Saturday, January 18, 2014

valentine's ootd ideas

I know it is still about a month till Valentine's day, but better to start planning earlier right! Time to start choosing and making reservations for your restaurants or places of interest to spend your day or night with your loved ones. Valentine's day falls on a friday this year, so even if you don't get a chance to celebrate on the day itself, you still have the whole weekend to go out and chill together. 

Apart from food and presents, I'm sure us girls would love to dress up specially for the night. I've compiled some looks to give you some inspiration and ideas on what to wear for the day! 

First outfit is the hear cut-out blouse at the top. I've paired it with a maroon lace skirt (although the lace details now look like velvet). Now, I personally wouldn't just wear it out like that because the blouse is super sheer. I most probably would wear a caged bralet inside or a pink camisole, and maybe wear the blouse as a tie crop. Alternatively, I could wear a pinafore so I can cover my front and show my back. But I'm not sure if my mum will be thrilled to see me go out like that... I thrifted the blouse at just $2.50 so I'm quite happy with this find. Skirt is from taiwan. Not very sure what kind of shoes would be perfect for this outfit, but I'd go with my favourite kind of shoes - oxfords. If you want to diy your own heart cut-out shirt, it is quite easy to do without hemming! You'll just need to fold your shirt in half and cut out half a heart shape! 

For the cute and girly look, you can go with a bralet crop top and a cute skirt! This hearts all over top is from and the skirt is thrifted. I like to cover up and wear layers, so I would top it off with a denim jacket, which is from abercrombie&fitch. Hair bows are a must to complete that cute look!! For shoes, you can go with oxford heels or litas. 

If you have absolutely no idea what to choose, pick a dress! Dresses are always suitable for special occasions and you will look pretty, of course. I've picked a floral dress for the sweet and girly look. Thrifted this dress online. I'd pair it with my favourite knit cardigan that has super gorgeous knit details and lace from! Finally, I paired it with this red satchel bag from forever 21. White heels for shoes! 

If you'd like a more casual look, but not too casual at the same time, you can go with a floral bralet crop top and high waist shorts. I've chosen an embossed high waist shorts because I like details and more details. Pair it with a slouchy knit cardigan and a satchel bag. 

For a more elegant look, why not try high-low or maxi skirts and dresses? You'll definitely look like a princess for the night. Match it with some pretty heels. I was going for the elegant and chic look so I wore my denim jacket too. Forever 21 has the best and widest selection of high-low skirts. I can't help but fall in love with their high-low skirts whenever I see them. Perfect length, and perfect waterfall. 

If you read my flea market finds post, you'd know that I thrifted this outfit for around $15 altogether. The cute bird prints and pink and brown colour combination make it a super sweet outfit for a picnic! So this is an idea if your date happens to be a picnic! 

I also have a heart cut-out dress in red from I was keeping mine for valentine's day because of the heart cut-out but it doesn't seem like I will be celebrating vday :( so I'll keep it for future vdays. 

I hope you girls have fun choosing your outfits and planning for vday. Remember, even if you do not have a significant other, you are still loved <3 You do not need to spend valentine's day with a guy. I'm sure your girlfriends will be there for you when you need them.