Wednesday, June 18, 2014

forever21 shopping haul 4

I finally received my forever 21 gift card prize from the 30th anniversary instagram challenge. I paid 24 bucks to ship it back to singapore though. The gift cards were split into 500, 500 and 200 dollars each and it also came with a cute little necklace. No idea why forever 21 likes to use huge ass boxes like this though. 

So the moment I got them, I immediately used up the 200 dollar gift card. I got 19 items for $199.98 altogether (after 10% discount). 

This is a cute tank top with an interesting back. It's got a little slit and overlap at the back, hence the 'tulip'. The graphic is nice too. 

As usual, I was hesitant about these shorts in case they were too big for me. I got them in XS and they are still a bit big. It rests slightly below my belly button but they can be worn higher if the waist band was smaller. Not a big fan of the cutting and shape of these shorts. 

I didn't know these were from the men's section till I got them. They totally look like raybans but they are less than $4! Since they are wayfarers, they are unisex and still the same size as the wayfarers from the women's section. Got these because basic is always good. 

No real reason as to why I got this. I don't even use cosmetics or carry along any. So far, what I've done with them is store my sunglasses in them because this bag is quite big. It feels cheaply made and printed though and definitely looks nicer in pictures. 

I've waited a long time for these sunglasses and although the lenses are not in my desired colour, I'm still very happy I finally got them. I've been wanting heart shaped sunglasses for the longest time. I know UO has them for 16 bucks but since I shop so much at f21, I figured I might as well buy from them. I am super happy with them. I wanted to collect all the heart shaped sunnies they had but I always missed them. These were super cute and I'm glad they look good on me as well. 

These tank tops are very basic but super pretty! I wanted them in white but they ran out of smalls by the time I got my gift card. They still have many other colours though! I got it in taupe and beige since they didn't have any more whites. The length is also perfect since it is not too cropped and not too long and the material of the tank tops are really soft and comfy as well. They'd go great with soft casual shorts! 

These shorts are super cute because of the tulip cutting! I bought them because they curve upwards at the thighs to show more sexy legs. 

I've always wanted this dress but 22.80 for it is just too expensive. Plus the material is so light and sheer! Even their backless dresses go for 15.80 only. I don't know why this one is priced so high. The prints are really cute though and I do love the cut and look of it so I took this chance to get this dress! I'd pair it with the peek-a-boo bralette like the model wore and wear some safety shorts underneath as well since the dress is sheer. 

This skirt had many good reviews and I can't believe I didn't see this skirt earlier while browsing the store so many times. It is quite an old design. The measurements also looked like they would fit me unlike their newer items. The material is silky and smooth, quite like a swim suit's material but I don't mind. I actually quite like it. I got it in white but the black one looks pretty as well. I might get that too. 

I took my chances with these shorts and I love them! They are a tiny bit big but they still fit me very well. The colour is pretty though and it's my first acid washed shorts. It came wrapped in a bundle (no idea why) and I was so happy when I saw that the shorts were small in size and not huge like the previous denim shorts that I got. These have a button fly which can be a hassle but I'm not complaining since I found a pair of cute denim cutoffs from f21. For the price, I think it is a must-buy!

Got this one because of the good reviews. I'm not a big fan of the prints but there aren't any nicer kimonos online at the moment. 

Because I am loving wayfarers. Impulse buy?

This skirt is a bit big for me, unfortunately. The material feels very thin and flimsy as well. It has a stretchable waist at the back but I can't get it up high waist as the sizing runs big. The prints also don't seem to look as pretty than in the picture. 

Can you believe this jacket is only 15 dollars?? The reviews were all so positive as well! I'm so glad that I looked through the jackets section for this! It's so worth it! I'm thinking they restocked this in Small only because that is the only size available. 

Yeah, I probably have a million graphic tees with 'love' in them or are about 'love'. So this is one more to the collection. 

Like how the model wore it in the first photo, this is cute for layering over a low cut tank top or slip dress! It would also be pretty for a translucent top like in my previous haul. This is not padded at all. 

I've been looking for a similar cardigan as this one after seeing one at debshops' sales section. Some how, I never could bring myself to check out my cart at debshops. So, I'm glad I found this and although it is quite pricey, I think it is cute and seriously comfy. It's got batwing sleeves and they are full length so I guess that's why it looks like a shawl. Also, it is quite light so it is a dream to wear.