Friday, October 7, 2016

First Impressions: ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks

I know ColourPop has been around for awhile and the whole hype about it has been going on ever since Kylie Cosmetics came out with their matte liquid lipsticks and people were trying to find cheaper alternatives to them. I don't use lipsticks a lot and I have a ton at home that I don't even use so it took me hella long to jump onto the bandwagon. But, I finally caved and got myself a few liquid lipsticks to try out. 

Since it's $30 to get free shipping, I picked out 5 liquid lipsticks - 2 matte and 3 metallic. All their liquid lipsticks are priced at $6 each so it is very affordable and super easy to over pack your cart with stuff! I've never tried out a proper matte liquid lipstick before so I have nothing to compare it to, but at the same time, it is my honest first opinion about them. Also, I hardly see any swatches of them on asian skin so why not?

Before we get started, here's a shot of my bare lips. I am a fair skinned asian with neutral undertones. I have both blueish purple and green veins so yeah :/

I chose Lumiere 2, Bad Habit, Flitter, JIC and 3 Way.

Lumieré 2
Lumiere: A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish created by the lovely @KathleenLights - "I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It's not a would look great on EVERYONE​!"

I don't look good in a full on nude lip so since the description of Lumiere said that it is not a nude color and that everyone can wear it, I decided to pick Lumiere 2 in the matte liquid lipstick formula. This is the first color that I tried and wore for a full day out.

Unfortunately, I don't fancy it because it turned a dark purple on me with no hints of pink. I feel like an alien with it but that's not a bad thing. I guess it looks pinker with more light like in the second photo. I took that with the sunlight facing me directly. 

  • Very pigmented. Good color payoff.
  • Applies evenly.
  • Great lasting power. My friends were impressed with how well it lasted because we had met for lunch and I had this lipstick on before eating. I showed them how the lipstick didn't transfer when I touched my lips or kissed my hand. It proved to last throughout my meal as well with minimal color transfer on my cup and spoon.
  • Does not smudge and transfers minimally.
  • This one depends if you like how the color turned out or not. I did not so it's a con for me. From the bottle and swatch, it looks like a nice dusty pink, but it totally turned mauve purple on my lips, which is disappointing because I had wanted a pink shade. 
  • Slightly drying. It does highlight lip cracks and chapped lips.

Bad Habit

This dusty mauve pink will be a bad habit you don't want to kick.

It looks bright in the bottle, but thankfully it comes off darker when applied on. It's a dark rosy pink (that almost reminds me of one of my Adidas Superstars). It's a very bold color to wear so I think I'll reserve it for special days.

  • Very pigmented. Good color payoff.
  • Applies evenly.
  • Longer drying time so you it is easier to work with.
  • Transfers quite a lot and smudges.


Flitter into their DMs in this warm pinky undertone with flash of gold on top in a Metallic finish.
Nope. Just nope. The gold metallic look does not look good on me. I don't like it on me and it could be because it looks very yellow which is not something I would use. The rosy pink base color is pretty though. I guess it would be fine to layer on another color for extra dimension and sheen. I'm thinking of topping it with a sheer color to cancel the gold.

This last one was taken in my bathroom and it looks more yellow than the ones that I took with more natural light so I guess that's why I hate it so much. I'm thinking this is how it will look like at shopping malls too.

  • Very pigmented. It has a ton of tiny gold glitter that gives a true matte metallic sheen.
  • The rosy pink base is really pretty. I like that it matches me. 
  • It applies nicely and evenly. 
  • Some of the glitter does transfer off but not everything comes off so the metallic look still stays on. 
  • Feels sticky.


You never know when you’ll need this light cool-toned ivory sprinkled with a ton of pink and silver glitter in a Metallic finish.

This color is pretty but it does not really have a metallic finish but more of a glittery finish in my opinion. It is one of the lighter and slightly sheerer shades so I think it would look nice as a lip highlight or as a coat on top of a base color. As a color on it's own, it kinda washes me out so I would prefer not to use it alone.

  • Very glittery which I think is pretty. If you don't like that it is sheer and not metallic then this would be a con for you.
  • Good for layering and highlighting
  • Does not feel drying. Does not accentuate lip lines.
  • Transfers easily.
  • Feels sticky.

3 Way

Be careful who you share this plummy pink with gold sparkle in a Metallic finish.

The gold glitter on this one is not as intense as Flitter so it does not have a super yellow-gold sheen. Absolutely LOVE this color and the glitters in it. It is a tad shimmery so I think that makes it super pretty. Perfect shade for fall.

  • Transfers minimally and does not smudge.
  • Color is not as pigmented and intense.
  • Drying but does not accentuate lip lines.

Transfer test:
I took a swipe of my swatches to see how much of it transfers. Lumiere 2 and 3-way did a good job of not budging much but the other three shades came off quite a bit. The metallic shades had quite a sticky feel as compared to the matte shades which felt more velvety. Also, Bad Habit has a tendency of smudging.
Pointer - Lumiere 2, Middle - Bad Habit, Ring Finger - J.I.C, Little Finger - Flitter, Thumb - 3Way

Guess what? 

