Sunday, May 25, 2014

forever 21 shopping haul 2

Picked up a few of the items here on impulse because I figured I might as well try and max out the shipping for it. I shared it with a friend so I think I spent about 80 bucks here. Btw, if you are going to shop, use Ebates! It gives you cashbacks for your shopping. (Put my email: as the referral please :))

The graphic on this is quite tumblr-ish and I don't have any short sleeved graphic crop tees in my closet so I decided to add this to my cart. Well, for the price, I think this shirt is not worth buying. The quality of the shirt isn't good at all. The cotton is soft but rather thin and feels cheap. So it is rather expensive for a shirt. It also looks rather oversized on me, maybe because I'm skinny? So now it looks very casual for me. I paired it with denim shorts or a floral skirt. 

Does anyone else find leggings at forever21 to be quite pricey? They are at least $19 here and $13 online after conversion. Some of their leggings are really pretty though and I gotta say that their floral ones are always very nice! These would look great with graphic tees and boots like how the model is wearing it. I wouldn't really go with crop tops and leggings though unless you are wearing seamless underwear. Still, I think it would look weird at the crotch if you don't cover it with a long shirt or tunic. 

Picked up this kimono because it is relatively cheap but I didn't like how the model photos didn't show how it looked like with the kimono untied. It is actually still quite cute with or without the tie so this was a good buy. I love it so much paired with my iwearsin lace crop top and denim shorts plus my fringe bag from wetseal. What a perfect combination! I love how everything is so light and flowy as well because you don't want to be wearing so many layers during summer, do you. 

So, I don't really wear or use sunglasses, so I was kinda unsure about these but they turned out to be really pretty and they suit me so I'm good. The colours are not too vibrant, but just nice and the heart shaped accent at the corner of the shades are really cute too. A great pickup for summer to wear to the beach or pool! Just don't lose them!

The reason behind this buy is probably stupid, and maybe why I spend so much as well. Got this because I don't have any black graphic tees in my wardrobe. This top still feels quite cheap but I think it is better than the polaroid tee. 

Picked this up like a month ago when it was still festival season so it would have been great for that time but the fringe and daisies are still cute for spring and summer! The whole shirt is made of raw edges so it feels kinda fragile. The straps are quite thin as well. Again, the cotton is really bad but still wearable. The arm holes are actually quite big (I folded them in the picture) so they would be nice to wear with a patterned bralette or a caged top for that flirty peek-a-boo effect.

Well, needless to say, I'd get this dress because it has an open back which I can wear with my caged crop tops. The prints on these are super cute too. I was debating between this one and the watercolour daisy dress but I think the prints on these are way cuter so I didn't get the watercolour daisy one. This dress is made of rayon and well worth the money. It is very pretty and just the right size as well. Totally in love with the prints! 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

wetseal shopping haul 2

My wetseal packages this time consisted of lots of leggings, backless dresses and accessories. I actually ordered four separate packages in less than a month (><) and each package was always around <50USD, sometimes shared with a friend. I think Wet Seal is a great place to shop because they are constantly having promotions online and in store. The best part of it is that their sizes don't usually run out very fast! I am always very happy and surprised to find items in their sale section with XS or S still in stock and I grab them as fast as I can. Items definitely do not sell out as fast as forever 21 so that is also a plus. Although their prices look rather expensive, if you wait for them to have a promotion like 40% off storewide or even 50% off storewide, you'll definitely benefit. Their clearance is also usually an additional 50% off and can go up to an additional 70% off which is awesome. Believe me. 

Any how, on to my haul. The first of the packages was purchased when wetseal had a storewide 50% off (trendy tuesday). At that time, I was only eyeing these two backless dresses that usually costed $24.90 each. I shared the remaining of the basket with a friend. These dresses are like the brandy melville jadas so they've got an open back, perfect to be matched with caged bralettes. The great part of these dresses though, is the elasticised waist. I've only seen wetseal with the elastic waist for these dresses and I think they are great for skinny people like me because then I wouldn't have to worry about strangers peeking into my dress from behind. The elastic waist reduces the chances of embarrassing situations and makes me feel more confident to wear these dresses. So I love them to the max! I ordered them in XS and they do not have adjustable straps unlike what was stated in the description. They are made of cotton though and the length is good. 

Also got a pair of sunglasses (U.P $7.50) so everything costed me $28.65. The sunnies are a bit big and weird. I think it'd look better if they were smaller, like about the size of f21's wayfarers. 

Daisy Babydoll Dress $12.45 ($24.90)

Sunflower Babydoll Dress $12.45 ($24.90)

My next purchase was when Wet Seal had a storewide 40% off sale (FLOWER40 if you remember). I took this chance to purchase more backless dresses I was eyeing and some soft shorts since I had none in my wardrobe. Also, I think the system had issues so I got an additional $10 off my order! Everything costed me $50.80 after discount so I essentially had like 47% off my bill because of the additional $10 off. 

