Friday, July 18, 2014

forever21 shopping haul 6

Well, I am currently feeling quite exhausted from unpacking my haul packages and squeezing them into my closet so here's a brief review of the items I got this time. I'll be doing layouts for them soon so do check back! 

Fringed Open Knit Tank $19.80
I'm totally in love with this piece after seeing it in person. It's sorta like crochet, hence the price. It's not very long, although it seems kinda long in the picture. 

Floral Print Circle Skirt $8.80
This is so much cuter in person! The floral prints have quite a vintage vibe to it and I'd actually pair them with lace or with a comfy sweater. Quality wise, it is made of typical cotton, which is a bit stiff at first but it's fine once you shake the skirt a bit. The elastic waist band is good and stretchy and does not flip around within the fabric. 

Tiered Floral Smock Dress $19.80
This dress isn't worth the price but the back details are kinda interesting. 

Basic Skater Skirt $5.80
Because they restocked it in black, so I just had to get it. 

Lace Edge Denim Cutoffs $19.80
Yes! I am so happy with this pair of shorts because they fit me so well and snugly! It's not the best fit though but it still fits better than some of the shorts that they have so I'm super happy. I bought this pretty much because of the lace details which add a cute vibe to the overall look of the shorts. They are totally exact to picture as well. I love the rugged way the model styled it and everything is just beautiful in front and back. I highly recommend getting this pair of shorts if you usually have problems getting f21's shorts to fit you. 
Ruffled Floral Woven Shorts $10.80
I love the cutting and look of these shorts. They are kinda like the brandy melville vodi shorts but they are quite short and thin at the same time, so I'm not sure if I will wear them out. I have so many other alternatives after all :O 
Metal Trim Sandals $22.80
These are quite comfy because the insoles are a tad padded but I'm worried about slipping because the soles of the shoes are completely flat and smooth and that shocked me a lot. You can see the reflection from the gold plate in my picture. I have no idea how these will fare on smooth marble floors of shopping malls. Other than that, these are totally cute. The ankles are a bit big for me though. 

Cutout Crossback Floral Dress $13.80
The print and the crossback. Mhmm. The colours are so vibrant. Pink and black is like one of my favourite combinations. It's the same cut as the crossback floral dress I posted previously but I think this is way prettier. 

Goddess Rose Longline Kimono $22.80
I had initially liked this a lot because of the fringe but now that I've received it, I'm not sure if I'm feeling it. The roses are so huge, they might not be suitable for me. Roses are risky. They can be sweet and pretty but at the same time, they can get mature. The kimono is really soft and silky to the touch though. I still think it is rather pricey though. 
I think these are insanely cute. They fit true to size but I will probably need to stretch it out a bit to fit me. Also, putting it on and taking it off might become quite a hassle since there are three buckles to deal with. Other than that, I might consider getting the brown one too. The straps are really soft so they do not dig into my skin. My only qualm is that the shoe feels really hard and stiff to walk and stand in. I don't really get the sandal trend :/ 
Classic Ankle Strap Sandals $12.80
These are very flat and hard to stand in as well. The ankle straps are completely flimsy but they are cute. The straps do not dig into my feet when I walk. I don't suppose they will last long though. Definitely not for lots of walking or for days when you will be doing a lot of standing. 
Loved the white one I got previously so I came back for the black ones too. They just restocked on all the other colours so you should definitely check it out and get some. I'm eyeing the burgundy and grey. 

Cloud Washed Distressed Cutoffs $17.80
I got these previously in acid wash and loved them so much, I came back for the light wash. They actually look like a normal pair of denim jeans that have been sprayed with bleach, so they are not exactly like the photo. They are still cute and if you have difficulty finding small shorts in f21, these are good to get as well. They've got a full button fly so that may be a hassle to take on and off each time. 
I haven't tried this out yet but the packaging is seriously cute. The box that came with it was so pretty and classy. It is exactly as shown on the website. I haven't done a swatch with it yet as well because I want to keep it new first. It's got a shelf life of like 5 years! The colour does look pretty and quite pigmented as well.

I'm surprised these are still around because sunflower prints are trending this summer. I don't really have any sunflower prints in my closet so I got this! It looks and feels great and makes me happy too. 
Eternal Love Cropped Top $10.80
Sat on this one for a long long time because I didn't exactly like the way they styled it but it is so much cuter in person. It's also of really good quality. It's not thin like most of their crop tops. Pretty basic but I'd recommend.