Wednesday, June 11, 2014

forever 21 shopping haul 3

I got 10 items from f21 this time and spent about a hundred bucks. It seems like I can't keep off forever 21 for too long even though their items are not very cheap (as compared to wet seal). Forever 21 doesn't hold too many sales though, so I just get them anyway because they'd run out of smalls pretty fast otherwise and I'd regret it. 

In other news, I won the big 3-0 instagram challenge from F21 so I have a $1200 gift card now! I look forward to spending it and I highly doubt that will last me a year. 

I still do not know when f21 decides to add new arrivals to their store so I tend to check back every day and add more stuff to my cart. Um, so this is the result...

Fell in love with this top the moment I saw it. I loved how the model paired it with a crochet innerwear as well. Until I get my hands on some, I'd probably just pair them with a white bralette or caged bralette. It is super light and translucent to give that flirty look. Pair it with some denim shorts and you're good to go! 

Well, not that I usually wear sunnies, but these looked quite nice and reasonably priced so I just added them to my cart. My face shape also allows me to wear all sorts of sunnies so that is great. The lenses are quite big though. These are probably best for boho or festival looks though. Pair it with a big floppy hat and some loose batwing sleeves or things with crochet/lace or fringe.

I got a similar kimono in my previous haul but I got this too because I liked the prints as well. Again, I didn't like that f21 didn't show how the kimono looked without being tied up so I hesitated about this one for a long long time but it turned out to be really pretty and I'm in love with it. I'd get 10 of it if it were possible. This kimono is super lightweight though and it is the perfect cover up for crop tops or beach wear. 

This cami has actually been on their online store for a rather long time already. I'm quite surprised not many people have purchased it (because I found it in my size). The prints are adorable and the strappy back is so cute as well! I plan to wear it with my peek-a-boo bralette because the front is quite low cut. 

I thought these shorts were rather pricey and they have had nicer ones for cheaper previously. When it comes to shorts at f21, I'm always worried about the size. F21's shorts tend to be big on me. Thankfully, there was an XS for this so I got that and it fit me well. The material's a bit stiff and it sticks out at the sides like in the photo but the prints are really cute. I thought it'd go well with the top I also got below. 

A basic piece but I don't own any plain cream tops so I decided to get this. It would also go well with the shorts above and give a cute and casual look. 

I thought this shirt was cool. I liked the daisy photo and the words so, why not? It's pretty unique as well. It's supposedly labelled as 'burnout' which means that it has been specially weathered to give it a rugged and worn look but apart from feeling super soft and having raw edges, I don't really know what that is supposed to mean.

Yes, I am all about collecting these dresses so I definitely got this! The prints are so pretty! I wouldn't even have minded if the back wasn't open because it would still be a perfect summer dress! So lightweight and with the perfect swing~

I've been searching for a crossback dress for a long time now. Though the measurements for these are a little big they actually fit quite well, so I don't think their measurements are accurate. The dress is very long though.. They have a plain crossback dress in their store as well and those have much better measurements. ugh. 

A simple necklace that I'm really glad I got. I wish the chain was gold but black looks nice as well. Plus, for a dollar, I think it's the cheapest something can get at f21.