Friday, March 16, 2018

Shop Hush Aura Palette Review

Shop Hush has been pretty active in social media marketing. I'm pretty sure you would have come across their brand name on Instagram and YouTube by now. Not gonna lie, the videos and swatches that I have seen got me curious about the brand because they are known to dupe a lot of high end palettes. Thankfully, they were willing to work with me and send over a care package with lots of their palettes. You can see my full haul video here with swatches of all the palettes that I received.

In general, the quality is good for the price you are paying. However, I wouldn't say they are the best eyeshadows to work with. Personally, I would rather invest in a better product. 

BUT they do have a few gems and this palette is one of them. The Aura palette by Bad Habit Beauty is a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette. The colors are 90% similar with a slight difference in tones or metallic-ness. It retails for $12 and you get 14 x 0.99g of product. The palette is nicely made with a mirror on one side and magnetic closure. Not super luxurious but good enough to throw in your purse and travel along with. 
Color Scheme
At first glance, this palette looks intimidating, but you can definitely create some neutral looks with this palette. Just cover up the pops of colors in the palette like the neon yellow, metallic green and dark purple.
These shadows are really pigmented. You just need a light touch to pick up enough product with your brush or fingers. The shadows feel very finely milled in the palette and may kick up a little but this palette has one of the better formulas than the others, which feel very dry and powdery. The metallics are flawless though - really pigmented and high shine. Also, that black is super pigmented and spreads/blends very well.

All of these shadows blend very well on the eyes. The neon yellow and nude shade are pretty sheer so they may need some building up. The darker shades definitely go a long way. The black shade spreads and blends so well - a little goes a long way.
Eyebrows - Immortal
Transition - I went in with Energy first and placed it all over the crease/transition area, followed by Awakening slightly below it and Mystique towards the outer corner area.
Lid - Ecstasy
Outer Corner - I blended some Vibe on my outer corner to smoke it then placed Destiny and blended it together with Ecstasy
Inner Corner - Soul
Lower Lash Line - Manifest towards the center and Ethereal towards the outer part with Vibe to smoke everything out
I did use Haze as a blush and it is actually a really nice dusty mauve shade. I also used Vibe as my contour but it was a little bit on the warmer side. For my cheekbone highlight, I used Phenomenon which turned out to be a really BLINDING highlight. I don't have pictures so you can watch my video :D
So, I essentially used all of the shadows in this palette (except Radiate) to do my full face of makeup and I really like the look that I created with this. I kinda need an occasion to wear this look out.
I have monolids/hooded eyelids and I have no issue with the wear of these shadows.

If you are looking to try a palette from Shop Hush, I would recommend getting this one and Retro Love. I have the Sugar palette, Inferno palette and Aphrodite as well but they aren't as good as this one in terms of formula. I always end up with a muddy look so I'm not into those palettes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Loreal Colorista Paint in Violet on Dark Hair Review

