Tuesday, August 27, 2013

diy: cards from scraps

Towards the end of our exchange program, we had to make and write some cards to thank our mentors for the 14 weeks. Because our group had only 5 people, and three of them were missing in action, it was decided to just make smaller cards and write a general message to them. So, given just three pieces of scrapbook paper, I made three cards out of them :D 

I'm quite proud of them because the papers were quite random and I did not have much to work with in my hotel room.

I had bought some lace ribbon earlier on. I had wanted to use it to sew onto shirts or something, but I got too lazy. So, sacrificed some for them...though I was reluctant. 

I had bought some shorts that turned out to be too big, and I was too lazy to return the goods, so I used them for craft purposes instead! Cut out the pockets and used it for this card. The purple ribbon is from some free hair tie one of the sellers gave to me. 

So, if the mentor who received this is creative enough, she can hang this card somewhere and put random stuff inside the pocket. 

This was the last card I made and honestly, I was running out of ideas. I said I wanted to sew, right? So, I actually had a sewing kit with me and that was how I tried sewing on paper for the first time. Pierced my finger quite a few times in the process though. 

And that is how I improvised and made three cards from three pieces of paper. 
The trick is really to cut out the elements/objects in the paper and rearrange them. Like how I cut out the red flower and the feathers from the dreamcatcher. For the last card, I highlighted the flower by sewing it.