Sunday, July 13, 2014

debshops shopping haul

Today's post will be on a little haul I got from debshops, something different from the usual stores that I patronise. I've actually gone onto their site on several occasions and stuffed my cart but never checked it out because I'm not really mad about the items. Firstly, the models don't look good in the clothes and secondly, they don't style their items very nicely, so it is not appealing to me at all. I only decided to buy these items after seeing them on instagram. They really need to change their stylist and models if they wanna appeal to more girls. Also, free shipping on $60 is way too high. 

So these took a long time to arrive at my US forwarder as well. Around 9 business days so that was a long long wait. I got a grey cardigan, floral fringe kimono, daisy bustier top, hello friday tank top, floral headband, cut out boots, lace crop top and a criss cross peekaboo bralette. I've styled some of the items already and here they are!

Daisy Bustier Crop Top, Marled Cocoon Cardigan, Cut-out Boots

I haven't tried on the top yet but everything looks good so far. It's got a zipped front and hookeye closure, adjustable straps and a padded bust. It is also made of a nice thick stretchy material so I'm thinking it will hug and fit my body nicely. 

The cut-out boots are my absolute favourite purchase here. In fact, I bought all these things because of the shoes. They were less than 20 dollars but that excluded international shipping. They are so worth it though. They fit true to size and are super comfortable to walk in. I don't even think I will need to break into these shoes because they are so comfy! I definitely need them in more colours. 

The cardigan is similar to the one I got from forever 21 but much cheaper. I think it was around 7 bucks because it was on sale. It goes slightly below my knees, which you can see in a picture above. They are actually full length sleeves but I pulled them up higher over here for another look. They've got bat winged sleeves as well and it is just super soft and cozy to wear everyday. I'm just afraid it might catch onto something and snag. 

Hello Friday Tank Top

I need to try out this tank top soon because the cutting looks quite low. I probably have to sew up the straps or tie it up. I guess this graphic tee is reserved for TGIF school days. 

Floral Fringe Lace Kimono

I was hesitant about the kimono at first because it looked hideous on the model and how she wore it. So here is how I styled it with a crop top and woven shorts. A little bit of lace and fringe gives off a boho vibe. The entire kimono is made of lace with florals printed on so it is quite light and very comfortable to wear. It turned out to look a lot nicer in person and is actually distributed from almost famous clothing. 

So, I just placed another order at debshops recently. I hope those items do not disappoint me.