I apologize for neglecting my blog for awhile. Continuing off from my previous post, I decided to do a review for the L'oreal Colorista Paint hair dye. I have been wanting to try the hair dyes from the Colorista range but after reading reviews on the wash-out line, it didn't seem to be suitable for dark hair. However, the Paint line seems great for dark hair and the box also indicates that results will show up on darker hair than on lighter hair! 
This retails for about $15 at the drugstore and it includes a 60ml tube of hair color, 60ml bottle of developer, 40ml bottle of conditioner, a brush applicator and a pair of gloves - pretty much all the items you need to dye your hair.
The instructions are to mix the hair color and developer in a 1:1 ratio. For my shoulder length hair, I used less than a quarter of each bottle (I don't have a lot of hair). The development time is 30 mins, so be prepared. You could use a towel or plastic bag around your shoulders, or apply vaseline if you fear the dye staining. I didn't use anything but I made sure to clean up the dye on my skin immediately after I was done applying the hair dye on my hair. So, just wet and rub the areas where the dye got on your skin and it shouldn't stain badly.
So, I have dark brown/almost black hair with ash tones and I have never bleached my hair so this is my natural hair color. I did an ombre look with this because I didn't want the chemicals to touch my scalp. My scalp is pretty sensitive to products and a lot of shampoos cause my hair to shed like mad. 
And here are the results! This is the result after washing out the hair dye and drying my hair. I couldn't get the water to run clear on my first wash though. 
You can see the clear difference between the dyed portions and undyed portions when light hits it.
I love how it turned out. It was truly a purple violet and exactly what I want in terms of purple hair. It's not super obvious under normal room light conditions but when the light hits it, you can see the hints of purple and berry. It looks phenomenal under sunlight.
Also, my hair looks and feels very smooth and soft thanks to the conditioning balm!
I wash my hair everyday and the color continued to run for a week every time I shampooed. However, I did not notice my hair get dryer or frizzier than it normally would.
This is how the color looks like after a week. It has lost most of its purple tones and turned more into a berry violet. Certain portions of my hair still retain the hint of purple. It's still pretty but just not as pretty as it was 1 week ago.
I'm currently in my 2nd week with the dye and unfortunately, some of it has faded in patches. There are a couple of sections that still have color and other sections that have turned into a bronze-brown. Thankfully, my hair is dark so it isn't super obvious but still quite a bummer. I had thought it would last longer since it is a permanent color.
All in all, I still think that it is a pretty good option for dark hair. We don't get a lot of fun colors to play with so if something works, I'll take it!

Friday, January 5, 2018

How To Get Mermaid Hair On Black Hair Without Bleaching / L'oreal Colorista Spray Review

If you have dark/black hair, you would be familiar with the struggle of finding hair dyes that work on your hair without the need to bleach it because everyone wants to have some fun and color in their hair sometimes. Bleaching can be damaging to hair and dark hair tones can lean orange or yellow so that alters the hair dye color too. Thankfully, we dark haired creatures finally have a product that can use to add color without bleaching or damaging our locks!
Introducing the L'oreal Colorista Spray! This is a 1-Day hair color spray that works on all hair colors. I found this in Australia at various drugstores. I got it for about AUD10 in Priceline and AUD7.50 in Coles when it was on discount. Usually, it retails for about AUD15 and in the USA, it goes for USD9.99. There are 43.2g/75ml of product
I got 5 colors - Pastel Blue, Pink, Lavender, Mint and Hot Pink. There are several other colors but these were the only 5 that I found in Australia. I really want the Teal shade though.
The can looks simple but I find it cute that they used the hashtag trend to label their shades. #pastelbluehair #pinkhair #minthair

The back of the can has some claims and instructions. To use it, shake it well and spray 10-15cm away from your hair. If you want to intensify the color, then spray it longer. This claims that it doesn't smudge or budge and that it dries quickly without a chalky feel. All that is true except that it does budge. If you touch it, the product will come off onto your hands even after the product has dried. 
The nozzle is really thin so it's great for targeting areas and doing highlights in your hair.
How to use:
  1. If you use any styling products in your hair, you should put this on first. Style your hair using heat tools if needed. 
  2. Make sure you have a paper towel or tissue in between your hair and shirt. Wearing a white shirt is relatively safe with this product because it doesn't come off or stain white shirts (except the hot pink color). 
  3. Shake the can well and start spraying! 
I wouldn't recommend combing your hair or touching it after putting the hair spray. It is a hair spray so your hair feels a little stiff after the product has dried. The product does come off a little if you touch it. It has a glittery finish so you can see it shimmer in person. 

The first shade I used is Pastel Blue. It doesn't look pastel at all on me so I'm not sure if it will turn pastel on blondes. It is a deep ocean blue on me and I really like it. It's so vibrant and pigmented!

