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diy: aurora galaxy phone case

I've been intending to do this for a very long time. I bought a bunch of 1yuan phone cases to diy. Anyway, I love galaxy stuff. It's so magical~  Materials: Phone case Nail polish Makeup sponge 1. I am using a black plastic phone case and white, hot pink, purple and blue nail polish. According to the colour chart, that translates into deep pink, dark orchid and dodgerblue. You can use any other coloured phone case as well. Just paint it over with black or white if you wish to. As for the nail polish colours, feel free to experiment with other colours like green, red, brown or orange. Google some images for inspiration! 2. I sliced my makeup sponge into a smaller piece for easier usage. Take your paint and paint on the sponge. Alternatively, you can pour out some paint and dab your sponge on it. Same same.  3. With your paint on the sponge, dab over the case. The key is to be messy and random. Just freestyle. Well, that's what I did. I used white for a

nail art: minions

While we are still in the season of despicable me and minion goodness, why not give yourself a minion manicure!  Materials:  Nail polish in white, grey/silver, black, yellow and blue.  Dotting tools/toothpick, thin brush (optional) Since all my nails are painted already before I decided to do this blog and tutorials, I have used a replacement for my nails. See that white piece of card? Assume that is my nail okay? Paint your nail yellow. If your polish isn't very pigmented, you might want to paint it white first, then paint the yellow over. White will always bring out the colour to it's fullest.  Take your grey polish and place one or two big dots for the goggle rim. Make it circular, not ovals like what I did. Minions have big circular eyes.  Use your black polish to pain the black head bands. Try using the thinner side of your brush if you are having difficulty, and drain the polish first before applying. Use your dotting tool or toothpick to add some hai

nail art: punk rock metal

Alright, first simple tutorial. Being stranded in China, I had no nail polish or anything on my nails at all, so when I couldn't take it anymore, I went a little crazy and ordered some shiny nail foil stickers to try out for the first time. I've always wanted to try them out anyway although the idea behind it is still a bit silly cos it's like just pasting tape on your nails. But, I wanted this foil-ish look so, fine.  They come in a sheet with at least 10 stickers normally. Extras are always good. The rounded edge of the sticker is supposed to be placed near the cuticle area of your nail and it should fit nicely. If it's too big, you can always trim it and if it is too small, you can stretch the sticker. So i guess that's what makes it different from normal stickers?  Sorry, I dont have pictures to help.  So, you can start off by filing and buffing your nails if you want. Just the basic manicure procedure. Push back cuticles also.  Select the most f

greetings earthlings

I have been spending 10 weeks in China and I need something to keep my sanity because I don't really like this place. So, pretty things will do the job. But, I have to make them pretty things.  I strive to make pretty image layouts like, but since when do I have such great lighting. My room has two fused bulbs so it is a whole much dimmer. I guess I can do something with the massive sunlight that floods the room when the curtains are (undrawn?) open.  Okay, I may include steps as to how I achieve some of my creations so that you can go try them out on your own. They are hardly as hard as they look.