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How To Wear Trousers & Wide Leg Pants

With colder weather creeping up on us, we're trading our hot shorts to longer, more comfortable clothing. Trousers have been trending, especially in Europe. We see stores like Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Forever 21, etc with trousers and pants that look like they can be worn for work as well as a casual day out.

If you are new to the style, you may not know what to pair with these pants. You've seen so many other people and mannequins rocking this style and you want to join in too. Thankfully, it can be dressed up and down so you can rock these style of pants whenever you want.

If you are going for a dressed down look but you don't want to look shabby at the same time, you can pair the pants with a short sleeved (graphic) t-shirt. Try not to go for anything too baggy, especially if you are wearing wide-legged pants because you don't want the clothes to look like it's weighing you down.

My favorite way would be to wear it is with a fitted crop top. This way, w…
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TATBIL Lara Jean's Outfits

If you haven't watched To All The Boys I've Loved on Netflix yet, I have no idea what you are doing with your life. 
Just kidding. The move was just so cute and I'm in love with the aesthetic of the film plus ALL of Lara Jean's outfits. Her wardrobe is seriously goals. It doesn't help that this film was edited with an "Instagram filter" so everything looks dreamy and vintage. 
I decided to go through the film and screenshot as many of LJ's outfits as I could to compile a lookbook or reference for anyone who wants to try and achieve her look as well. I aspire to dress like her this coming fall. The movie starts out with LJ in a colorful stripe shirt under some black overalls. (Well, technically it was a red dress but she was also imagining it so it isn't really part of her closet). Stripe shirts are pretty common and you can find them easily on Forever 21, Charlotte Russe or Target. Overalls are a little harder to find but here's one in stock …

Live Love Polish Review

I've always been in awe and in love with the nail polishes over at Live Love Polish. I remember lusting over all the magical nail polishes on their site when they first launched. They had truly holographic nail polish (Color Club) and mystical color shifting shades. So, when the PR team reached out to me to send over a few shades, I could not say no to that opportunity. LLP makes their own nail polishes now and they retail for $13-$16 depending on the finish. Here are the shades that I received and they are nothing short of MAGIC.
This is Mint Julep, which is a jelly nail polish packed with tons of big and small holographic glitter. I got full opacity with 2 coats but 3 will definitely cover all spots. The jelly base makes it look extra dimensional because the glitters do not get covered as you layer on the polish. This color is so stunning, magical and mermaidy. I finished off with a glossy top coat and everything felt smooth once dry. The polish lasted more than a week without …

What To Do In Singapore: Rainforest Lumina

Rainforest Lumina is a the Singapore Zoo's newest night-time experience that is open for a limited time only. Admissions start at 7:30pm but entry is dependent on the time slot you purchased. I got my tickets from Hapz for $19.80 but if you are going during an off-peak period, I would recommend just purchasing directly from the Lumina website for $20 because you won't need to queue to pick up your tickets at the counter.
Also, do note that you won't be seeing any animals during this walk. I have no idea where the zoo keeps their animals each night for this event but they are not around.
Once you enter, you are greeted by the Rainforest Lumina arch that marks the beginning of your adventure. The lighting is really pretty and ethereal but it is honestly really really dark. We found it immensely difficult to take good pictures because of the low lighting conditions. 
While it is usually hot and humid during the day time, I found the walk to be rather cooling and breezy at th…