Saturday, December 21, 2013

nail art: floral plaids

I'm quite lazy to do up a nice tutorial picture for this since I found that I have this pictorial that I posted on my fashion instagram before. I got the design from another nail artist, but I forgot whom. I'd go with lighter colours or polishes with less pigments for the plaids, but I didn't have that kind of nail polish at hand so I just made do with this outcome. It's quite colourful and pretty still. 

  1. So, start off with a white base coat
  2. Paint a thick blue stripe off centre 
  3. Paint some pink stripes above, below and in the middle of the blue stripe
  4. Paint a yellow strip down the side of the nail
  5. Next, add some coloured dots for the base of the flowers
  6. Add in details for the flowers and leaves
  7. Ta-da!
It's not very simple to do if you do not have a thin brush at hand, but still doable. 

Well I hope you have been inspired!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

chunky knit cardigans

It's fall/winter in the northern hemispheres now and chunky knit cardigans have been floating around instagram. So, at first I thought they wouldn't fit me because they were meant to be worn oversized, and since I'm so skinny, I thought I might just drown in them. But the more I looked at them, the more I fell in love with the look, so I couldn't resist but to get a few of my own. I thrifted this white one online for about $10. It has crochet details so it allows wind to pass through, which is perfect for singapore's weather. It doesn't feel to hot and heavy either. It also doesn't drape on me like a curtain, like I initially thought it would. White is also great for pairing with anything. I paired mine with a graphic tank from forever21 and some denim high waist shorts. Simple and cute. 
Switched to a striped crop top from forever21 in this version. Chunky knit cardigans are really versatile and great for layering as well. But, I won't be wearing that many layers here. Though I've paired my outfits with shorts, they most certainly would look great with skinny jeans or thigh high socks/stockings as well. There are so many different ways to wear them! 
Next up is a striped cardigan. I've been wondering what to pair this with since I got it because striped jackets are usually bold and should be the centrepiece of an outfit. So, I went along with a basic fit - crop top and denim skirt. Again, love the crochet details! 

Little rant here about my denim skirt. It's a tad big for me so I had to tailor it on my own. I attached extra snap fasteners, including one on top of the current snap button. If you happen to be super skinny like me, this is one way of solving the problem. Another one would be to take in the sides of the skirt using a straight stitch. Such a pity to do this.  

Apologies for the bad photo quality as well because unlike all the other photos in this post, there wasn't much sunlight left for this one. Took it at night, in fact. 
If you like print on prints like I do, this combination works as well. I paired the striped cardigan with a sparrow printed dress in this outfit. The sparrow prints are light, so they do not fight for the attention of the colours of the cardigan. 
Lastly, I found this vintage cardigan from my mum in my wardrobe and it is indeed gorgeous! Can't believe my mum had some awesome taste and that some of these old trends are back in trend again. (Which then makes me wonder what fashion will be like in 10 years time). I guess my mum can't fit in it any more so she has passed it on to me. It's made of 80% wool though, so it's really warm and furry. I wonder when I'll have the chance to wear it. 

So, there are many places to get chunky knit cardigans this season. Forever 21 has a handful, plus they are currently having a sale on their jackets online. Urban outfitters also has a couple of pretty ones, though pricier. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for local thrift events or online resellers! I try to buy those with knitted or crochet details because I think details make an outfit prettier and also because I don't want to look too basic. I get bored of basics sometimes. But I'm not saying basics aren't important because they are still an essential, like when pairing with something printed and bold. 

I have more outfits with my chunky knit cardigans, and I'll either update this space again or post a separate post. But this wraps up today's photoshoot with my clothes as the sun was bright and sunny through my window this morning. It's raining now though. 

Stay warm and cozy!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

nail art: starry cosmos

I finally got down to doing galaxy nails, something I've wanted to try for a very long time already but I didn't think I had the right colours for it. 

I used dark purple, blue and a dark metallic purple/pink. You can try using metallic nail polish or (concentrated) glitter nail polish, they should work nicely as well and give a shimmer finish.This nail art makes use of a sponge to dab on the colours so that it blends nicely. 

