Saturday, August 31, 2013

nail art: tumblr floral nails

I've done this nail art quite a number of times already. I really like it because there's coral and mint green in it! Got the design from tumblr actually. Like, this:

So pretty right. I tell you how to replicate. 

Light mint green, darker turquoise, white, coral, gold and pinks for the flowers.

The pictures are self sufficient instructions because there really isn't much to it. Just add a base colour and add a coat of gold for the little finger and middle finger. Then paint stripes for the index and thumb. You can choose to add the turquoise/mint colour as a base then use the other colour as the stripes. Up to you. 

For the flowers, I dotted a few big dots of light pink/purple then used my toothpick and dark pink nail polish to add some details. I draw flowers by dragging from the center to the edges then highlight the rest of the edges like a dotted line. Don't forget to add some leaves. 

AND, I made a matching phone cover because I love the patterns here. 

Nothing new from what I previously did. I used a plain mint green case as a base. 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

nail art: mint iced nails

Just did these this morning. They're not the best job I've done mainly because I was impatient today and I just wanted to move on to the next nail as soon as possible. So, ended up messing up a lot. 

I've had this idea for quite a while and though I'm not totally satisfied with the result, it's still nice..


  • Nail foil - I ended up using only two pieces of the biggest size in the pack, meant for toes
  • Nail polish - I used a light mint green from thefaceshop and a black nail polish from etude house
  • Nail file
  • Nail scissors
  1. Buff and clean nails
  2. Apply base coat (optional), then apply your colour over. I used one coat then the nail foil and then the next colour coat over the uncovered parts again.
  3. Cut out a fitting size of nail foil and paste it on your nail. I just estimated so it's not perfect. I pasted with the long edge first and covered the tips with excess because my tips are a bit rounded, so I needed the foil to wrap around. Push off air bubbles and file off the excess like in the previous nail foil tutorial
  4. I put another colour coat on, as I said, then end off with a black line where the foil and mint nail polish meet.
  5. Didn't put a top coat on because that would spoil the shiny effect for me. 
For the first time, my right hand looks better done than my left hand. But I don't think I'll leave them on for long.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

diy: cards from scraps

Towards the end of our exchange program, we had to make and write some cards to thank our mentors for the 14 weeks. Because our group had only 5 people, and three of them were missing in action, it was decided to just make smaller cards and write a general message to them. So, given just three pieces of scrapbook paper, I made three cards out of them :D 

I'm quite proud of them because the papers were quite random and I did not have much to work with in my hotel room.

I had bought some lace ribbon earlier on. I had wanted to use it to sew onto shirts or something, but I got too lazy. So, sacrificed some for them...though I was reluctant. 

I had bought some shorts that turned out to be too big, and I was too lazy to return the goods, so I used them for craft purposes instead! Cut out the pockets and used it for this card. The purple ribbon is from some free hair tie one of the sellers gave to me. 

So, if the mentor who received this is creative enough, she can hang this card somewhere and put random stuff inside the pocket. 

This was the last card I made and honestly, I was running out of ideas. I said I wanted to sew, right? So, I actually had a sewing kit with me and that was how I tried sewing on paper for the first time. Pierced my finger quite a few times in the process though. 

And that is how I improvised and made three cards from three pieces of paper. 
The trick is really to cut out the elements/objects in the paper and rearrange them. Like how I cut out the red flower and the feathers from the dreamcatcher. For the last card, I highlighted the flower by sewing it.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

nail art: pink ombre

This week's nail art is ombre! All you need are at least two nail polish colours. They do not need to be in different shades of the same colour. You can use any colour like fuschia and orange. 

  • Top coat
  • Nail polish
  • Makeup sponge
It works pretty much the same way as the galaxy phone case tutorial, where you will use the sponge to do a bit of blending.

  1. I painted my nails with white first to bring out the colours, and also because some of my colours weren't very pigmented. 
  2. Paint your sponge with the colours you are going to use in succession, like what I did. 
  3. Dab it onto your nail. It doesn't matter if the colours didn't transfer fully. You can keep doing this step until you are satisfied. I gave mine about 2 or 3 coats of colours before I got my final result. Let the polish dry before proceeding with the next coat of colour, and remember to keep the polish on the sponge wet. 
  4. You don't have to wait for all the nail polish to dry before putting on your top coat. This will help to blend the colours more and give it a smoother finish!
I think my nails look very barbie-ish now.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

ALP: colouring in photoshop

Apart from drawing, I also had to use a great deal of Photoshop. I've been using Photoshop for a long time already, so this wasn't too new to me. But, I learnt to use the Pen tool this time, something that I wouldn't normally use because I didn't really need to use it. We used it to outline our drawings digitally. Because our leader wanted us to give the outline a brush kind of effect, meaning the ends are thin and the middle part is thick, it was tedious and time-consuming. Maybe because we were new at it, but we did have to make the shape of the outline before filling it. 

Many lines and hours later, plus colouring...
This was my storyboard. It is a prequel to the traditional Chinese story of Ma Liang and his magic brush which could turn drawings into real objects. My story was that this young man had the brush before that kiddo and he was selfish and arrogant after he got the brush. His friends advised him to make use of this gift to help the less fortunate but he refused, so after awhile, his friends left him one by one. So this dude tries to use his brush to draw friends for himself but the magic is not able to give life to objects so he grows old and bald alone. One day, he sees this kiddo, who although isn't very well-to-do, helping out to take care of the poor. After much reflection, he decides to pass on the brush to this kiddo in a dream, hoping that the kid will right his wrong. 

Basic idea of the story. Missing a couple of scenes in the storyboard because the story was modified to make it more complete only after I had drawn that. This was the time when we were supposed to do the cute manga style. Well, it wasn't used anyway. 

Prior to this, we had a lesson on colour coordination and we were asked to find a picture and colour it. This is what I did.

I think colours come to me quite intuitively so, unless I have to do something very different from what I'm comfortable with, I didn't really see the point of that lesson :/ 

Now my animation is in shades of black and, what does that say?
The characters already look so depressed. 
Currently, I'm doing this in photoshop everyday:

This is a cloud made of birds. I created a set of bird brushes, and gave it a paper effect because our animation is supposed to be made out of paper cutting. It is a very boring and brainless job because what I do is i slowly add in the birds and save the image so that in Flash, it will turn into a smooth animation. So that means, almost every one or two brush strokes is one frame. 

I guess it is better than the original idea of doing it manually?