Next to it, I used the Pink shade. I overlapped it with the blue so that created a nice purple in between. The pink turns up really nice and faded though.
I have the Lavender beside the pink but it doesn't look very obvious. It is actually quite similar.
The mint shade looks very green on me and I dig it.
Lastly, we have the hot pink shade. This one is super pigmented and vibrant and looks true to the picture on the can but it is super messy too. This is the only shade that transferred and stained badly even after it had dried. None of the other colors stained or transferred onto my shirt.
The pictures speak a thousand words about the pigmentation and vibrancy on dark hair. IT. IS. AMAZINGGGG. I LOVE IT. If you do not touch the color, it can last you the entire day. I do find it a little faded and gone in some areas after a day's worth of wear because of the wind and having to readjust my hair. This totally didn't feel chalky or drying like hair chalk and it did not dry my hair out. To remove it, simply hop in the shower and wash it off! 

I can't stop obsessing over this and I need more colors!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Maybelline SuperStay 24H Full Coverage Foundation Review

Maybelline recently reformulated and launched a new version of the SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation. It used to come in cylindrical glass bottle but now it comes in a rectangular bottle with a pump! I have not tried the old version but I have heard a lot of good things about the foundation. I am all about full coverage foundations for oily skin!
This retails for $11.99 on Ulta and Amazon at the moment but will hit stores in January 2018. I believe it has launched in Europe already but the shade system is a little different. There are currently 16 shades available in the US. 

I use 120 Classic Ivory in the Fit Me Matte + Poreless range and that is a pretty spot-on match for me. I am NC20/Laneige #21 with neutral warm undertones and oily combo skin. I got the shade 112 Natural Ivory because I got it off ebay and this was the only light shade available at that time. It's a bit more pink-grey toned than the fit me classic ivory but I can pull it off. It just looks a little brighter, which I don't mind at all. From what I have gathered so far, the shades in the SuperStay range tend to run darker than the Fit Me counterparts.

This comes in a glass tube with a cheap plastic cap and pump, but not gonna complain much because it finally has a pump. 

This has a thick liquid consistency but it spreads well and easily. I have tried applying it with both my fingers and a brush and while they both look great, I think I prefer using a brush. This dries and sets quickly so you should work in sections. 
Bare skin with only primer and moisturizer. I primed with ColourPop's Amethyst Setting Spray, YSL All Hours Primer and Innisfree No Sebum Primer.
One layer of foundation applied. Redness has been evened out. Some spots still peeking through. A lot of dry flaky skin on my nose.

This has a smooth matte finish. However, the first time I used this, it left behind a tacky finish so I'm not sure what went wrong. If you do not use a pore filling primer, this foundation will not minimize or cover up your pores at all. It does not accentuate pores so it will look natural. Overall, I think this has pretty high coverage but it does not build up to a complete full coverage. I still have some spots peaking through. Any dry flaky skin will show up once you apply this foundation so exfoliate well beforehand!

Oil Control
This has pretty good oil control on its own. I can get 4 hours of wear before starting to look a little dewy on my cheeks. With setting powder, I can get 5-6 hours of oil control but I am still far less dewy. I think it has better oil control than the Fit Me Matte + Poreless. 

This foundation does not provide any hydration at all. In fact, it may be a little drying. I have to wear a light moisturizer underneath to prevent my skin from drying out and to avoid the foundation from getting cakey.

Without setting with powder, this transfers quite a bit when you blot. Oil will definitely remove this foundation, so as long as you can find a way to control your oil, you can keep this on for a really long time. Even so, it does not hold up to its claim of 24h because I have other 24h foundations that do not transfer even with facial oil. After 10h of wear, this foundation noticeably faded away from my nose and chin. My cheeks still had a fair bit of product left. 

Coverage: 4.7/5
Oil Control: 4.5/5
Hydration: 1/5
Longevity: 4.3/5

I decided to rank this foundation above the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless because it has higher coverage and better oil control. The Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB has super full coverage, SPF and decent oil control so I like it better. The Laneige BB Cushion has extremely good oil control and great SPF. The other foundations that I have ranked higher up have much better finishes, oil control or longevity.

