Wednesday, February 26, 2014

forever 21 feature 2

I'm so happy to be featured on forever21's instagram again for my nail art! I know I haven't been updating my blog for awhile because I have been really busy, but I promise to upload a tutorial for these daisy nails soon. They are so cute and perfect for spring! And they are easy to do too! I will give you some tips on how I went along doing it. In the mean time, if you are too eager to try it, I used some old ballpoint pens as a dotting tool for these. I don't know why I didn't try ballpoint pens as dotting tools earlier because they work super great. Wayyyy better than toothpicks. You get bigger dots and more evenly spread polish. 

Black base > green polka dots > white petals > yellow center 

P.S. I was rather amused that f21 photoshopped some rings onto my fingers

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

diy: clorox bleach pen shirt design

As compared to the previous shirt DIY, this one should require less time. This DIY involves bleaching a design onto your shirt with a bleach pen from Clorox. You should be able to find it in your local supermarket for a few dollars. I used a black shirt, so keep in mind that it will not bleach white entirely. In fact, darker and richer colours may not bleach white but a lighter colour. I would advise you to do a small patch test to see how the bleach will turn out on your shirt. Most colours should bleach white though. 

I got this shirt back in China for only $2 so I decided I could part with it if it turned out horrible. So, make sure you are not using an expensive shirt that you will regret later on. The design I used is Brandy Melville's Too Sassy For You. You can start by drawing the design in chalk or pencil on your shirt so that you can trace it out later. I did it free hand with the bleach though. 

If you intend to cut your shirt, do it now before proceeding.

Step 1: Place a piece of cardboard or some paper under your shirt to prevent the bleach from seeping through to the other side.

Step 2: Trace or draw your design on your shirt with a pencil or chalk. 

Step 3: The Clorox bleach pen is dual tipped, with a fine point on one end and a coarser point on the other. You most likely will use the fine point though. Practice on some scrap paper or cloth first before tracing out your design on the shirt. 

Step 4: Leave to dry for at least 15 minutes. You can definitely leave it longer but take note that the bleach may soak and spread further than you'd like. You can also check the underside to see what colour it has turned into to decide if you should wash it off yet. 

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the bleaching, wash it off normally. You don't have to use detergent, just soak it in water. Make sure to wash off all traces of bleach. I only found out the next day that there were still bits of bleach on my shirt because there were some smudges around that weren't there before. I can use permanent marker to try and fix it but it would be harder for other colours.

Step 6: Leave to dry and you are done! The colour will lighten more once dried. 

This is pretty much how mine turned out. I'm not quite satisfied with mine though. I might go over it with white fabric paint or not. 

Wear or not?


Monday, February 17, 2014

diy: permanent marker graphic shirt

If you are in the States or Canada, you probably know how Brandy Melville's graphic tees are trending now. We don't have a store here but I love some of their tees and slogans. They are so fun, witty and ingenious. However, I also do not think that they are worth paying 20+ USD for. It's just a simple shirt/muscle tank with words printed on it. From some reviews on youtube, the quality of the shirts may not be worth that much either. Also, the shirts are 'one size fits all' so if you are unable to fit in them, you can't enjoy brandy prints. 

In this DIY that I also found on youtube, I recreated the 'Stressed Depressed But Well Dressed' shirt. It is a tedious and time consuming diy but it is so worth it. I am super happy with the result and I love my shirt. 

The actual font is Letter Gothic Std in font size 90 or more. But I used the one below which is Bento Sans Comp. You just need to print the image on an A4 paper and that will be good enough. 

You will need to cut out the alphabets to make your stencil so if you find Letter Gothic too thin, you might want to start out with Bento Sans first. They are almost the same and since it is a DIY, it won't be obvious. 

If you are using a white shirt, you might consider skipping the first step. Instead, you can just place the print under your shirt and trace. I'm not sure how well this will work but I will try it out soon. Also, if you are going to cut your shirt, now is a good time to do it before tracing on your shirt. 

Step 1: Using a pen knife or cutter, cut out the alphabets to make your stencil. I left some bits left for alphabets with a filling so that the 'holed' part will stay in place as well and when you are tracing over it later, you can just flip it to fill up the remaining gap. 

Step 2: Place a piece of cardboard under your shirt to prevent the ink from seeping through the other side. 

