Sunday, July 20, 2014

forever 21 shopping haul 7

Got a few things right after my previous haul and I just realized that all these consist of florals and lace! 

Cropped Lace Cami $11.80
This is much pinker in person and I don't really fancy that. It is still cute and kinda reminds me of iwearsin tops so I guess I will still wear it. I received a defective piece though but it is nothing major. They just sewed one of the straps wrongly so it is twisted. 

I like the halter cut of this and the nice pink colour that it came in. It is sorta cropped. I was expecting it to be much longer but I'm glad it isn't. This can totally match the white rose skirt I got below. 

Free Spirit Flounced Crop Top $8.80
I got this because it reminded me of iwearsin's swing tops and I was also quite surprised that these were still around in smalls and all. They are so cute! It is such a steal if you want a basic floral top. 

Floral Lace Crop Top $6.80
I'm not so sure why I got this now. It is cute with the lace trims and all but there's also nothing to gush over. Oops. 

Unfocused Rose Print Skirt $8.80
I am loving the prints of this skirt and the material! Though they describe it as 'unfocused', the prints are not blur in my opinion. They look kinda normal but the roses are so pretty! I'd pair them with white lace tops or pink tops. 

Crochet Trimmed Floral Shorts $14.80
Fell in love with the lace trims at first sight! They are cute to wear too. It has an elastic back but they sit nice and high waisted on me, which is great. 
Floral Scuba Knit Skirt $12.80
Loving the rose prints here as well. They are a little bigger than the white ones above and they sit a tad loosely above my waist. It's kinda sad because I really like these a lot. 
Floral Bow Hair Elastic $1.80
I used to wear a hair bow elastic to school everyday because we had to tie our hair. I think this is a cute addition to my collection and I can use it for work now as well since I have to tie up my hair again. The prints are adorable. 

That's all for this haul but I have another haul post coming right up!