To read up on other foundations/bb creams that I have tried and reviewed:

Current foundation ranking list:
1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 (2N1 Desert Beige)
2. Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Coverage Foundation(030 Sand Beige) 
3. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (140)
4. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation (#363C Nude Ivory)
5. Catrice 12H Matt Mousse Foundation (010 Soft Ivory)
6. Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+/PA+++ (#21) 
7. Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB SPF 50+/PA+++ (Sand)
8. Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation (112 Natural Ivory)
9. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless (120 Classic Ivory)
10. VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 30/PA++ (V02) 
11. LA Colors Truly Matte Foundation (CLM352 Natural)
12. Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 30/PA++ (Natural Beige) 
13. ZA Total Hydration 12-in-1 BB Cream SPF 43/PA+++ (Natural Beige)
14. Etude House Double Lasting Foundation SPF 34/PA++ (N04 Neutral Beige)
15. La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 (Creme 03)

Monday, December 11, 2017

ColourPop Holiday 2017 Collection Swatches & Review

It's that time of the year again! This year's holiday collection looks so dreamy and magical, just like how Christmas is! There were 2 rounds of launches this year. The first round went up on Sephora too and consisted of the Semi Precious Palette, Golden State of Mind Palette, Feeling Fine Lip Trio, You're A Gem Lip Trio, Amber Crystal Collection and 3 Super Shock Shadows (Fluffy, Bouncy Revolution). I wasn't too impressed with the launch so I only got the You're A Gem lip trio and the super shock shadows. 
This is the packaging of the lip products. It is a very dreamy ombre that goes all over the box. The texts are in a foiled gold. There are 4 Ultra Glossy Lips and 10 Ultra Matte Lips in this launch.
This is how the tube looks like. It has a gold cap and sparkly gold flecks decorated all over the tube.

Lay-Z (Nude with Gold Glitter)
This is a really nice lip gloss with a ton of gold and hot pink glitter. It does have some pigmentation to it so it gives a nice tint to the lips. Very easy to throw on and wear on its own or over another lip color.

Imagine (Vibrant Pinky Red with Pink Glitter)
This is a really gorgeous juicy red lip gloss with a ton of hot pink glitter. It is super pigmented so you should apply it with care and maybe use a lip liner to avoid bleeding over time. I love this color though.

Believe Me (Rich Sangria with Violet Glitter)
This looks so pretty in the tube but it applies so sheer and patchy. I'm pretty sure they layered this on the site's stock photos because they look hella fake. I wouldn't recommend applying more layers too because it will get heavy and you get that sticky stringy look when you open your mouth which isn't cool at all. Maybe layer it over a berry or wine shade to intensify the color.

Fingers Crossed (Duochrome Brown with a Teal Flip)
This was the shade I was most excited for because I live for duochromes. This is a very common duochrome eyeshadow shade so to have it in a lip form is amazing. I was kinda disappointed that it applied a little bit on the sheer and patchy side. Again, I wouldn't recommend layering it because it gets thick. The duochrome sheen isn't very obvious but it will probably be more intense if you layer it over a darker lip color.

Moving on, the Ultra Matte Lips have got the same tubes. Apparently these holiday vials are limited edition so you may end up getting the usual tubes once these run out.
If you have most of the Ultra Matte Lips in your collection already, you don't really need any of these new shades because they are quite repetitive and similar to existing shades. If you would like to see comparisons, do check out my video above. A lot of the dark shades are patchy. This collection feels as if ColourPop rushed these out without much thought.

Lil Pump (Dusty mauve)
This is a really pale and washed out light pink. This is the kind of shade that can look really bad or really good. This is definitely lighter than my natural lip shade but I can pull it off with a smokey eye look. It seems to be a little drying. Trap UML is of the same paleness but more purple toned. Bianca UML is a tad bit darker. Times Square is more pinky beige.

Flurries (Mauve Pink)
This is a true mid-toned pink with a tinge of mauve, but it is mostly pink. This shade is very similar to Fresh Cut but I don't have a good swatch picture of it yet.

