Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adidas Sneaker Collection

I have amassed an arsenal of Adidas sneakers and I always get a ton of questions about where to get them. You should know that you can get the common ones like the black stripes or the all white ones in store or on the Adidas online store. You can even customize your shoes to change the texture or colors and make it uniquely yours. For more unique colors, it is better to search other sites for them. If you are living in the US, Footlocker stores are a good place to find rare colors and limited editions. Googling a simple search term like "gold adidas superstars" will give you results for these golden pair below as well as a couple of other designs that feature this gold color. If you have the model number of the shoes, that would also help to narrow down your search and provide you with more store links to obtain the shoes from.

Model number: V24626

Model number: 912833

These are an old model of superstars so they are not available anymore. If you do find them being sold on a shoe store, they are most likely fake. I was lucky enough to get them from a local reseller and it is seriously the best colorway because it's pink + unicorn!

Model number: S81644

These holographic shoes were originally available on the Adidas store website but since have been sold out. You can now get it on eBay but as usual, do access the credibility of the sellers before making your purchase if you are picky on the item being authentic. These ones have an iridescent body that reflects the rainbow as you walk. How cool!

Model number C77124

This is the classic pair that everyone has. I got mine from the Junior's section of the Adidas website so it was a bit cheaper! 

Model number: B23644

I love pink so since this was also under the Juniors range, I had to pick up this rose pink color. It always looks maroon in my photos but I swear it is pink. They are also available on the Adidas website.

IMG_7783 copy
Model number: S79416 

These copper ones with snake skin texture are getting harder to find. Footlocker still carries some but in large sizes like US 9 and above. I got mine from eBay so it is worth checking out. It is expensive, but that's what you get for a high demand product that is low in supply. 

IMG_7812 copy
Model number: S75057 

I didn't really like these at first but they grew on me and I decided to get a pair. They are more expensive than usual though but it's all well worth it because they are also extra comfortable to wear. There is just something different about the fit and the way it feels when you walk in them. The metal toes just makes it more magical and it does not get in the way of walking even though that part of the shoe is stiff. The shoe is made of suede though, so it might be tougher to clean it if it gets dirty.

IMG_8190 copy
Model number: S75125 

I saw this instock on the Adidas website and immediately purchased them. They go for $80 which is the same price as the classic black and white ones so why not? I'm just a bit disappointed that the shoe had some glue residue on the tongue and the tongue logo looked badly printed. They seriously should have gone with a silver tongue logo in my opinion. Otherwise, this shoe is seriously pretty and all sorts of sparkly. The glitter does not fall off but I do imagine crease lines from wear and tear won't look pretty :(

Too lazy to continue right now so watch the videos at the start of the post to see more of my shoe collection and where I got them from! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Fall Looks for School

I wanted to title this post "Fall Trends" but it might be misleading because I'm not talking about runway looks - I still think they look ridiculous. I'm talking about something more wearable yet trendy and cute. 

These are trends based on my personal observations so no hate please. These photos are nabbed off my Instagram account @megoosta. The outfits are available on my shop

Cropped Sweaters
They're a great transition piece for summer to fall or winter to spring. Whenever it's not too cold or not too warm, these are perfect to wear with shorts or jeans. They come in all sorts of designs but the one that is relatively new would be the scallop hemmed one. Kylie Jenner spotted an oversized cropped scallop sweater recently and you know that would surely become an upcoming trend. 

Lace Up Sweaters
We had lace up tank tops and lace up shirts during summer so why not carry over the lace up trend into fall and winter? It is always easy to sport a lace up top since the tie up details already make your outfit not-so-basic. Since there is so much going on top, I like to keep the bottoms simple with a pair of jeans or jeggings without distressing. 

Sweaters with fancy backs
Because sweaters will be the only things you wear throughout fall, you gotta be cute about it and get some sweaters with cute back designs. It could be a lace up design, a criss cross design like this one or a sweater with a graphic design on the back. We'll see what the clothing stores have to offer us. 