I ordered more CP lippies and I'm also planning on getting other cosmetics so stay tuned for more CP reviews! 


Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Denim Trends

Denim is something we use all year round and it never goes out of style. But, if you do find yourself bored with the pieces you have, you can always upcycle your clothes and turn it into something trendy! 

90s Style - Patches!

Patches have made a comeback and they are so easy to add to your clothes because you literally just iron them on. Remember to place a protective cloth over the patch before ironing so that you do not burn your denim or patch. I found that ironing with high heat worked best in melting the glue. You might need to go over the patch a few times, especially at the edges to ensure that it is secure. An easy way to check for gaps between the patches and denim is to trace the outline of your patch with your fingernail. 

Statement Jackets

Jackets with phrases on the back is something that is super trendy right now. If you are on a budget, you could easily DIY one with a bit of patience and fabric paint. 

I've made a California stencil based off Brandy Melville's cali jackets so just click the image to open the full sized one, drag it onto a word document and print it out.

Using an exacto cutter, trace and cut out the outline of the stencil. Then, flip it over and put some glue. Use a weak bond glue so because you will need to remove it later on. It would be ideal if you could stick the stencil down such that there are no gaps so that the paint doesn't leak when you are sponging it on. I used a makeup sponge to apply the paint and went over it 2-3 times for a more opaque color. 

Leave it to dry for awhile before peeling it off and I don't think you should iron denim so I left the paint to dry for another 2 days before using the jacket. You could place a protective cloth over the words once they are dry to iron and set the paint in but leaving it to dry for a few days works as well. Plus, you don't wash jackets as often as you do with shirts.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have been around for awhile and they look like they will be staying for more! A good pair of ripped jeans definitely is not easy on the wallet but you can grab some inspo off google and tumblr to make your own! 

Knee slits are always nice and that just involves slicing the knees of your jeans. You can cut the slits in holes instead if you want the slits to show up more. Otherwise, cut some slits and holes in your jeans and pull out the blue threads to give your jeans a distressed look. 

It is definitely a tedious process which is probably why ripped jeans are so expensive in the first place. If you have sandpaper or a grater lying around, those would be great to give your jeans a nice ripped and distressed look too.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adidas Sneaker Collection

I have amassed an arsenal of Adidas sneakers and I always get a ton of questions about where to get them. You should know that you can get the common ones like the black stripes or the all white ones in store or on the Adidas online store. You can even customize your shoes to change the texture or colors and make it uniquely yours. For more unique colors, it is better to search other sites for them. If you are living in the US, Footlocker stores are a good place to find rare colors and limited editions. Googling a simple search term like "gold adidas superstars" will give you results for these golden pair below as well as a couple of other designs that feature this gold color. If you have the model number of the shoes, that would also help to narrow down your search and provide you with more store links to obtain the shoes from.

Model number: V24626

Model number: 912833

These are an old model of superstars so they are not available anymore. If you do find them being sold on a shoe store, they are most likely fake. I was lucky enough to get them from a local reseller and it is seriously the best colorway because it's pink + unicorn!

Model number: S81644

These holographic shoes were originally available on the Adidas store website but since have been sold out. You can now get it on eBay but as usual, do access the credibility of the sellers before making your purchase if you are picky on the item being authentic. These ones have an iridescent body that reflects the rainbow as you walk. How cool!

Model number C77124

This is the classic pair that everyone has. I got mine from the Junior's section of the Adidas website so it was a bit cheaper! 

Model number: B23644

I love pink so since this was also under the Juniors range, I had to pick up this rose pink color. It always looks maroon in my photos but I swear it is pink. They are also available on the Adidas website.

IMG_7783 copy
Model number: S79416 

These copper ones with snake skin texture are getting harder to find. Footlocker still carries some but in large sizes like US 9 and above. I got mine from eBay so it is worth checking out. It is expensive, but that's what you get for a high demand product that is low in supply. 

IMG_7812 copy
Model number: S75057 

I didn't really like these at first but they grew on me and I decided to get a pair. They are more expensive than usual though but it's all well worth it because they are also extra comfortable to wear. There is just something different about the fit and the way it feels when you walk in them. The metal toes just makes it more magical and it does not get in the way of walking even though that part of the shoe is stiff. The shoe is made of suede though, so it might be tougher to clean it if it gets dirty.

IMG_8190 copy
Model number: S75125 

I saw this instock on the Adidas website and immediately purchased them. They go for $80 which is the same price as the classic black and white ones so why not? I'm just a bit disappointed that the shoe had some glue residue on the tongue and the tongue logo looked badly printed. They seriously should have gone with a silver tongue logo in my opinion. Otherwise, this shoe is seriously pretty and all sorts of sparkly. The glitter does not fall off but I do imagine crease lines from wear and tear won't look pretty :(

Too lazy to continue right now so watch the videos at the start of the post to see more of my shoe collection and where I got them from! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Fall Looks for School

I wanted to title this post "Fall Trends" but it might be misleading because I'm not talking about runway looks - I still think they look ridiculous. I'm talking about something more wearable yet trendy and cute. 

