Saturday, December 21, 2013

nail art: floral plaids

I'm quite lazy to do up a nice tutorial picture for this since I found that I have this pictorial that I posted on my fashion instagram before. I got the design from another nail artist, but I forgot whom. I'd go with lighter colours or polishes with less pigments for the plaids, but I didn't have that kind of nail polish at hand so I just made do with this outcome. It's quite colourful and pretty still. 

  1. So, start off with a white base coat
  2. Paint a thick blue stripe off centre 
  3. Paint some pink stripes above, below and in the middle of the blue stripe
  4. Paint a yellow strip down the side of the nail
  5. Next, add some coloured dots for the base of the flowers
  6. Add in details for the flowers and leaves
  7. Ta-da!
It's not very simple to do if you do not have a thin brush at hand, but still doable. 

Well I hope you have been inspired!