  1. Paint a black base coat for the night sky.
  2. Paint some white on the makeup sponge and dab it onto your nail. You can dab the entire nail white or just portions of it. I did the entire nail for mine because the colours wouldn't show otherwise. I just regret not putting more white towards the edge of my cuticles. 
  3. Using the colours you have chosen for your galaxy, paint them on the makeup sponge before transferring onto your nails. Spread the colours around and try to mix/blend them. 
  4. I topped off mine with a transparent coat of glitter with stars. I bought this from sasa. thefaceshop also used to have one, but I'm not sure if they are still selling. I think this makes the galaxy effect prettier otherwise it'd look really plain. 
I'm really glad I did this. There're so many other nail arts that I want to try as well. I've found a bunch of cool instagram nail artists to follow and this nail art website is worth checking out too. 

Thanks for reading :)


Thursday, October 17, 2013

nail art: flower power

This week's nail art is nothing much, it's really simple to do. I was actually hoping to create different designs for each nail but I wasn't liking what I was doing so I just put flowers on every nail. 

Each flower consists of five dots, so that's all you need to do to create them. Join the portion of the dots towards the centre so that the shape is more defined. 

And, they totally match my outfit to school today! 

I think the ombre nail trend is back with a twist. Shall try it out and show you guys soon.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

chocolate origin - chocolate lava cake

I realised I forgot to blog about this and since I'm quite bored now and thinking of what to post on my blog, I shall write about my chocolate lava cake craving when I came back from China. 

Welfare Ryan from my JC class wanted to organise a welcome back lunch/dinner for me but somehow most of everyone wanted it to be on mid autumn festival, so that they can all go back to hwach for the maf event. But, I didn't want to go for maf anymore, and neither did ryan, after our terrible experience last year. So, in the end, only the two of us met up for tea to eat chocolate lava cake. I got a list of recommended lava cakes from ladyironchef, and we initially wanted to go to Jewel's Artisan at Orchard Central BUT we found that it had CLOSED DOWN. Well, but even if you didn't know that, there's still one at Somerset 313 which we went to after that. 
Chocolate Origin, located at basement 3. It's quite a small cup, for $5. Top half is the molten chocolate cake, and the bottom half is vanilla ice cream. Hot and cold. Well, warm. It's quite satisfying and yummy, if you ask me. The cake melts in your mouth so that's great, and together with the ice cream, is quite a nice combination. I'd go back for more any day, although I could do with more cake and less ice cream, because I love chocolate. 


Monday, September 23, 2013

nail art: sweet florals

Nails for this week is this sweet candylicious floral look from Chalkboard Nails. I really liked the colours and design for this so I copied that look and made a tutorial for you guys :D 

I used a soft metallic pink - it actually looks silver with a tiny hint of pink, pretty pretty - a light pink for the floral base, a darker/hot pink for the floral outline, dark mint green (instead of light mint green as used by chalkboard nails), yellow and black. 

  1. So, paint your nails two or three coats of the metallic pink for the base colour. You can use a light beige, nude or light grey too. Those would be nice as well.
  2. Then, use your light pink polish to make irregular circles for the flowers. Concentrate them towards the sides of your nail rather than in the center. 
  3. Using your red/dark pink polish and toothpick, make some outlines for the flower. I did three strokes for the outer petals and two or three smaller strokes for the inner petals. The strokes do not need to be neat and straight, in fact, making them squiggly or irregular actually gives quite a nice look. They make your flowers look bigger and bolder. 
  4. Then, using your toothpick add mint polish for the leaves. I used a darker turquoise rather than light mint green because I felt that the base colour was already quite a light and neutral colour. I like to go bold with colours.
  5. Finally, add random yellow and black dots in the remaining spaces. I paired two black dots together and yellow ones were bigger but single. Use a toothpick for this step too. 
My mum finally asked me to paint this design for her. It's the first time she's wanted me to paint a design for her. I'm guessing it's because it she thinks it is more age appropriate because of the neutral base colour. I'd usually use mint green for the base when doing florals. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

nail art: sweet bits ice cream drip nails

I've always wanted to try out this drip nail art thing because they look so fun and yummy. But they look a tad bit hard because to make it nice, you really have to know how to draw that drip part nicely. I still need a bit of practice, as you can see. 

