Friday, July 25, 2014

necessary clothing haul

I stumbled upon Necessary Clothing, which is a boutique located in New York, while watching youtube videos of laurdiy's hauls. She picked quite a few nice things so I checked out their website. They offer free domestic shipping on orders over 75USD and international shipping is at a flat rate of $20. I went to their sales section to see if I could snap some good deals and I did! I found two pairs of shoes and three tops and then I figured I'd just pay for international shipping since there were shoes involved and the shipping fee isn't exorbitantly high. 

Left: Karlie Cutout Boots | Right: Karlie Cutout Sandals
Both these pair of shoes were $16 each and I got them in size 7 but I think I could have fit in a 6.5 because I can still stick a finger in after wearing. They come with a zipper at the back for easy wearing and adjustable buckles. They are cute but I'm not sure if the toe is too pointy for my liking. What do you think of them? The boots cut my feet at the cut-out parts at the moment but I'm not sure if they still will after I break them in. The sandals are pretty comfy. Both shoes also do not seem to have much friction at the soles, which may become a problem. 

I picked out this tunic because it looked so dainty and pretty. It's got some cute embroidery design at the front and a tie-up back. So the whole top is totally adjustable and so it fit me pretty well. The hem is also super pretty and kinda looks like a pixie dress. I couldn't fit shorts into my layout but they are too short to wear as a dress. This one costed me $16 as well. It's on the expensive side but I love it very much. I'd say it is worth every penny. 

This tank was only $6 and it has tumblr vibes to it. The graphic is super pretty with all the sunflowers and caption. It also has a low back so you can pair it with caged back tops or bralettes with interesting strappy backs. It is also super soft so I'm loving it.

The last thing I got is this "Love" crop top for only $2.99. I was so surprised to still find it in my size so I just had to get it. It is quite soft as well and would go well with shorts and sneaks. 

If I hadn't gotten the shoes, I would have shipped it to my hopshopgo because the clothes are really lightweight. The bulk of the weight went into the shoes. Anyway, they delivered via DHL Express so I received my package quite fast. I placed the order on monday night which is their monday morning, and it was processed and shipped in like 2 hours? DHL delivered to me on Thursday noon. It came in a rather big box, so I don't feel so bad about paying 20 bucks for shipping.