Wednesday, December 18, 2013

chunky knit cardigans

It's fall/winter in the northern hemispheres now and chunky knit cardigans have been floating around instagram. So, at first I thought they wouldn't fit me because they were meant to be worn oversized, and since I'm so skinny, I thought I might just drown in them. But the more I looked at them, the more I fell in love with the look, so I couldn't resist but to get a few of my own. I thrifted this white one online for about $10. It has crochet details so it allows wind to pass through, which is perfect for singapore's weather. It doesn't feel to hot and heavy either. It also doesn't drape on me like a curtain, like I initially thought it would. White is also great for pairing with anything. I paired mine with a graphic tank from forever21 and some denim high waist shorts. Simple and cute. 
Switched to a striped crop top from forever21 in this version. Chunky knit cardigans are really versatile and great for layering as well. But, I won't be wearing that many layers here. Though I've paired my outfits with shorts, they most certainly would look great with skinny jeans or thigh high socks/stockings as well. There are so many different ways to wear them! 
Next up is a striped cardigan. I've been wondering what to pair this with since I got it because striped jackets are usually bold and should be the centrepiece of an outfit. So, I went along with a basic fit - crop top and denim skirt. Again, love the crochet details! 

Little rant here about my denim skirt. It's a tad big for me so I had to tailor it on my own. I attached extra snap fasteners, including one on top of the current snap button. If you happen to be super skinny like me, this is one way of solving the problem. Another one would be to take in the sides of the skirt using a straight stitch. Such a pity to do this.  

Apologies for the bad photo quality as well because unlike all the other photos in this post, there wasn't much sunlight left for this one. Took it at night, in fact. 
If you like print on prints like I do, this combination works as well. I paired the striped cardigan with a sparrow printed dress in this outfit. The sparrow prints are light, so they do not fight for the attention of the colours of the cardigan. 
Lastly, I found this vintage cardigan from my mum in my wardrobe and it is indeed gorgeous! Can't believe my mum had some awesome taste and that some of these old trends are back in trend again. (Which then makes me wonder what fashion will be like in 10 years time). I guess my mum can't fit in it any more so she has passed it on to me. It's made of 80% wool though, so it's really warm and furry. I wonder when I'll have the chance to wear it. 

So, there are many places to get chunky knit cardigans this season. Forever 21 has a handful, plus they are currently having a sale on their jackets online. Urban outfitters also has a couple of pretty ones, though pricier. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for local thrift events or online resellers! I try to buy those with knitted or crochet details because I think details make an outfit prettier and also because I don't want to look too basic. I get bored of basics sometimes. But I'm not saying basics aren't important because they are still an essential, like when pairing with something printed and bold. 

I have more outfits with my chunky knit cardigans, and I'll either update this space again or post a separate post. But this wraps up today's photoshoot with my clothes as the sun was bright and sunny through my window this morning. It's raining now though. 

Stay warm and cozy!