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forever 21 shopping haul 2

Picked up a few of the items here on impulse because I figured I might as well try and max out the shipping for it. I shared it with a friend so I think I spent about 80 bucks here. Btw, if you are going to shop, use Ebates ! It gives you cashbacks for your shopping. (Put my email: as the referral please :)) Dreamland Polaroid Tee $14.80 The graphic on this is quite tumblr-ish and I don't have any short sleeved graphic crop tees in my closet so I decided to add this to my cart. Well, for the price, I think this shirt is not worth buying. The quality of the shirt isn't good at all. The cotton is soft but rather thin and feels cheap. So it is rather expensive for a shirt. It also looks rather oversized on me, maybe because I'm skinny? So now it looks very casual for me. I paired it with denim shorts or a floral skirt.  Wildflower Leggings $10.80 Does anyone else find leggings at forever21 to be quite pricey? They are

wetseal shopping haul 2

My wetseal packages this time consisted of lots of leggings, backless dresses and accessories. I actually ordered four separate packages in less than a month (><) and each package was always around <50USD, sometimes shared with a friend. I think Wet Seal is a great place to shop because they are constantly having promotions online and in store. The best part of it is that their sizes don't usually run out very fast! I am always very happy and surprised to find items in their sale section with XS or S still in stock and I grab them as fast as I can. Items definitely do not sell out as fast as forever 21 so that is also a plus. Although their prices look rather expensive, if you wait for them to have a promotion like 40% off storewide or even 50% off storewide, you'll definitely benefit. Their clearance is also usually an additional 50% off and can go up to an additional 70% off which is awesome. Believe me.  Any how, on to my haul. The first of the packages was

iwearsin haul & review

I was so excited to place my order for iwearsin on the 1st of May for all these pretty swing tops but who knew they would take so long to reach. I contemplated for the longest time to get them because they were quite pricey and I hadn't started working yet. In the end, I figured that I would get them first and owe myself money (which didn't work very well either). So, I'll do the bad review first which is mainly their processing and shipping speed. I am super displeased with the time they took to process my order and ship it out. I placed the order on 1st May and the status was set to "Made to Order" since their Femme Fatale Crop Top is produced based on demand. On the 4th of May, the status changed to "in progress", which I have no idea of what it indicates. Then, on 7th of May, the status changed to "Delivered/Shipped". This was all found on my account page. I was emailed my tracking number which I then used on royal airmail's websi