Tuesday, July 22, 2014

iwearsin haul 2

If you've read my first iwearsin review, you'd know that I said that their stuff are quite pricey and that I had to wait a long long time to receive my package. Well, when trying to place my order for these, I experienced many problems with their website. There was once when their voucher could not be applied to my cart and then the system couldn't recognise Singapore as a shipping destination. So, I emailed their customer service and was asked to place an email order, which I did. They sent me a paypal payment request and I paid for the items. They also told me that they would send my package out via USPS directly from the US so that it would take a faster time to reach me. 

So, I waited. I made payment near the start of the month, but my account was updated to reflect my order only on the 7 July. I was told that the order processing was slow because of Independence Day so I continued to wait. After two weeks since my payment, I asked them about my order again and they apologised for making me wait. Moreover, they refunded me the full amount for my order and told me that they were giving me the items to make up for the long wait! That made me super happy, of course. I was also glad to know that my order was moving and that it was being shipped via Fedex International Priority. So, I received my items on Friday, 18 July and I can't wait to style all my new tops!

I got this shirt during the Independence Day sale so it was around 10bucks for it. I had been eyeing it for awhile since I saw it styled on Instagram and it has such hipster vibes. They have a couple of other cool graphic tees but they are out of sizes, unfortunately, so I had to settle for this one. Pair them with denim cutoffs and a flannel plus boots or sneakers and you'll be a total hipster for a day. Haters gonna hate, hipsters gonna be dissing but whatever. 
I actually thought this looked odd at first, but it's actually quite cute. The veil portion is like gauze. It's kinda stiff and furry unlike lace that is smooth and soft. This gives the top a unique shape that is all sorts of cool and casual. 
This one reminds me of the pool of daisies cropped top but the daisies here are bigger. I paired them with cute little pom pom shorts which just makes everything look cuter! The top feels like it's made of rayon, so it's very flowy and soft. 
Totally fell in love with this at first sight when iwearsin posted it on instagram so I rushed over to their website to check it out. I love ditsy floral prints like this so I just couldn't resist it. The layered look also adds to the swing and fun-ness of the top! It's made of cotton, which doesn't really feel too good. It's a tad stiff (and reminds me of my daiso fabric) and unlike the material of the crop tops I bought previously. 
This one is kinda similar to the one above. It is also made of stiff cotton so I had a hard time laying it out and trying to get the shape right. The prints are still cute though. 
This is a basic black crop top with a ruched front. I got it during the independence day sale as well so it was rather cheap. It would go well with all my printed bottoms since I kinda lack basic pieces in my closet. 

I love my iwearsin tops so much. I always end up wearing them out instead of all my other clothes because they are so suitable for summer at the moment. Do check out their summer sale now! Items are going at 3 for $30!