux lipsticks to restock so that I can swatch those too.
TBH, if you have a lot of their ultra matte or ultra satin liquid lipsticks already, you can pass on the majority of these shades. They are very similar to previously launched colors and the formulation isn't at its best. 
Growing Pains (Soft peachy nude) I was worried this would be unflattering or too pale for me but it turned out to be a nice nude shade with a touch of peach (leaning pink). It's not quite similar to other CP nudes in my collection but I will say the close…