Tuesday, February 18, 2014

diy: clorox bleach pen shirt design

As compared to the previous shirt DIY, this one should require less time. This DIY involves bleaching a design onto your shirt with a bleach pen from Clorox. You should be able to find it in your local supermarket for a few dollars. I used a black shirt, so keep in mind that it will not bleach white entirely. In fact, darker and richer colours may not bleach white but a lighter colour. I would advise you to do a small patch test to see how the bleach will turn out on your shirt. Most colours should bleach white though. 

I got this shirt back in China for only $2 so I decided I could part with it if it turned out horrible. So, make sure you are not using an expensive shirt that you will regret later on. The design I used is Brandy Melville's Too Sassy For You. You can start by drawing the design in chalk or pencil on your shirt so that you can trace it out later. I did it free hand with the bleach though. 

If you intend to cut your shirt, do it now before proceeding.

Step 1: Place a piece of cardboard or some paper under your shirt to prevent the bleach from seeping through to the other side.

Step 2: Trace or draw your design on your shirt with a pencil or chalk. 

Step 3: The Clorox bleach pen is dual tipped, with a fine point on one end and a coarser point on the other. You most likely will use the fine point though. Practice on some scrap paper or cloth first before tracing out your design on the shirt. 

Step 4: Leave to dry for at least 15 minutes. You can definitely leave it longer but take note that the bleach may soak and spread further than you'd like. You can also check the underside to see what colour it has turned into to decide if you should wash it off yet. 

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the bleaching, wash it off normally. You don't have to use detergent, just soak it in water. Make sure to wash off all traces of bleach. I only found out the next day that there were still bits of bleach on my shirt because there were some smudges around that weren't there before. I can use permanent marker to try and fix it but it would be harder for other colours.

Step 6: Leave to dry and you are done! The colour will lighten more once dried. 

This is pretty much how mine turned out. I'm not quite satisfied with mine though. I might go over it with white fabric paint or not. 

Wear or not?