Saturday, February 8, 2014

floral skirt haul + filtergram

It's only week 2 of my third year in uni/college and I'm already so tired and pissed at school. Well, frustrated at one million and one other things as well. As such, I went on a shopping spree! Spent all my cny money. I am high maintenance. I sold off some of my other clothes as well, like a major sale of $5 clearance kinda thing to fund my shopping spree also, so I don't feel so bad :x

So, I've been craving floral skirts for a very long time. Dark based floral skirts because I only have a white and mint floral skirt at the moment. And this was the result. The second and last one are from cotton on, one's navy and one's black based. The other two were bought from an online reseller and although I'm not totally satisfied with the quality of them because I paid quite a bit for them, the prints are adorable. I love floral prints that are tiny and sparse like the second skirt. I love my new floral skirts and I can't wait to come up with outfits to match them! 

Also, there is this great new photo app called filtergram that everyone should download! There are so many pretty filters and you can even adjust the opacity of the filters. They also handle brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows, highlights, etc pretty well. It is quite my ideal app just that it can't add text. I was actually thinking of creating such an app but I don't have the sufficient skills (read: excuse for being lazy). You'll still need to use another app to add text and overlays though. I did them on photoshop because I was on my computer. 
I also bought this sweater which has a part of maroon 5's she will be loved lyrics on it! Super cool eh. The heart all over prints are also so adorable! Unfortunately, I think it is a tad big on me, so if you are interested in buying, please contact me. There is tissue under the soles of my shoes. I would never 'step' on my clothes. 
This one is for mich! Look! I have kitty tights too! I love them so much. They are so cute and they have tails at the back too! My only peeve is that the nude parts are so thin, it runs too easily. 

Anyhow, what do you prefer? Filters vs natural colours?