  1. I used a blue nail polish with confetti from etude house. It's part of some ice cream series I guess since the bottle is shaped like one. It's cute, but it's actually not very nice to use because the colour pigments don't spread well. Otherwise, it dries pretty fast. As for the brown, choose something dark that looks like chocolate sauce, if you are aiming for this look. Other colours are fine too. There are some pretty cool combinations if you google them. 
  2. I had to do 2 - 3 coats of base colour to hide the streaking and ensure that the colour was more opaque.
  3. For beginners, I suggest starting with a line of brown (I think I'm gonna call it chocolate sauce instead). It doesn't have to be straight. 
  4. Then, make a circle for the bottom of the drip by dotting your brush or dotting tool. Extend the drip upwards to the tip of your nail in a thinner line. If you look closely at nicer drips, they actually have a curvature where it is starting to drip. It gives it a more realistic look. I tried to do that, but it still doesn't look as nice. I guess I'll have to find a better method of achieving the look. The curvature also applies to the drip so it sort of forms an elongated hour glass shape.
So, this nail art is really very yummy to look at. It makes me crave for ice cream every time.

nom nom


Thursday, September 12, 2013

diy: aztec tribal phone cover

I've always wanted to do aztec design for my nails, but it's quite hard to do those fine details with a nail polish brush. I knew you could use permanent marker but that is sort of cheating eh? Anyway, I was supposed to make Chen Xin a case for her future iphone 5, so I asked her what design she wanted and it was between aztec and chevron. I've seen a nice aztec design using sharpie markers here, but that required a little too many markers. I'm on a budget heh. So I bought these four colours, aqua, peach, turquoise (looks more blue to me) and plum from Times bookshop at Plaza Singapura for $1.30 each. The rest of the colours are nail polish, except for the black which is also a marker. As you can see, I used a lot of lines of varying thickness, intersected with some zig zags, triangles or circles. The patterns create a break between the solid colours and that is the trick.

I used a glossy cover but I think you're better off using a matte cover where the ink can cling on better. I'm having trouble sealing the colours. Clear nail polish makes the ink run. 

I'm trying out this studio gloss on the cover now instead. I got it from Made With Love/Papermarket for about 5 bucks, I think. It's not as bad, but the sharpie ink still smears. So the colours aren't so intense but at least it doesn't disappear. It also gives quite a cool effect, like watercolours running. It's not too bad. I only had problems with the green and blue parts, but other than that, the case still looks great. I really had to seal the case because the case is glossy so the ink doesn't stay that well. 

Lesson learnt. 
I will do one for me on a matte cover hehe


Monday, September 9, 2013

scrap: see you soon

This is my first scrapbook layout in almost a year! I took around 3 hours to do this. 
Since this was the only photo I could get my hands on for now, I decided to scrap it. Besides, what better way is there to keep a polaroid? Although I probably would have liked to have more photos for big papers. 

I kept my layout rather simple this time. Not much dimension but still with layering. I didn't really have a design in mind when I started out. So I just chose a bunch of matching papers to work with first. I chose this yellow background from Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook collection, and then I used this piece from American Craft's Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection:

I cut out all the elements because I couldn't decide what I would use yet. So the ideas started forming once I could lay out the elements and form a rough design. I have so many things to use that I don't even remember what I have, yet I still want more. The possibilities are limitless, you see. 

I like white space, so I tend to concentrate my designs in one area.

Polaroid photo featuring rui and michelle when we met up for lunch with allison and jung at NUS. After that rui and i followed mich to orchard because she had a dental appointment there. 

oh and mich and i were wearing matching pink shorts!! but you can't really see it in the photo because there's too much exposure. 

I will definitely try to print out more photos this week to do up since I have one more week of holidays to go. I don't think I'll have time to scrapbook when term starts :(

If you'd like to know which other product I used, drop me a comment :) I do remember my stuff. 


Sunday, September 8, 2013


At one point of time, I was inspired by thenotebookdoodles to do fancy penmanship, but I guess that didn't last long. I still admire her work and I like to create my own original designs too, so I will work on that when I need to. I do appreciate pretty handwriting but I think my handwriting has gotten uglier over the years of practicing to finish papers quickly. I'd have to be patient with writing if I want to achieve pretty perfect alphabets. I bet she's quick in doing so with all the practice she's been doing. Her handwriting is almost constant! Then again, it's been quite a long time since I've held a pen. The last time was when I had to write cards for our ALP exchange mentors. Even then, it was writing in chinese and my hand ached after a paragraph of writing. oops. 