Bomber Jackets
Bombers are all the rage nowadays. It started some time in Spring and somehow managed to last all summer. No reason for it to go away now that it is getting colder! The latest trend of bombers have cute phrases written on the backs or front chest area. Patches or embroidery are also cute to add details to your outfit.

Throw it back to the 90s in high necklines and bold stripes plus patches and pins everywhere! 'Nuff said.

Choker Shirts
The choker neckline is still in and if you'd like something different than the popular off shoulder choker look, cutout shirts that retain the high neckline are a cute way to go as well. 

Ripped Jeans
They were around last year and they are still around! I like my jeans skinny and not ripped to the point of destruction. Knee slits are always cute so play it up to your personal preference.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fake Naked Palettes - Are They Really That Bad?

Yes, I intentionally bought fake naked palettes because I am not a pro at makeup and I'm still learning and trying new things so $70 for an eyeshadow palette that I am not confident in using definitely does not make sense. Being monolid-ed, it is honestly quite hard to find suitable eyeshadow tutorials that embrace single eyelids without using double eyelid tape/glue. 

I picked the naked 2 and naked 3 palette off ebay for around $10-15 so they were not the dirt cheap low end ones. Plus, the reviews looked pretty decent. I've had them for over a year now and never really got down to trying them out because I was a tad paranoid that they might contain some sketchy ingredients that I will never know of. 

Honestly, the exterior packaging looks 99% similar to the real palette and since I do not have the real ones, I am unable to make a comparison. I think the only difference between mine and the real ones would be the shade of pink/brown used for the boxes. It differs ever so slightly only. Oh, these palettes do not come with the free gift/sample that the real palettes would have. 

The main differences between a real palette and fake palette would be the tones of the shades, the amount of pigmentation and the weight of the palette. Depending on how good of an imitation your palette is, the differences in tones will also vary. Pigmentation definitely will not match Urban Decay's standards and the powders are probably not as creamy as the real ones too. The powders in the fake palette are unevenly filled so some shades have more powders than others, unlike in the real palette whereby every shade is filled to the brim. 

This is how my Naked 2 palette looks like:

The pigmentation of the metallic shades are pretty good, especially the second shade - half baked. The solid matte shades are not so pigmented and I actually went over the swatches for those a couple of times. So, as you can see Foxy and Blackout look quite sheer and patchy. I'm not sure if the colors are supposed to look like that but the second half of the shades look pretty similar. 

Naked 3 palette:
Similarly, the metallic shades came off better than the matte shades. This palette seems to be a bit on the lighter side though. The shades Limit and Nooner almost blend right into my skin. 

The brush that was included in the palette actually did a pretty decent job in picking up enough pigments and transferring onto my eyes. I'm not sure how long these will last as I have not worn them on for an extended amount of time but I'm thinking it will just be average. 

Personally, I do not think that this palette that I have is atrocious. I find it pretty decent. In fact, the pigmentation is much better than some of the drugstore palettes that I own! I think that says a lot about this palette. 

So, if you are looking to get a fake palette, then don't go for the dirt cheap ones because I do believe that the price is a reflection of what you will get. At the same time, don't pay too much for a fake palette because it is after all, going to be fake. 

However, if you are planning on buying a real palette, do not bring your expectations to eBay or Amazon, thinking you might be able to cop a palette for a lower price. Your best bet would still be to get them from a reputable store like Sephora. 


Friday, August 19, 2016

Perfect Mani/Pedis with Amopé

If you've been following me on Instagram for a long time or if you have stalked my social media accounts for awhile, you'd know that my shoe collection is pretty big. My favorite kinds of shoes to wear are sneakers and booties. While they do provide more comfort over other shoes like heels and pumps, it is still pretty impossible to escape getting calloused rough feet. After a long day of walking, I often find myself picking at the base of my heels because of all the dead skin peeling off and my fingers just can't stay away from peeling skin. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about ;) but it is definitely not a good idea to be peeling the skin because I always end up digging too deep and peeling off a deeper layer that hurts. Plus, the new skin that grows back tends to be harder and rougher.