These are trends based on my personal observations so no hate please. These photos are nabbed off my Instagram account @megoosta. The outfits are available on my shop

Cropped Sweaters
They're a great transition piece for summer to fall or winter to spring. Whenever it's not too cold or not too warm, these are perfect to wear with shorts or jeans. They come in all sorts of designs but the one that is relatively new would be the scallop hemmed one. Kylie Jenner spotted an oversized cropped scallop sweater recently and you know that would surely become an upcoming trend. 

Lace Up Sweaters
We had lace up tank tops and lace up shirts during summer so why not carry over the lace up trend into fall and winter? It is always easy to sport a lace up top since the tie up details already make your outfit not-so-basic. Since there is so much going on top, I like to keep the bottoms simple with a pair of jeans or jeggings without distressing. 

Sweaters with fancy backs
Because sweaters will be the only things you wear throughout fall, you gotta be cute about it and get some sweaters with cute back designs. It could be a lace up design, a criss cross design like this one or a sweater with a graphic design on the back. We'll see what the clothing stores have to offer us. 

Bomber Jackets
Bombers are all the rage nowadays. It started some time in Spring and somehow managed to last all summer. No reason for it to go away now that it is getting colder! The latest trend of bombers have cute phrases written on the backs or front chest area. Patches or embroidery are also cute to add details to your outfit.

Throw it back to the 90s in high necklines and bold stripes plus patches and pins everywhere! 'Nuff said.

Choker Shirts
The choker neckline is still in and if you'd like something different than the popular off shoulder choker look, cutout shirts that retain the high neckline are a cute way to go as well. 

Ripped Jeans
They were around last year and they are still around! I like my jeans skinny and not ripped to the point of destruction. Knee slits are always cute so play it up to your personal preference.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fake Naked Palettes - Are They Really That Bad?

Yes, I intentionally bought fake naked palettes because I am not a pro at makeup and I'm still learning and trying new things so $70 for an eyeshadow palette that I am not confident in using definitely does not make sense. Being monolid-ed, it is honestly quite hard to find suitable eyeshadow tutorials that embrace single eyelids without using double eyelid tape/glue. 

I picked the naked 2 and naked 3 palette off ebay for around $10-15 so they were not the dirt cheap low end ones. Plus, the reviews looked pretty decent. I've had them for over a year now and never really got down to trying them out because I was a tad paranoid that they might contain some sketchy ingredients that I will never know of. 

Honestly, the exterior packaging looks 99% similar to the real palette and since I do not have the real ones, I am unable to make a comparison. I think the only difference between mine and the real ones would be the shade of pink/brown used for the boxes. It differs ever so slightly only. Oh, these palettes do not come with the free gift/sample that the real palettes would have. 

The main differences between a real palette and fake palette would be the tones of the shades, the amount of pigmentation and the weight of the palette. Depending on how good of an imitation your palette is, the differences in tones will also vary. Pigmentation definitely will not match Urban Decay's standards and the powders are probably not as creamy as the real ones too. The powders in the fake palette are unevenly filled so some shades have more powders than others, unlike in the real palette whereby every shade is filled to the brim. 

This is how my Naked 2 palette looks like:

The pigmentation of the metallic shades are pretty good, especially the second shade - half baked. The solid matte shades are not so pigmented and I actually went over the swatches for those a couple of times. So, as you can see Foxy and Blackout look quite sheer and patchy. I'm not sure if the colors are supposed to look like that but the second half of the shades look pretty similar. 

Naked 3 palette:
Similarly, the metallic shades came off better than the matte shades. This palette seems to be a bit on the lighter side though. The shades Limit and Nooner almost blend right into my skin. 

The brush that was included in the palette actually did a pretty decent job in picking up enough pigments and transferring onto my eyes. I'm not sure how long these will last as I have not worn them on for an extended amount of time but I'm thinking it will just be average. 

Personally, I do not think that this palette that I have is atrocious. I find it pretty decent. In fact, the pigmentation is much better than some of the drugstore palettes that I own! I think that says a lot about this palette. It probably is nowhere close to the real palette in terms of shades and formulation but as an eyeshadow palette, it is alright. 

So, if you are looking to get a fake palette, then don't go for the dirt cheap ones because I do believe that the price is a reflection of what you will get. At the same time, don't pay too much for a fake palette because it is after all, going to be fake. 

However, if you are planning on buying a real palette, do not bring your expectations to eBay or Amazon, thinking you might be able to cop a palette for a lower price. Your best bet would still be to get them from a reputable store like Sephora.