So, I did the above doodle last year, when the music video came out, although it seemed longer than that. Polaroid photo credits to flickr. So, doing random things like that also help to improve my Photoshopping skills a bit. If not for these, I don't think I'd be so familiar with photoshop today. Plus, typography is always fun. 

The Rocket Summer - 200,000

Introducing one of my favourite singers. He has a very smooth voice and he can play almost any instrument. I'm always amazed at such people. I want to be like them, but I don't think I can. I don't even commit to my piano. His songs are more contemporary christian though. Mostly. But nothing too strong. It's still a nice reminder now and then.

Hehe okay, so here's to me continuing to be crafty even as I pursue a degree in IT. 


Friday, September 6, 2013


Went to the airport last night to send my dearest michy back to canada. We hardly had time to meet up because I was in china while she was back in singapore for summer. see, china's fault again. we only got to meet up once, together with rui, allison and jung for some chit chat. 

My mich is still crazy, retarded and the only one who hangs a thousand and one keychains on her bag (for me to play with, of course). I still remember like about two years ago, we were preparing to go for prom at her house, and playing with fake eyelashes. I'm glad to have a single eyelid friend like you, but you cheated by putting double eyelid tape, so i think mine looked a bit weird. Anyway, after prom, you were going to be whipped away to canada and I wasn't gonna see you or be able to say random nonsense with you for a long long time :( It was already sad to not be able to study in the same class with you again but then you were being shipped to canada?!!! D: </3

So, to the one who always talks crazy stuff with me during class when I'm bored and keeps me laughing everyday; feeds me when i'm hungry; lets me play with her cheshire cat and KAPIBARA; and the one with crazy soft hair @v@, i thank you and love you with all my heart <3 i miss you a whole lot and hope to see you sooner than a year!

I hope you land safely and arrive in your residence in one piece, you tiny little thang with a bunch of big heavy bags. Remember to think of me often :D 


Saturday, August 31, 2013

nail art: tumblr floral nails

I've done this nail art quite a number of times already. I really like it because there's coral and mint green in it! Got the design from tumblr actually. Like, this:

So pretty right. I tell you how to replicate. 

Light mint green, darker turquoise, white, coral, gold and pinks for the flowers.

The pictures are self sufficient instructions because there really isn't much to it. Just add a base colour and add a coat of gold for the little finger and middle finger. Then paint stripes for the index and thumb. You can choose to add the turquoise/mint colour as a base then use the other colour as the stripes. Up to you. 

For the flowers, I dotted a few big dots of light pink/purple then used my toothpick and dark pink nail polish to add some details. I draw flowers by dragging from the center to the edges then highlight the rest of the edges like a dotted line. Don't forget to add some leaves. 

AND, I made a matching phone cover because I love the patterns here. 

Nothing new from what I previously did. I used a plain mint green case as a base. 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

nail art: mint iced nails

Just did these this morning. They're not the best job I've done mainly because I was impatient today and I just wanted to move on to the next nail as soon as possible. So, ended up messing up a lot. 

I've had this idea for quite a while and though I'm not totally satisfied with the result, it's still nice..


  • Nail foil - I ended up using only two pieces of the biggest size in the pack, meant for toes
  • Nail polish - I used a light mint green from thefaceshop and a black nail polish from etude house
  • Nail file
  • Nail scissors
  1. Buff and clean nails
  2. Apply base coat (optional), then apply your colour over. I used one coat then the nail foil and then the next colour coat over the uncovered parts again.
  3. Cut out a fitting size of nail foil and paste it on your nail. I just estimated so it's not perfect. I pasted with the long edge first and covered the tips with excess because my tips are a bit rounded, so I needed the foil to wrap around. Push off air bubbles and file off the excess like in the previous nail foil tutorial
  4. I put another colour coat on, as I said, then end off with a black line where the foil and mint nail polish meet.
  5. Didn't put a top coat on because that would spoil the shiny effect for me. 
For the first time, my right hand looks better done than my left hand. But I don't think I'll leave them on for long.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

diy: cards from scraps

Towards the end of our exchange program, we had to make and write some cards to thank our mentors for the 14 weeks. Because our group had only 5 people, and three of them were missing in action, it was decided to just make smaller cards and write a general message to them. So, given just three pieces of scrapbook paper, I made three cards out of them :D 

I'm quite proud of them because the papers were quite random and I did not have much to work with in my hotel room.

