Saturday, July 12, 2014

wetseal shopping haul 3

I actually got these things quite some time ago (almost a month?) so some of the items have already gone out of stock. Well, I had to wait because I was getting my dad to pay for the shipping back hehe. This haul actually consists of two separate shopping trips but they both costed me around 40 bucks altogether. 

I picked up the following items at the clearance section when they were on 60% off. 

Wasn't too sure about this skirt but it amounted to 4 dollars after discount so I just checked it out. Though I am not too pleased about the print, I do think that it is a cute skirt and the quality is also really good. Plus, it is made in the USA! The material is soft and thick and I really like that part of it. However, I have a bunch of incoming floral skater skirts so I might not keep this. 

Is It Payday Yet Tank

I've loved this tank since I saw it in the new arrivals so I was super happy to find it in the clearance with my size. It seriously describes all that I'm feeling nowadays that I'm working and earning a pathetic sum that interns are paid. I can't support my shopping at all. 

Do these look white in the photos? Yes they do. However, they are actually a light denim colour. I got this in a size 0 and it fits me fine so I'm glad. It is a really cute piece and it is the first overall shorts in my closet! I think I paid less than 10 bucks for this and the quality of the item is really good! From the denim to the buttons and fasteners to the cutting and fit. So pleased with this item. 

Ditsy Floral Slip Dress

I was hesitant with this one as well because it didn't look like it had a lot of flare but at the same time, I liked the low back which I can pair with caged bralettes. It is a tad long and it seems like a really long tank top in my opinion. I guess I'll be putting this up for sale. 

Got this on a whim because I have a thing for flamingoes. I saw this shirt on debshops shortly after that and it is a bit cheaper there. The back has an interesting sheer detail. 

 I would have gotten this in black if they still had my size but this colour is not bad... it's just a bit more intense than I had expected. I like the swing and flare of it as well as the low back and the inner lining. The label is also cutely made as it is a tied up bow but it can get annoying if it keeps popping out of the shirt. 

I got the rest of these items at 5 for $20. Well, they ran out of one item so I actually paid around 12.50 or 13.50 for four of them. 

I was expecting better quality from wetseal but this top just feels really cheap and thin average cotton. It's not sheer and translucent thin but not as thick as I'd hoped it would be.  I got it in black and white to serve as basic pieces to wear with printed bottoms. They are cute but I hope they last long. 

Same thing for these caged bralettes. I got them in grey and maroon but as compared to the forever21 ones, these are just cheaply made. The f21 ones are thick and smooth compared to these which feel like cheap soft cotton. They are not padded but these really require some sort of padding to go with them.