Take A Pixie (Dusty Beige)
For some reason, this applied slightly patchy. It's not obvious but you can see it's kind of uneven. It's a nice warm brownish nude that most people would like. It looks similar to the shade below (Lightweight) but it is warmer in tone. Reign USL is a lot warmer and orange than this shade.

Lightweight (Dusty Brown Pink)
This is a really nice wearable shade too. Not too bright and not too dark. As mentioned above, this is more red/pink than Take A Pixie. Top 8 UML is very similar but it is a hint more pinky purple. 

Fragile Things (Dusty Plum Brown)
This shade is slightly patchy, which is really strange because it is not super dark. It is a nice shade and I love plummy browns. Sunshowers UML is more purple toned. Mystic USL is more pinky red. Baracuda USL is a touch more pink.

Cloudscape (Muted Chocolate)
This shade definitely applies patchy. It's quite a wearable brown because it seems to have a hint of red to it. Definitely a lot lighter than Embellish. Limbo UML is a lot warmer and yellow toned. Tidal USL is also warmer and more orange-red toned. 

Snowfleek (Rusty Red)
I honestly can't see the difference between this shade and Creeper. It's an orange toned bright red. Also, Creeper has a better formula and feels a lot nicer on the lips.

Star Crossed (Deep Berry Red)
Again, this shade seems to be a repeat or just a UML version of London Fog USL. Both are pinky berry reds. The only minor difference I can say is that maybe London Fog is a tiny bit more pink. Obviously, the USL is much more comfortable.

Soufflé (Vibrant Sangria)
This is a little patchy and it is very similar to many shades in the ColourPop lineup. I think it looks exactly like More Better UML and More Better has a better formula; much more comfortable and pigmented. The USL version is First Of All, which just came out during their fall launch. Bad Habit UML is very similar but more purple-berry toned.

Arabesque (Deep Brown Berry)
Sometimes, ColourPop's shade descriptions are just totally off. This is a super patchy dark maroon red. I would recommend getting Notion UML or Cashing Out USL instead. They are the exact same colors. Circles UML is also similar but it is a truer dark red.

Next, we have the You're A Gem Lip Trio that came out as part 1 of the holiday collection. This launched in Sephora too. It consists of an Ultra Glossy Lip and 2 Ultra Satin Lips.

Charming Ultra Glossy Lip (Gold with Gold & Pink Glitter in a Creme Finish)
This is quite a sheer lip gloss with a ton of gold glitter. It seems similar to many of their lip glosses so I am personally not impressed or in awe of this shade.

Catching Feels Ultra Satin Lip (Dusty Brick Red)
This hardly looks like a brick red to me. It seems more of a warm rosey red. It is extremely similar to Mrs USL from the Fem Rosa collection. I would say that Bumble UML is the matte version of this shade but probably a tad more pink/this shade without the warmth.

Misbehaving Ultra Satin Lip (Violet Fuschia)
This shade gets a little patchy on my inner lip. It isn't the exact same as any of the shades in the ColourPop lineup but there are similar ones like Darling, Are N Be UML and Moondancer UML. They are in the same family but not the exact.

There are 2 pressed powder highlighters in the collection. They have a soft lilac box with gold "snow" or flecks decorating the box. You get 6.5g of product for $8.
The compact itself is a pretty mint green. It does have a mirror inside.
Touché (Golden Melon with a Soft Pink Duochrome)
 Taffy (Opalescent Pearl with Peachy Pink Duochrome)
Personally, I find these highlighters a little underwhelming. They are pretty but they are quite subtle. If you like something more natural and not as blinding like a bright strip on your face, you will love these. If you are more used to a blinding reflective highlight, you won't be impressed. These pick up so much better than the My Little Pony collection so I'm not as mad. The colors are pretty much the opposite of how they look in the pans. By that, I mean like Touché has a champagne yellow base but reflects pink. It more or less appears as pink highlighter on me because the champagne base blends in with my skintone and it isn't very pigmented to begin with. Taffy has a peachy pink base but reflects a yellow champagne gold. Again, the base pigmentation is very sheer so it doesn't show up much but under light, the reflect is there. 