I had bought some lace ribbon earlier on. I had wanted to use it to sew onto shirts or something, but I got too lazy. So, sacrificed some for them...though I was reluctant. 

I had bought some shorts that turned out to be too big, and I was too lazy to return the goods, so I used them for craft purposes instead! Cut out the pockets and used it for this card. The purple ribbon is from some free hair tie one of the sellers gave to me. 

So, if the mentor who received this is creative enough, she can hang this card somewhere and put random stuff inside the pocket. 

This was the last card I made and honestly, I was running out of ideas. I said I wanted to sew, right? So, I actually had a sewing kit with me and that was how I tried sewing on paper for the first time. Pierced my finger quite a few times in the process though. 

And that is how I improvised and made three cards from three pieces of paper. 
The trick is really to cut out the elements/objects in the paper and rearrange them. Like how I cut out the red flower and the feathers from the dreamcatcher. For the last card, I highlighted the flower by sewing it.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

nail art: pink ombre

This week's nail art is ombre! All you need are at least two nail polish colours. They do not need to be in different shades of the same colour. You can use any colour like fuschia and orange. 

  • Top coat
  • Nail polish
  • Makeup sponge
It works pretty much the same way as the galaxy phone case tutorial, where you will use the sponge to do a bit of blending.

  1. I painted my nails with white first to bring out the colours, and also because some of my colours weren't very pigmented. 
  2. Paint your sponge with the colours you are going to use in succession, like what I did. 
  3. Dab it onto your nail. It doesn't matter if the colours didn't transfer fully. You can keep doing this step until you are satisfied. I gave mine about 2 or 3 coats of colours before I got my final result. Let the polish dry before proceeding with the next coat of colour, and remember to keep the polish on the sponge wet. 
  4. You don't have to wait for all the nail polish to dry before putting on your top coat. This will help to blend the colours more and give it a smoother finish!
I think my nails look very barbie-ish now.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

ALP: colouring in photoshop

Apart from drawing, I also had to use a great deal of Photoshop. I've been using Photoshop for a long time already, so this wasn't too new to me. But, I learnt to use the Pen tool this time, something that I wouldn't normally use because I didn't really need to use it. We used it to outline our drawings digitally. Because our leader wanted us to give the outline a brush kind of effect, meaning the ends are thin and the middle part is thick, it was tedious and time-consuming. Maybe because we were new at it, but we did have to make the shape of the outline before filling it. 

Many lines and hours later, plus colouring...
This was my storyboard. It is a prequel to the traditional Chinese story of Ma Liang and his magic brush which could turn drawings into real objects. My story was that this young man had the brush before that kiddo and he was selfish and arrogant after he got the brush. His friends advised him to make use of this gift to help the less fortunate but he refused, so after awhile, his friends left him one by one. So this dude tries to use his brush to draw friends for himself but the magic is not able to give life to objects so he grows old and bald alone. One day, he sees this kiddo, who although isn't very well-to-do, helping out to take care of the poor. After much reflection, he decides to pass on the brush to this kiddo in a dream, hoping that the kid will right his wrong. 

Basic idea of the story. Missing a couple of scenes in the storyboard because the story was modified to make it more complete only after I had drawn that. This was the time when we were supposed to do the cute manga style. Well, it wasn't used anyway. 

Prior to this, we had a lesson on colour coordination and we were asked to find a picture and colour it. This is what I did.

I think colours come to me quite intuitively so, unless I have to do something very different from what I'm comfortable with, I didn't really see the point of that lesson :/ 

Now my animation is in shades of black and, what does that say?
The characters already look so depressed. 
Currently, I'm doing this in photoshop everyday:

This is a cloud made of birds. I created a set of bird brushes, and gave it a paper effect because our animation is supposed to be made out of paper cutting. It is a very boring and brainless job because what I do is i slowly add in the birds and save the image so that in Flash, it will turn into a smooth animation. So that means, almost every one or two brush strokes is one frame. 

