Tuesday, February 11, 2014

vday: do not know what to wear? wear a romper!

Valentine's day is around the corner and if you still have no idea what to wear, here is another idea for you! These outfits are not limited to vday though. It's just fun to blog about them for it since it is something most people celebrate. 

Do not know what to wear yet? Wear a romper! I think it is the best go-to item if you have no idea what to wear for any day. Rompers are quite like dresses, just maybe not as dressy? It's got an element of casual to them since they've got shorts. The only downside to rompers or playsuits is that you pretty much have to strip when you go to the bathroom. 

My first ever romper is the one above. I bought it at Scape from one of the regular stalls for $10. I was skeptical at first because I had never worn rompers and I couldn't try it on, plus the print is so vintage and jap-style so I didn't know if it would suit me. Luckily I got it anyway, because I went home and tried it out and fell in love with it. I haven't found an occasion to wear it out yet though :/ An idea could be for a picnic though! Or any date since this is so cute. Red bag (forever 21) and mustard shoes to match the floral prints! 

I got this turquoise hearts-all-over romper recently from an online reseller. It screams love everywhere because of the hearts and I paired it with a striped cardigan for a more daring look but if you'd like to tone down on the prints, you can go with a plain white cardigan. Accessories and bag are from forever 21. 

Lastly, this dress romper is from the editor's market. There are shorts underneath this one, though quite useless since it is hidden. I could wear my own safety shorts to make my toilet trips easier. Anyway, the cute thing about this playsuit is not only the paisley prints but the tie straps! It's so cute to have little ribbons as straps although they tend to slip off on my unbalanced shoulders. The shoes are also my favourite for walking because they are so comfy and soft. I got them from taiwan though. 

I hope you have been a little inspired from this post to plan your outfit for this Valentine's day or any special date you have in mind. These are also perfect to wear out with friends, to the mall, or anywhere.