Thursday, January 2, 2014

taiwan loots

I just arrived home from my trip to Taiwan yesterday afternoon. Unless anyone is interested in the details of my travel, I think I'll just be posting on the stuff I bought there because that was the only highlight of my trip for me. I visited other places like memorial halls and waterfalls and night markets but they weren't as fun. Plus, Taiwan is not my ideal holiday destination. I'd rather go to the States or Europe. 

So, firstly, I bought 4 new pairs of shoes. These are only two which I bought when my shoes got soaked and my dad decided to get all of us new shoes. They are from a shop called "MIKI" which sells both clothes and shoes at really cheap prices. The shoes are made in Taiwan and are very comfortable to walk in. I already owned a few pairs from my previous trip. The left one was not from MIKI but still good. Both were 490 NT which is about 20ish bucks. 

Bought this bunch of stuff at ximending. Nail polishes were 89NT each at buy 4 get 1 free. I chose mostly glitter polishes because I don't really own that many glitter nail polish. Took dark colours as well because my collection lacked them. Hair bows were at 4 for a 100NT, so I took 2 and my sis took 2. 

We visited Zara in Taiwan as well as our Taiwanese family friend told us that the Zara in Taiwan was cheaper than any other country. We went to the one at Zhongxiao Dunhua area. Come out of the train station and you'll immediately arrive at this huge Zara. There was a storewide sale going on so women's wear were going at prices like 1190NT or 1590NT or 2290NT, something like that. 

I headed for the kids section, of course. I love the kids section because everything there is so cute and cheaper! My mum, sis and I bought the above items for about 3500NT altogether. The two tops were 390NT each and the pants were 690 - 790NT each. 

Round 2 the next day for myself. Floral pants from the women's section for 990NT and a bunny shirt for 390NT from the kids. 

These bags were bought at shilin night market for 390 NT each, which is a very good price as they were on sale. I love them both very much. The quality of the bags are also very good for the price. I own a backpack from the same shop which I bought in my previous trip and it is still in pristine condition after a bunch of uses. 

I also bought 2 pairs of jeggings at shilin night market but I didn't photograph them. They were at 2 for 500NT and they matched all my criteria for a pair of jeggings, including functional pockets and a button and zip. I also got a maroon lace skirt for 290 NT there but didn't have the opportunity to photograph it.