Sunday, September 29, 2013

chocolate origin - chocolate lava cake

I realised I forgot to blog about this and since I'm quite bored now and thinking of what to post on my blog, I shall write about my chocolate lava cake craving when I came back from China. 

Welfare Ryan from my JC class wanted to organise a welcome back lunch/dinner for me but somehow most of everyone wanted it to be on mid autumn festival, so that they can all go back to hwach for the maf event. But, I didn't want to go for maf anymore, and neither did ryan, after our terrible experience last year. So, in the end, only the two of us met up for tea to eat chocolate lava cake. I got a list of recommended lava cakes from ladyironchef, and we initially wanted to go to Jewel's Artisan at Orchard Central BUT we found that it had CLOSED DOWN. Well, but even if you didn't know that, there's still one at Somerset 313 which we went to after that. 
Chocolate Origin, located at basement 3. It's quite a small cup, for $5. Top half is the molten chocolate cake, and the bottom half is vanilla ice cream. Hot and cold. Well, warm. It's quite satisfying and yummy, if you ask me. The cake melts in your mouth so that's great, and together with the ice cream, is quite a nice combination. I'd go back for more any day, although I could do with more cake and less ice cream, because I love chocolate.