That is why Amopé came just at the right time to save my feet (and fingernails) from that terrible habit! I picked up a couple of Amopé devices from my local CVS store because they were having a really good promotion on their products. Their range of products can be found along the foot care section. (Coupon deal at the end of the post!)

The award-winning Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File is a battery operated file that smooths feet quickly and easily. Seriously, all you need to do is fire it up and file away the hard skin from any part of your foot. 

It is ergonomically designed to access the curviest contours and the roller heads are actually replaceable if you find that you need a new file or want to try another file. They have three types of files - coarse for regular skin, extra coarse for hard, calloused skin and soft touch for a smooth finish. The blue ones that you find in store are equipped with the coarse file for regular skin while the pink ones have the extra coarse file. The files are made from finely ground diamond crystals but it is gentle and safe at the same time. I know it may sound scary or rough but it is actually very gentle on the skin. Personally, I like how the diamonds add so much sparkle to the file and it just makes me so happy to use it. 

Enough talking! Let's put it to the test! 

I don't have the worst feet because I'm not in heels all the time but I don't have baby soft feet either. My main problem areas are the heels so here are some pictures to show the effects of using the foot file: 

Before: Rough and calloused heels

After: Visibly and physically smoother and softer!

Goodbye dead skin and hello #SoftFeetAllSummer! Now you don't need to be embarrassed or conscious about your feet when you wear sandals or heels throughout summer!

I also picked up the Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail File because I do my nails pretty often and I love to keep them in shape. I hate the feeling of ridges on my nails so I buff my nails almost every 2 weeks because they grow out really fast. I've been using the conventional nail buffer block which is great, but I won't deny that I get lazy to do them sometimes. It simply requires too much effort to buff all 10 nails and I always give the least effort to my ring finger and pinky. 

The nail file is also battery operated and comes with three different replaceable heads as part of a 3-step buffing process. The first one is a nail file, followed by a ridge remover and a shine buffer. 

Before: Dull and rough nail

After: Smooth and shiny nail! Don't even need to use any nail polish to get that shine.

So this electronic nail file has definitely simplified my routine because I now have this to perform the buffing motions for me. Just switch it on and buff your nails while watching some YouTube videos! I also love how the shape of the nail buffer allows you to easily reach the corners and edges of your nail so you fully cover the whole nail bed. That is something that I find hard to achieve with a manual nail buffer. Definitely shifting to this nail buffer from now on! 

Buffed nails are amazing. I love the natural healthy shine it gets and you don't even need to use nail polish! So if you have never tried it out before, this is something I would highly recommend to all you people who love taking care of your nails. 

From now 14 August 2016 till 28 August 2016, you can get $15 off a nail/foot file or $25 off two Amopé devices with these coupons at your local CVS stores:

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions and text are all mine.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Real vs Fake Adidas Superstar/Stan Smith

I've wanted to do this post for a long time, ever since I started on my crazy collection of Adidas Superstars. I mean, I think I make quite a credible source because at one point, I owned 14 pairs of Superstars and Stan Smiths. I will be migrating my Superstar collection post over to this blog over the coming days so that you can read up on where I got them.

I'm not sure if these shoes are still as popular and wanted now because I am sort of out of the loop but if you are looking to get yourself a pair of Superstars or Stan Smiths, these are a few pointers to look out for in identifying if what you are buying is real or fake. Take note that these features are mostly applicable to recent releases only. Old models and Superstar 80s are slightly different. Then again, old models are not sold in stores anymore so if you find brand new pairs elsewhere, you should be cautious. 

