Saturday, January 4, 2014

chunky knit cardigan v2

Black rose tank & bralet - H&M | Denim high waist shorts - Forever 21 | Cardigan - thrifted

Just got the opportunity to photograph these outfits. I actually bought the H&M items just before I left for my trip. They were on christmas sale so I picked up a few items. The tank was going for just $7 and it is so pretty with all the lace details and a black rose print! The bralet was not on sale but it was only $7.90 with lace details as well so I just grabbed it. I also got a pair of black corduroy pants for $15 and teal green jeggings from the kids section for $15. Quite a bunch of good buys, I must say. 

Bunny top - Zara kids | Plaid skirt - Forever 21 | Cardigan - thrifted

Got the bunny shirt here from Zara in Taiwan for 390NT only. It is really super soft and the rabbit has a ball for its tail! How cute is that! Thrifted the cardigan from a local reseller for $16 and I love it to bits. Love the knitted details and ripped portions and how super soft it is. I'm just worried about it hooking on to unwanted things and widening the knit holes :(

These are actually quite nice autumn/winter outfits. The colours are looking quite neutral and you can easily pair them with stockings or leggings if it gets cold. 

Which is your fave?