Step 3: You might want to do a patch test with your permanent marker and fabric to test how the ink will show and if it will fade when washed. You can use any permanent marker. I used a ZIG marker but you can use Sharpies as well. 

Step 4: With your stencil in place, you can tape it down so that it doesn't shift. Use your permanent marker to colour in the alphabets. 

Step 5: Once you are done with all the alphabets, you can remove the stencil and do some touch ups. 

Step 6: Leave your shirt to dry overnight and iron the print on the reverse side to lock in the colours. The ink shouldn't bleed or fade. If it does fade, you can always fill it in again but that would be after many washes. 

I took close to 3 hours to do this, so make sure you have time at hand. I used a permanent marker for this one but I'm going to get fabric paint for my future projects so do look out for another tutorial with fabric paint! 

Do share your creations with me and make sure to follow my blog! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

photo faqs, tips and tricks

People often kik me or comment on my photos as to what camera I use and how I get my photos to look nice, so I've come up with a few pointers to answer your frequently asked questions and to provide some tricks to improving your photos.

  • I take all my photos with an iPhone 5. If you have a dslr, that would be even better. 
  • I take my own photos or use a self-timer for shots of myself. Timercam allows self-timed shots on the iphone. 
  • The best photos are taken under natural sunlight. This is the most important point. With enough light entering the lens of your camera, photos will be bright and sharp. Colours also show quite true and turn out very pretty. Sharpness is really the key to a good photo. Natural sunlight also makes the anti-shake function on your phone work at its best so your photos will be of high quality.
If you want to take nice outfit layouts, here are some pointers for you:

  • Time: Make sure you have enough time on hand to spare because taking good outfit layouts may be time consuming.
  • Light: Find a spot where the sun is shining at. It shouldn't be direct sunlight but let's say if you are in your room and you find it rather bright, it is probably a good time to take pictures. From the picture above, you can see that my light source is somewhere North. It is actually coming from a big window in my room. 
  • Shadows: You are going to want to place your layout in such a way where shadows will be cast minimally. Also, when you are taking the photo, you do not want to be casting a shadow on the photo. Again, from the picture above, since the light source is north, shadows formed will be extending south. It doesn't have to be this way but it is just for your consideration. 
  • Background: I have used wooden floors for my older outfit layouts and now I use a light pink sheet as the background of my layouts. Generally, the background should be of a neutral colour and shouldn't be too striking so as not to clash with your outfit layout. Even a beige with floral bed sheet as a background can be pretty. 
  • Laying out your pieces: Take time to think about your outfit layout and then put them into picture. Creases should be ironed out and pleats of a skirt should be straightened. Lay them out like you would wear it. Make skirts and dresses look nicer by arranging the pleats so that they are evenly spread and the shape is there. Alternatively, you can try a grid form like the picture in this post. 
  • Take a few photos: Always take a few shots of your layout and view them before you keep your clothes. To do a re-take is quite a hassle so make sure you are happy with the results before moving on.
  • Done! You are now ready to post your outfit layout. 
The next two photo editing steps are optional:

  • Photoshop: I normally edit the lighting of my photos further on Photoshop. I usually just open up the Levels (Ctrl-L) and adjust the middle bar. Slide it to the left to lighten midtones and slide the bottom left bar in the second section to lighten shadows. Sometimes, I use an action filter from deviantART to filter my photos. Lastly, I add a watermark before putting it back into my phone for the next edit.
  • Filtergram: Recently, I started filtering my photos because of Filtergram from the app store. I love this app very much. They have a wider variety of filters and their light editing options are superior to other free apps. This app is pretty much all you need to perform the Photoshop option and the filtering. You can adjust the opacity of the filters and use a few for one photos. You can also add light streaks and lens flares which is super fun. 
Everything eventually comes down to personal preference. Trust your judgement and do what you like. These are after all, your photos.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

forever 21 feature

Somewhere around 11am yesterday, I suddenly had a notification pop up on my phone from forever 21 on instagram. I opened it immediately, of course, and to my greatest delight, forever 21 had reposted one of my photos from my fashion account!!! Although the photo they featured was not fashion related, I was still overjoyed to be mentioned by f21! It is such a huge milestone! Who wouldn't dream of appearing on the feed of forever21's instagram. It was definitely the best news of the day (and possibly year) and I was just over the moon, excited, and fangirling though I was still having class. 