I owned a a few pairs of fake Superstars before I purchased my first original pair from the Adidas website. I have also spent countless hours searching for rare colorways so I have invested as much time into examining pictures of Superstars and Stan Smiths to notice the difference between a real pair and fake pair. They may not be obvious to an untrained eye but I'm sure you would want to know if what you are paying for is worth the money or not. 


Real: Above $70
Fake: Below retail value, but take note that there are people out there selling fakes at much higher prices

There is no way you can get brand new and original Superstars or Stan Smiths lower than what is being sold at retail stores, unless you are buying them secondhand off someone. Generally, the prices for classic Superstar colorways (black, white, red, blue) are $70 for Junior sizes and $80 for Men's and Women's sizes. You can only further lower the price through discount codes or sale events. Stan Smiths are $5 cheaper in both sections.

As such, if you come across a website or online listing selling it lower than $60, especially in rare/different colorways (e.g. pink, copper, gold, textured, metallic), then that website is definitely selling fakes, even if they claim to be authentic. Most rare colorways that are high in demand such as copper/rose gold, pink and iridescent are dead stock items - meaning they have been sold out completely and has stopped. Hence, there will generally be an inflation for these colors, especially in smaller sizes. If the site you are on has all these different colors in every size, take note that these are a 100% fake.

Take note that the website sells fake products. Do not believe them when they say their items are authentic! 

These sites can sell the shoes at such a low price because the quality of the materials used are not as good. The body of the shoes could be made of cheap cardboard so they definitely will not last and will not be comfortable to wear. You will not be able to determine the quality of materials from pictures so read on for other things to look out for. By the way not even kidding about the cardboard part. 

If you are getting them secondhand off an individual, then check out the rest of the features to ensure that the pair of shoes you are purchasing are real. 

Heel Tags

Real: No heel tags
Fake: With heel tags

Example of fake Superstars with heel tag

This is probably the easiest feature to identify. Adidas hasn't released shoes with heel tags in years so real shoes would not have heel tags. Stan Smiths might have slight heel tags so it is best to check the other features to ensure what you are getting is truly original (unless you are buying from an authorized retailer). 

The heels are probably the most neglected areas to look at but there are a few areas to check so make sure you get pictures of the back of the shoe. 

Heel Logo

Real: Size fills up the back of the heel, stripes are even
Fake: Printed, small, deformed, slightly modified logo, misspelling of brand

Example of a fake pair of Superstars with small logo and heel tags

If you are getting the classic white Superstar shoes with black stripes, then be sure to check that the heel logo is not just stamped/printed on, but it is sort of engraved. This is applicable to most colorways. The only pairs that I noticed did not have a textured feel was my iridescent pair and the Superstar 80s. Even so, ensure that the logo fills up the space and that it is not deformed. The spacing between the stripes of the logo should be even and not too thick or not too thin. 

Heel Shape

Real: Flat
Fake: Rounded
Left: Real | Right: Fake
Notice how the heel patch on the fake pair is more rounded in shape

The correct shape of the heel flap should be a tad wide and flat with curved edges. The base (below the logo) should take a similar look. In other words, if you find the heel flap to be rounded and/or the heel base to be rounded, then the shoe is fake (with the exception of old models and Superstar 80s). 

Fake Stan Smiths with small logo, heel tags and deformed heel patch shape

Authentic Stan Smiths


Real: Skinny laces
Fake: Flat and fat laces

Left: Real | Right: Fake
This particular shoe is not fake but it is an old model. Fake shoes use this style of laces and method of lacing.

Typically, fake shoes make use of flat laces that were used in old models of the Superstar shoes. The current version of Superstars have thinner laces that give them a unique look. So, if you are wondering what is off about the look, it's the laces. Moreover, the way that the shoes are laced is different. You could re-lace them the same way Superstars are laced but you'd find that fake shoes are laced over the eyelets rather than under. 