I thought this shirt was quite cute and sort of tumblr-ish. Wet Seal has tons of cute graphic shirts but they are just a bit pricey and not worth buying unless they have promotions. At 40% off, this shirt was more worth buying. It's like 10 bucks after discount. I've got to say, the quality of the shirt is really good and definitely better than f21's. It's silky smooth and very stretchy. 

I think this pair of shorts and the one below are my favourite soft shorts in their whole collection. 10 bucks for them is reasonable as they don't even come cheap in forever21. So, I decided to get a couple and XS fits me great. The elastic on the shorts do not stretch a lot though, so be careful when putting them on. I don't even think my waist needs the elastic band after I wear them. The shorts are super light and comfy. Perfect for those hot summer days. 

Daphne Tiered Floral Dress $29.90 (now $22.99)

I decided to get this because I saw that they had marked down the price and to my delight, my size was in stock! You can probably still find that they still have stock in XS and S for this dress now (maybe not in future if you are reading it a long time after I posted this). Also, it's currently under the clearance section which means an additional 50-60% off. It's quite long though. This one's made of rayon but I found it hard to put on because it is not stretchy and there is no zip. I swear I heard some snapping while struggling with it but I hope nothing happened. 

These shorts have got the same print as the dress above because they are under the 'Crush' collection. It's supposedly for some TV show? I'm not sure because I don't watch the show. I just know that these are cute. 

Floral Tiered Dress $24.90 (now $18.99)
Online Exclusive

While this is a pretty dress, it's not exactly a favourite. I got it because the price was discounted plus the 40% off. It's also quite long and bigger than the two cotton dresses earlier on. This one is made of chiffon and the straps are also not adjustable. Not quite sure how I feel about this dress. 

The third package were stuff from the clearance section that were on additional 60% off. I got two pairs of leggings and a fringe bag for a total of $17.60!

Bouquet Floral Leggings $14.90 (now $11.99)

Got them in XS....
After discount, they were slightly less than 5 bucks so I just had to. I don't really wear leggings very well but I've always found the prints on them to be really cute so I decided to just give these a try. 

Black and White Floral Leggings $14.90 (now $11.99)

These leggings are a one size fits all...
The prints are really cute and would match a simple white graphic tee with black boots like in the modelled picture. Couldn't give it a miss for less than 5 bucks!

Lace-Up Fringe Crossbody $19.99

Got this bag for a real steal! It was 8 bucks after discount so I couldn't say no to it. It is super cute and great for festival season or any casual day out! Really boho and chic as well. It's the first of its kind in my collection also since I normally buy satchel bags.

The final package consists mainly of accessories as they were on clearance 50% off. Almost all the prices have been marked down and given an additional discount so they are really good deals. I got a bunch of stuff and spent about $41 altogether. 

Floral Print iPhone 5 Wallet $8.90 (now $6.99)

You might be wondering what an iphone wallet is when you read the item title because I was curious. I had come across it several times while shopping on wet seal but never checked it out until now. It has a compartment for your phone on one side and card slots on the other side. When you snap the wallet shut, you can still access the screen from the transparent side of the wallet so you can still check notifications or answer calls easily. I thought this would be useful for me to use in school because we have to tap into our classrooms or lecture theatres so I could bring both my phone and card in a single wallet. Also great to use when I go out and take public transport. This would really lessen the number of things I hold in my hand. My current wallet is also similar anyway. It's a snap wallet but longer and thinner only. My only concern is that I will probably have to use a separate purse for coins. Also, I think I will have to stuff the wallet with more stuff so that my phone screen presses against the wallet. There is a lot of space in the wallet so if it is left empty, it can get hard to use your phone with the wallet. It comes in blue as well. 

Triple Pocket Crossbody $23.99

I got this bag in mint and in white because I couldn't decide between both colours. Also, 12 bucks for a bag is a real steal. As for the quality, it's not that great so I'm glad I got them on sale. The material is quite thin and flimsy so it may just tear anytime. This also makes the bag rather light though. This is a really cute bag for casual days or for school. It is not as big as you perceive it to be but it can fit quite a lot of things (or not since the material feels very thin). It can go well with any casual outfit as well! Pair them with your graphic tees, jeans and boots. 

Rubber Chain Rhinestone Watch $11.99

I don't really wear watches but since these were half off, I decided to just get them. I think this was my most disappointing purchase. While I like the face of the watch, I didn't like the strap. It was too thick and bulky. Wearing it also just involved stretching it to hoop your hand through. I don't think it was worth my 6 bucks at all. Damn.

This pack of 9 earring studs are so cute. I actually only like the flowers and anchors though. Well, they're only $3.49 after discount so they are reasonably cheap. 

Paris Button Earring $7.50 (now $5.99)

I only wanted the last row of earrings here. It always happens. I guess nothing can be too good when it comes to earrings. 

