Saturday, May 10, 2014

ootd: caged bralettes

I finally found these caged crop tops in black and white in our local forever 21 store! Got them at Somerset 313 today for $17 each. It's super expensive but I guess I wouldn't be able to get them cheap anywhere else other than f21 online. It totally sucks that I have to pay so much for them but they go really well with backless tops and dresses. So here is my collection of caged crop tops from forever 21. Did a few outfit layouts with them to serve as outfit ideas. They can be worn on their own, with a cardigan, or with a backless smock dress.
There are lots of online stores selling these brandy melville jada dupe dress and forever 21 has had a few. I think those at f21 or wetseal are the cheapest they can get so you should definitely get them when you see them online. Otherwise, love culture and some storenvy shops have pretty cute and unique designs as well. Not only are the backs pretty and flirty, the front of the dress has a nice shape as well! It would go well with a cardigan or a sweater over. 
You could also wear them with a graphic tee with huge arm holes to show off the cage part and the patterns if you choose a patterned crop top. 
Otherwise, wear them on their own or under a sweater. Not sure if the people in singapore would approve of such fashion though. 
I'll be keeping them to wear with a bunch of babydoll dresses I bought. I should be receiving them in the weeks to come and I can't wait for my new clothes! Gotta make some room for them in my closet too.