Number of Eyelets

Real: 6 eyelets on Junior and Women's shoes, 7 eyelets on Men's shoes
Fake: 7 eyelets on all sizes

Left: Real | Right: Fake

Junior and Women's shoes have 6 eyelets while Men's shoes have 7 eyelets. If your shoe size is around EUR 35-40 and there are 7 eyelets on your shoe, it's definitely a fake. 

Tongue label

Real: Label is printed on
Fake: Embossed yellow gold label or label from an old model

 Left: Real | Right: Fake

The Superstar tongue logo comes in a variety of designs and colors depending on the colorway of the shoe. Fake shoes tend to use tongue logo designs of old models that are no longer in production. Current black stripe Superstar shoes have a shiny metallic gold tongue label that is printed on. Fake shoes are not able to replicate this effect very well. Even if they do, the material of the shoe tongue is compromised. The labels are embossed in a yellow gold color that do not have any metallic shine. Otherwise, they mimic the black and white label of old models. It would do you good to familiarize yourself with the way the tongue label looked like before and now. 

Previous Superstar model

Notice that in old models, the tongue label has the logo on top with words below and current models have words on top of the logo. 

For Stan Smiths, pay close attention to the words "Endorsed by:" to ensure there are no spelling errors or deformation in alphabets. Also, look out of tongue tags, which are similar to heel tags. They are extra material that sticks out at the center edge of the tongue. 

Example of fake Stan Smiths with tongue tag

Serial Number

Real: Model number matches shoe box, serial number of both shoes are different
Fake: Mode number does not match shoe box and/or serial number of both shoes are the same

 Left: Real | Right: Fake

The model number and serial numbers can be found under the shoe tongue. Model numbers consist of 6 alphanumeric characters (e.g. C77154) and should match the model number found on the shoe box. Below the model number is the box number which should also correspond to that of your shoe box. The serial number is the last line of characters which are different on both shoes. Plus, you can always google the model number you see under the tongue of your shoe to see what the actual product should look like. The fake shoe used in the picture above were supposed to mimic the look of the black stripe Superstars with a gold tongue label but if you were to search "G17068", you'd see that the actual model has a black and white tongue label. 

Model number on the right, box number on the left


Real: Signature stripes are of normal thickness and spacing
Fake: Stripes may be thicker and closely spread

Left: Real | Right: Fake

The stripes on fake shoes are normally closer together than that of the original shoe because they are imitating the old model of Superstars. Moreover, they may have thicker stripes which should be quite obvious to anyone. 

Superstar Wordings

Real: Printed on in metallic/glossy ink depending on colorway
Fake: Engraved and painted to give it the correct color, slightly different font, wrong placement

 Left: Real | Right: Fake

The wordings on the side of the shoe should be printed on in a glossy/metallic paint and not engraved for most Superstar shoes (exceptions being the Supercolor shoes and all white/all black shoes). Fake shoes have their "Superstar" wordings engraved and filled in with color. As you can see, the gold paint will not have as much shine as the metallic ink of the real shoe. Moreover, the font is slightly different and the placement of the words vary on fake shoes. Some are located far away from the stripes, while some are too high up. 

Shell Toe

Real: Three rubber stripes at the base of shell toe
Fake: Two rubber stripes at the base of shell toe, different shape

Top: Real | Bottom: Fake

The new models of Superstars have three stripes on the rubber shell toe as well with the exception of Superstar 80s shoes. The shell toe looks different on fake shoes as well but it may not be obvious so it is best to go based off other features. 

Shape of the Shoe

Real: Slender shoe shape, rubber soles have tapered sides
Fake: Bulky look

 Left: Real | Right: Fake

Superstar shoes have a sleek and slender look and you can tell that the side of the soles are clearly different. Fake ones are straight while the real ones go inwards. It definitely looks better when the sides go inwards. 

With all that said, it doesn't mean that you can't find a pair of dupes that look pretty much like the actual thing in all aspects. You'd probably have to pay more but if you are paying close to the retail value of it, make sure that it is super duper similar to the actual one before purchasing.