I hope I have tempted you to buy stuff from wet seal because they are really worth it. The discounts and promotions are great and if you are a shopaholic like me, you'll definitely feel satisfied, especially after knowing how much you saved. Forever 21 should learn a trick or two from them. I spent about $136 altogether at wetseal and got all these pretty things, so I think they are very worth it. You can't get such prices at forever 21 at all. I swear. 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

iwearsin haul & review

I was so excited to place my order for iwearsin on the 1st of May for all these pretty swing tops but who knew they would take so long to reach. I contemplated for the longest time to get them because they were quite pricey and I hadn't started working yet. In the end, I figured that I would get them first and owe myself money (which didn't work very well either).

So, I'll do the bad review first which is mainly their processing and shipping speed. I am super displeased with the time they took to process my order and ship it out. I placed the order on 1st May and the status was set to "Made to Order" since their Femme Fatale Crop Top is produced based on demand. On the 4th of May, the status changed to "in progress", which I have no idea of what it indicates. Then, on 7th of May, the status changed to "Delivered/Shipped". This was all found on my account page. I was emailed my tracking number which I then used on royal airmail's website to track my package. Apparently, they received my package on 6th of May and stated that the package was at their international mail centre and is being made ready for despatch overseas. This continued to be the status of my package for the next week and more. I got really pissed by then and spammed iwearsin with emails to express my displeasure but of course they weren't helpful. They only suggested that I upgrade to Fedex for an extra 15-20 USD which is plain ridiculous. My ig friends who get sponsored by them receive their packages so much faster. 

Finally, on the 16th May, I received my package. Each top was placed into a shiny plastic ziplock bag with a sin logo on it. I am actually quite sure that iwearsin has seen better days with way better packaging, but it's still okay because the packaging is still rather high quality as compared to many other stores.

On to the items that I ordered (from left to right),
I got 6 of them (buy 5 get 1 free) and they were 19USD (23SGD) each so that costed me quite a lot. Plus, shipping was 12SGD for sucky shipping service. I'm supposed to earn 6 loyalty points but they didn't reward me with it under my account, so I gotta resolve that with them..

As for quality & design, although some of the prints are rather unique, I wouldn't say they are very worth the price. I have a skirt in the same prints as the baby petals cropped top. I guess I could wear both of them and it would become a two piece dress. The baby petals and tiny sprinkles cropped tops are made of chiffon so they are quite thin and light. The others are made of cotton but are still very light so they are still good for summer. 

These tops go great with all sorts of highwaisted shorts, skirts and even jeans. They can also be layered over spaghetti strapped and low-cut dresses. Throw on a light cardigan to finish the look! I think the shape of these tops are also very flattering because the tip of it covers your belly but the sides are shorter to show off your waist/body shape. 

I'll be updating this post with my own outfit layouts and ways I styled them, so do check back again! 

This Femme Fatale Cropped Top was probably one of the reasons as to why my order took so long to process. It's a "Made to Order" item which means that iwearsin will only send an order to their factory to make this item when they receive an order on their side. The website says that they may take 7-14 days to process so I'm only a bit glad that they didn't take that long. This top is very pretty and should be in your cart if you plan to shop. It's very soft and delicate, and fully lined underneath. Pair these with some denim shorts or a nude skirt! 

The Pool of Daisies Cropped Tops is one of my favourites among all that I purchased. If you look closely, all those tiny spots are actually tiny daisies, hence the name. It is super cute but the straps for these are not adjustable. It's made of cotton, but not as thin and does not crease as easily as the daisy strapped one. I'd wear a cross bralette/peek-a-boo bralette underneath and a black skirt with this. 

I'm actually not too excited for this Dorothy Cropped Top and I'm not sure why I picked this instead of one of the aztec designs I was actually interested in as well. This one doesn't have adjustable straps as well and is made of a similar material to the pool of daisies cropped top so it does not crease as much as the daisy strapped crop top. I paired it with pastel pink shorts and a denim jacket. Otherwise, you can wear it with white shorts and a cream cardigan for a clean look. 

I have a skirt in the exact print as the Baby Petals Cropped Top. I probably should have taken a closer look at it before adding it to my cart. Oh well. I guess I can match both of them together for a two piece suit or pair this one with a red or pink skirt. This top is made of silky and light chiffon so it is good for those super hot days. 

The Tiny Sprinkles Cropped Top is also made of chiffon but it is rougher than the baby petals cropped top. I like the prints here more though. It is lined as well, but still very light so they are great for summer. I'd wear them with black skirts or shorts or dark denim shorts. If you feel like dressing up more, you could pair them with dark coloured highwaisted jeans. 

The Daisy Strapped Cropped Top is a really thin and light cotton material. It was rather creased when I took it out and made a layout, so bear with me. They can be easily removed by ironing. The softness of the fabric gives it a nice flow when worn though. The daisy straps give a simple basic piece an extra touch of cuteness and detail so they can still be worn with other simple and basic items like denim shorts or a coloured skirt. It can go with pretty much anything but I like to pair them with printed bottoms. 

I guess you'll be paying for the design should you choose to shop at iwearsin. The quality of the materials used are not exceptional for the price. Would I shop at iwearsin again? Maybe, if i find something that I really like. Otherwise, two weeks of waiting for my items is not very fun either..