I guess it is better than the original idea of doing it manually?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ALP: my drawing journey

Hi, it is week 11 in China and it is about time to compile my drawings and look at my progress. I am currently doing cartoon animation for my exchange program, and it is supposed to involve a heavy load of drawing, but somehow, I think we have done about the least drawing among all the groups. Sure, I drew quite a bit for practice and for assignments, but the drawing level also reduced along the way. You'll see. 
We started out wanting to do a story with animal characters because we thought animals were rather easy to draw. But no, they are not. Maybe the cutesified version is easier but the more elegant and classic way is not. You have to take into account their body structures and we were involving 8 different animals in this story. So, that is 8 unfamiliar structures we would have to study if we wanted to draw them. The drawing on the left may look great, but apparently, it's wrong.

Plus, the Professor wasn't impressed with our story.

Okay, scrape. 
We changed our storyline and it involved people this time. And, our leaders suggested using those big-head-small-body kind of character style to draw because the body structure is easier? I have no idea, actually because I found it equally hard. You still have to care about body structure and proportions. I can't seem to draw the face shape nicely too. Plus, it is still kind of tedious to animate these kind of characters also. 
The Prof wasn't impressed with our drawing style. He said we should create something unique; it did not have to be nice or perfect, just different.
So, scrape. 

The Prof actually wanted something simple and weird-ish and he wanted to simplify our job since we only had less than 2 months to work and we hadn't started on animating. He wanted us to just use paper-cutting method where you cut out the paper and move it and take pictures. 

So, the leaders asked me to draw some weird characters. I tried. I did it once, twice, thrice, many times. I just didn't know what they wanted. Then, they showed me Tim Burton's characters and so I just copied that style and they were happy. whut. 

That's how they decided on the final character (in the header) for our animation. This process is  not as simple and condensed as this. I'm just summarising. 

Even though the drawings have become so simplified, I still wouldn't say I haven't learnt anything. We had a couple of drawing lessons, and the teacher said that our body parts are all made of cuboids. Meaning that, you can draw a cuboid and draw your body parts from there, with the cuboid as a guide. Actually, pretty much everything is a cuboid. Then he taught us how to draw interesting scenes by varying perspective and zoom(?). Yeah, that was rather fun while it lasted. 

I still don't get how to sketch nicely. I usually get my desired line with one stroke, so I don't know how to give it the nice sketchy look. When I try, it looks too overboard. Bleh. 

Don't look down on simple drawings because a lot of famous cartoon characters are made from a few simple lines. Think hello kitty, pusheen, miffy. You just need the right shape. Maybe. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

diy: aurora galaxy phone case

I've been intending to do this for a very long time. I bought a bunch of 1yuan phone cases to diy. Anyway, I love galaxy stuff. It's so magical~ 

  • Phone case
  • Nail polish
  • Makeup sponge
1. I am using a black plastic phone case and white, hot pink, purple and blue nail polish. According to the colour chart, that translates into deep pink, dark orchid and dodgerblue. You can use any other coloured phone case as well. Just paint it over with black or white if you wish to. As for the nail polish colours, feel free to experiment with other colours like green, red, brown or orange. Google some images for inspiration!
2. I sliced my makeup sponge into a smaller piece for easier usage. Take your paint and paint on the sponge. Alternatively, you can pour out some paint and dab your sponge on it. Same same. 
3. With your paint on the sponge, dab over the case. The key is to be messy and random. Just freestyle. Well, that's what I did. I used white for a base first because my paints did not show up on the black on it's own. 
4. Mix dabbing and wiping motions. Don't forget about the sides of the cover!
5. Don't add too much of the same colour at one spot. Try to spread it out. The nail polish should dry pretty fast so you do not have to worry about that. 
6. I did 2 coats of colour for some portions because I wanted to enhance the colour or because I wanted to change the look in some areas. 
7. Add some stars using your white polish. You can use a toothpick to help you. Just dot on white dots randomly. You can draw some diamond stars too. If you have glitter nail polish, I think that would be nice to use too. 
8. Don't forget to put on a transparent layer of top coat or modge podge for protection. I put on two coats. Give it a couple of days to completely dry before using. 

And if you don't like it at all, you can always remove it with nail polish remover! 

