Saturday, March 15, 2014

nail art: dream & believe dreamcatcher nails

Picked up these cute bling blingz from forever21 recently, and also a nail art pen which I super love! I seriously need all the colours in this nail art pen because it is soooo useful! I took the longest time to decide what to paint my nails this week. I saw so many beautiful nail designs that I wanted to try but somehow my colour palette just didn't seem as nice. So it was a demoralising process of painting and removing polish a few times. Finally settled on dreamcatcher nails that just popped in my head! These are rather simple because I only drew dreamcatchers on my thumb, ring finger and middle finger, so that's four less fingers to draw on. Also, my dreamcatcher design is rather easy to draw. 

  • Paint your base colour of mint/turquoise on your little, pointer and middle finger. I went with grey for my thumb and ring finger. You can try gold or pink as well. 
  • Draw your dreamcatcher design. I used my Sakura Glaze pens to help me with this. They are super good and easy to use. Plus, they do not smudge when dry. 
  • Next, I used my forever21 gold nail art pen to dot on some studs on the dreamcatcher and on my little and pointer finger. Don't you think they are quite a good replacement for studs? I don't have any studs to use for my nail art so I thought these replicated the look quite well.
  • Finally, draw on some feathers for your dreamcatcher! I used a ballpoint pen as a dotting tool for this. 

I think these would be perfect for coachella as well. Love them so much!
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