I would recommend using a dense fluffy highlighting brush to apply this or your fingers because the base pigmentation is really sheer. So it will require a bit of building up for it to show up. There is no chunky glitter but it looks quite shimmery and pretty. 

The All I See Is Magic is a 15-pan eyeshadow palette that retails for $20. Each pan contains 1.05g of product. I think this palette is beautiful although it does contain 3 old shades. The box look just like the palette and both the box and palette have the shade names on the back.
Old shades include Now and Zen, Top Notch and Save It For Later.
The mattes swatch a little sheer on my arm but I do not find any issue with building them up on the eyes. They are a little powdery and have some kick up but it's been a huge improvement from when they first released their pressed eyeshadows. The metallics are great. 11:11 is super bright and metallic. I love the duochrome brown green called Wishful Thinking. Overall, a very nice and festive color scheme with all the shades you need to create multiple looks.

The Dusk Till Dawn Super Shock Shadow Kit is another gorgeous palette/set. Unfortunately, mine arrived with 2 shadows shrunk and broken. They feel really dry and gritty now :(

There is a sleeve for the set and it looks just like the box set. Both have shade names displayed on the back. All the shadows in here are in the Ultra-Glitter finish. As such, the base color can be very sheer or light but the shadow is packed with tons of glitter. I would recommend using them more as eyeshadow toppers.
New Magic (Sheer Opalescent Pearl with Teal Reflects)
This is one of my favorite SSS in this set. I'm so bummed that it arrived broken. It feels so dry and fragile now. I do love the tone of blue that the glitters are in. The white base is really sheer and won't really show up unless you PACK this on (which I don't see the point of doing so). I like using this to add blue glitter to any eyeshadow.

Goodish (Baby Pink with Blue and Gold Glitter)
This is a pretty lilac with gold glitter duochrome. However, the purple base is really sheer and cannot be used alone unless you want a light sweep of color. You can definitely apply a nice purple shade underneath and then top it off with this to get the same effect.

Stargirl (Champagne with Silver Glitter)
This is a very neutral color that can be used to top off any color or add silver sparkle to any eyeshadow.

Half Light (Duochrome Lavender with a Teal Flip)
This is my other favorite shade from the set but it had to arrive broken too. The base color is really nice but needs a lot of layering and building up to show up. The duochrome effect is really pretty.

Babykins (Warm Plum with Violet Glitter)
This shade came out in last year's holiday collection too. It is a blackened plum with violet glitter. It does have more base pigmentation than the other shades but it doesn't pack as much glitter.

Slay Bells (Rich Chocolate with Copper Reflects)
Like Babykins, this is more pigmented but it doesn't have as much glitter in it. This can work as a crease shade or outer corner shade without looking overly sparkly.

The last set of Super Shock Shadows were released as part 1 of the holiday collection and also at Sephora. These are also in the Ultra-Glitter finish. Unfortunately, all of them arrived shattered in the mail and I might have forgotten to take individual pictures of the pots because they do not look pretty anymore. From top to bottom, we have Fluffy, Bouncy and Revolution.
Fluffy is a warm gold with subtle pink duochrome. This shade really gives the "wet" look and you can definitely see the pink flip from this angle.
Bouncy is a cool-toned bronze with gold and violet duochrome. It kind of looks more olive because the gold blends in with the bronze but the violet glitters are really obvious and pretty.
Revolution is a silvery mauve with pink and silver glitter. I can definitely pick out both the violet ang silver glitters in this. It is quite a sheer shade but good enough for a sweep of color on the lids.

I think this year's holiday collection isn't as exciting. The Ultra Matte lip colors are so boring and basic. The Ultra Glossy Lips are pretty nice and I would recommend those. I also like the Eyeshadow Palette and Super Shock Shadows. The highlighters are so-so. They are a little pricey for the quality tbh, but if you like that kind of effect and those kind of colors then you are in for a treat.