I was kinda worried about how it was going to turn out at first. When you start out, you have no idea what to do, but there is really no right or wrong with this. So, you can just experiment. 


Sunday, July 28, 2013

nail art: minions

While we are still in the season of despicable me and minion goodness, why not give yourself a minion manicure! 


  • Nail polish in white, grey/silver, black, yellow and blue. 
  • Dotting tools/toothpick, thin brush (optional)
Since all my nails are painted already before I decided to do this blog and tutorials, I have used a replacement for my nails. See that white piece of card? Assume that is my nail okay?

  1. Paint your nail yellow. If your polish isn't very pigmented, you might want to paint it white first, then paint the yellow over. White will always bring out the colour to it's fullest. 
  2. Take your grey polish and place one or two big dots for the goggle rim. Make it circular, not ovals like what I did. Minions have big circular eyes. 
  3. Use your black polish to pain the black head bands. Try using the thinner side of your brush if you are having difficulty, and drain the polish first before applying.
  4. Use your dotting tool or toothpick to add some hair.
  5. Add the whites to the eye. If your grey polish hasn't dried then you can do the next step first and come back to this.
  6. Paint the blue minion uniform. Mine is a rectangular shape, so this is easy. Once again, you might want to add a white base before adding the blue.
  7. Use dotting tool or toothpick to add in a drop of black polish for the eyeball and draw out a mouth for your minion. 
  8. Outline the details of the uniform using your toothpick/dotting tool. 
I normally use the thin edges of my brush to do all my nail art, and occasionally I will use the help of a toothpick. But yes, if you know how to do this too, you can save a lot on nail art brushes. Though the latter will still give a more professional look. 

Easy peasy.
Go forth and conquer the world with your minions.


Friday, July 26, 2013

nail art: punk rock metal

Alright, first simple tutorial.

Being stranded in China, I had no nail polish or anything on my nails at all, so when I couldn't take it anymore, I went a little crazy and ordered some shiny nail foil stickers to try out for the first time. I've always wanted to try them out anyway although the idea behind it is still a bit silly cos it's like just pasting tape on your nails. But, I wanted this foil-ish look so, fine. 

They come in a sheet with at least 10 stickers normally. Extras are always good. The rounded edge of the sticker is supposed to be placed near the cuticle area of your nail and it should fit nicely. If it's too big, you can always trim it and if it is too small, you can stretch the sticker. So i guess that's what makes it different from normal stickers? 

Sorry, I dont have pictures to help. 

  1. So, you can start off by filing and buffing your nails if you want. Just the basic manicure procedure. Push back cuticles also. 
  2. Select the most fitting size for your fingernail/toenail and peel it from the sheet. Place the rounded edge as close to your cuticles as possible, and in the center. I wouldn't recommend placing it on the cuticles because they will just end up peeling. Don't press the sticker down just yet. 
  3. You'll have quite some extras sticking out, so you can use a nail scissors to snip the extras and place it back on the sticker backing to use for future nail arts or whatnots. 
  4. Start sticking the foil sticker from the sides first, top down. You can stretch the sticker as you go along and try to even the sticker out.
  5. Use an orange stick/icecream stick/whatever helps to flatten the edges and remove air bubbles. 
  6. For the extras at the end of your nail, use a nail file to file it off. File perpendicular to your nail, in the direction towards yourself or just not in the direction that encourages the sticker to peel off. The little bits at the end will come off quite easily after you've filed it and you're done! 
  7. I applied a top coat but although it prevents scratches and so prevents the (black) prints from being removed, it sort of wrinkled the foil parts after a few days, which totally ruins the point of using these nail foil stickers. It just looked like silver nail polish after that. So, this step is optional. 
I kept it on for about 10 days. Removal is quite easy. Package would say to wash in warm soapy water and peel off, but rest assured, you can still bathe and do stuff without it peeling off. Tried and tested here. So, to remove, just peel it off like you would peel a sticker off a surface. It may leave a sticky residue but that can be washed off. The horrible thing is that I think these stickers do not allow your nails to breathe so my nails had some scratches and were quite dry after this. As such, I shall not be doing this too often. 

But I kinda bought a bunch of new nail stickers because they were preeeedy. Think glitter and sparkles!