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tiny tea teatox (14 days) body range

Tea Detox has been quite the rage as of late. I have seen multiple advertisements of it from various brands, all of which boasts its ability to help you lose weight. Well, I definitely do not need to lose weight but there are many other benefits to this tea that I have received from the generous yourtea .  The packaging of the product is super pretty and reading the product description really establishes a warm relationship with you and the tea already. I was given this tiny tea from their body range and it comes with 42 tea bags to be taken 3 times a day, 30 minutes before or after each meal.  YourTea  is all about keeping you healthy! Here is how their mantra goes: Here at Your Tea, we are all about nourishing the body, mind and spirit... with tea. We aim for our blends to nurture your insides, revitalise your energy and please you aesthetically. Created by Aussies and loved worldwide, our organic fusions will soothe the soul and massage your palette. We believe everyone s

forever 21 shopping haul 9

This shopping haul is going to comprise of some of the stuff I got recently and a bunch of stuff I got two months ago but took forever to arrive because I had to ship it via sea freight. I ordered 4 pairs of shoes back then because they were on BOGO sale so that's like 15 bucks per pair and the quality of the shoes are great! They came in shoeboxes and I used vpost for them so I didn't have a repack option. The volumetric weight was crazy so my dad decided to use sea freight for them and that took mega long to ship. So let's look at the stuff I got recently first so that you can grab them quickly if you like them.  Over here, I have the Open Knit Shawl Cardigan , Crossback Crochet Crop Top , Rose Print Tulip Shorts , Hammered Elements Pendent Necklace and Metal Trim Sandals . You've seen the sandals before and they are great. The necklace is new and is actually part of the sea freight haul. It is quite heavy but makes a great statement. The crochet top is super p

debshops shopping haul 3

I'm going to start of this post with something quite irrelevant but I'm so happy that debshops packed my 2 shoeboxes in a polybag because I was only charged for the total actual weight of my package instead of it's mega huge volumetric weight, so that saved me lots of money. Anyway, I got this haul mainly because of the cutout boots that I really really wanted. It's so pretty and they were all out of my size on other websites. More on that later!   The first thing featured here is this babydoll top that is actually quite like a brandy melville dress because it has an open back with the strap as well, just that it is super short. It's meant to be a tunic but I will probably just wear short shorts underneath and pretend it's a dress. Anyway, this was on $5 sale.    The embroided babydoll top here was also on $5 sale. It's quite pretty with that little flare at the bottom and subtle details at the chest.    The daisy trim top here is also $5 and is qu

wetseal shopping haul 5

I spent about $60 on this haul which is reasonably cheap for everything in my opinion. All the tops were half off and the jackets and accessories were an additional 60% off at clearance which was a really good deal.  This twill anorak jacket was only $10 after discount. Plus it is really good and well made. It is currently my favourite utility jacket in my closet. I am quite sure they added this into their clearance one fine day because I have never seen it prior to the day I shopped. I thank my lucky stars for finding this perfect jacket. I like the zip + button closure and how structured and fitting it is. The waist is not adjustable but that is fine.  The other new thing here is the beanie that is less than $5. It actually has a golden plated batman logo on it but that really feels very cheaply made and attached on. I got it because I liked batman and I didn't mind trying out beanies for the price of 5 bucks.  This has got to be the coolest boho top that I have