"If two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back" taken from Gossip Girl. It kinda describes what I hope will happen so I was inspired to doodle this. So glad that f21 saw it too. 

You can find the link here: 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

vday: do not know what to wear? wear a romper!

Valentine's day is around the corner and if you still have no idea what to wear, here is another idea for you! These outfits are not limited to vday though. It's just fun to blog about them for it since it is something most people celebrate. 

Do not know what to wear yet? Wear a romper! I think it is the best go-to item if you have no idea what to wear for any day. Rompers are quite like dresses, just maybe not as dressy? It's got an element of casual to them since they've got shorts. The only downside to rompers or playsuits is that you pretty much have to strip when you go to the bathroom. 

My first ever romper is the one above. I bought it at Scape from one of the regular stalls for $10. I was skeptical at first because I had never worn rompers and I couldn't try it on, plus the print is so vintage and jap-style so I didn't know if it would suit me. Luckily I got it anyway, because I went home and tried it out and fell in love with it. I haven't found an occasion to wear it out yet though :/ An idea could be for a picnic though! Or any date since this is so cute. Red bag (forever 21) and mustard shoes to match the floral prints! 

I got this turquoise hearts-all-over romper recently from an online reseller. It screams love everywhere because of the hearts and I paired it with a striped cardigan for a more daring look but if you'd like to tone down on the prints, you can go with a plain white cardigan. Accessories and bag are from forever 21. 

Lastly, this dress romper is from the editor's market. There are shorts underneath this one, though quite useless since it is hidden. I could wear my own safety shorts to make my toilet trips easier. Anyway, the cute thing about this playsuit is not only the paisley prints but the tie straps! It's so cute to have little ribbons as straps although they tend to slip off on my unbalanced shoulders. The shoes are also my favourite for walking because they are so comfy and soft. I got them from taiwan though. 

I hope you have been a little inspired from this post to plan your outfit for this Valentine's day or any special date you have in mind. These are also perfect to wear out with friends, to the mall, or anywhere. 


Saturday, February 8, 2014

nail art: ombre tribal

Did some new nail art today. There are so many good instagram nail art accounts! I found this off badgirlnails on instagram but the colours I used are different from hers. My ombre is also a simple ombre job unlike hers which really blends very nicely T_T I wish I could do that too. I used pink, lilac and blue here as my ombre base, sponged it on two or three layers then drew on the designs with my Sakura Aqualip gel pen. It's a terrific pen to use for nail art so do get one as soon as you can! Limitless nail art possibilities with that pen!


floral skirt haul + filtergram

It's only week 2 of my third year in uni/college and I'm already so tired and pissed at school. Well, frustrated at one million and one other things as well. As such, I went on a shopping spree! Spent all my cny money. I am high maintenance. I sold off some of my other clothes as well, like a major sale of $5 clearance kinda thing to fund my shopping spree also, so I don't feel so bad :x

So, I've been craving floral skirts for a very long time. Dark based floral skirts because I only have a white and mint floral skirt at the moment. And this was the result. The second and last one are from cotton on, one's navy and one's black based. The other two were bought from an online reseller and although I'm not totally satisfied with the quality of them because I paid quite a bit for them, the prints are adorable. I love floral prints that are tiny and sparse like the second skirt. I love my new floral skirts and I can't wait to come up with outfits to match them! 

Also, there is this great new photo app called filtergram that everyone should download! There are so many pretty filters and you can even adjust the opacity of the filters. They also handle brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows, highlights, etc pretty well. It is quite my ideal app just that it can't add text. I was actually thinking of creating such an app but I don't have the sufficient skills (read: excuse for being lazy). You'll still need to use another app to add text and overlays though. I did them on photoshop because I was on my computer. 
I also bought this sweater which has a part of maroon 5's she will be loved lyrics on it! Super cool eh. The heart all over prints are also so adorable! Unfortunately, I think it is a tad big on me, so if you are interested in buying, please contact me. There is tissue under the soles of my shoes. I would never 'step' on my clothes. 
This one is for mich! Look! I have kitty tights too! I love them so much. They are so cute and they have tails at the back too! My only peeve is that the nude parts are so thin, it runs too easily. 

Anyhow, what do you prefer? Filters vs natural colours?