Sunday, May 25, 2014

forever 21 shopping haul 2

Picked up a few of the items here on impulse because I figured I might as well try and max out the shipping for it. I shared it with a friend so I think I spent about 80 bucks here. Btw, if you are going to shop, use Ebates! It gives you cashbacks for your shopping. (Put my email: as the referral please :))

The graphic on this is quite tumblr-ish and I don't have any short sleeved graphic crop tees in my closet so I decided to add this to my cart. Well, for the price, I think this shirt is not worth buying. The quality of the shirt isn't good at all. The cotton is soft but rather thin and feels cheap. So it is rather expensive for a shirt. It also looks rather oversized on me, maybe because I'm skinny? So now it looks very casual for me. I paired it with denim shorts or a floral skirt. 

Does anyone else find leggings at forever21 to be quite pricey? They are at least $19 here and $13 online after conversion. Some of their leggings are really pretty though and I gotta say that their floral ones are always very nice! These would look great with graphic tees and boots like how the model is wearing it. I wouldn't really go with crop tops and leggings though unless you are wearing seamless underwear. Still, I think it would look weird at the crotch if you don't cover it with a long shirt or tunic. 

Picked up this kimono because it is relatively cheap but I didn't like how the model photos didn't show how it looked like with the kimono untied. It is actually still quite cute with or without the tie so this was a good buy. I love it so much paired with my iwearsin lace crop top and denim shorts plus my fringe bag from wetseal. What a perfect combination! I love how everything is so light and flowy as well because you don't want to be wearing so many layers during summer, do you. 

So, I don't really wear or use sunglasses, so I was kinda unsure about these but they turned out to be really pretty and they suit me so I'm good. The colours are not too vibrant, but just nice and the heart shaped accent at the corner of the shades are really cute too. A great pickup for summer to wear to the beach or pool! Just don't lose them!

The reason behind this buy is probably stupid, and maybe why I spend so much as well. Got this because I don't have any black graphic tees in my wardrobe. This top still feels quite cheap but I think it is better than the polaroid tee. 

Picked this up like a month ago when it was still festival season so it would have been great for that time but the fringe and daisies are still cute for spring and summer! The whole shirt is made of raw edges so it feels kinda fragile. The straps are quite thin as well. Again, the cotton is really bad but still wearable. The arm holes are actually quite big (I folded them in the picture) so they would be nice to wear with a patterned bralette or a caged top for that flirty peek-a-boo effect.

Well, needless to say, I'd get this dress because it has an open back which I can wear with my caged crop tops. The prints on these are super cute too. I was debating between this one and the watercolour daisy dress but I think the prints on these are way cuter so I didn't get the watercolour daisy one. This dress is made of rayon and well worth the money. It is very pretty and just the right size as well. Totally in love with the prints!