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nail art: floral plaids

I'm quite lazy to do up a nice tutorial picture for this since I found that I have this pictorial that I posted on my fashion instagram before. I got the design from another nail artist, but I forgot whom. I'd go with lighter colours or polishes with less pigments for the plaids, but I didn't have that kind of nail polish at hand so I just made do with this outcome. It's quite colourful and pretty still.  So, start off with a white base coat Paint a thick blue stripe off centre  Paint some pink stripes above, below and in the middle of the blue stripe Paint a yellow strip down the side of the nail Next, add some coloured dots for the base of the flowers Add in details for the flowers and leaves Ta-da! It's not very simple to do if you do not have a thin brush at hand, but still doable.  Well I hope you have been inspired! xoxo

chunky knit cardigans

It's fall/winter in the northern hemispheres now and chunky knit cardigans have been floating around instagram. So, at first I thought they wouldn't fit me because they were meant to be worn oversized, and since I'm so skinny, I thought I might just drown in them. But the more I looked at them, the more I fell in love with the look, so I couldn't resist but to get a few of my own. I thrifted this white one online for about $10. It has crochet details so it allows wind to pass through, which is perfect for singapore's weather. It doesn't feel to hot and heavy either. It also doesn't drape on me like a curtain, like I initially thought it would. White is also great for pairing with anything. I paired mine with a graphic tank from forever21 and some denim high waist shorts. Simple and cute.  Switched to a striped crop top from forever21 in this version. Chunky knit cardigans are really versatile and great for layering as well. But, I won't be wearing