Friday, September 6, 2013


Went to the airport last night to send my dearest michy back to canada. We hardly had time to meet up because I was in china while she was back in singapore for summer. see, china's fault again. we only got to meet up once, together with rui, allison and jung for some chit chat. 

My mich is still crazy, retarded and the only one who hangs a thousand and one keychains on her bag (for me to play with, of course). I still remember like about two years ago, we were preparing to go for prom at her house, and playing with fake eyelashes. I'm glad to have a single eyelid friend like you, but you cheated by putting double eyelid tape, so i think mine looked a bit weird. Anyway, after prom, you were going to be whipped away to canada and I wasn't gonna see you or be able to say random nonsense with you for a long long time :( It was already sad to not be able to study in the same class with you again but then you were being shipped to canada?!!! D: </3

So, to the one who always talks crazy stuff with me during class when I'm bored and keeps me laughing everyday; feeds me when i'm hungry; lets me play with her cheshire cat and KAPIBARA; and the one with crazy soft hair @v@, i thank you and love you with all my heart <3 i miss you a whole lot and hope to see you sooner than a year!

I hope you land safely and arrive in your residence in one piece, you tiny little thang with a bunch of big heavy bags. Remember to think of me often :D