Saturday, August 9, 2014

21st birthday

Here's a post that is different from what I've been posting lately. I have done a ton of haul posts and no diy or nail art because I have been so busy with my summer job at Universal Studios so I shall post something different today. 

I recently turned 21 and I had such a fun time celebrating with my friends and family. I didn't ask for any presents but to receive some always feels great. I got a floral crown from one of my Insta friends and it was totally handmade and shipped all the way from the US. She also made a card and wrote a super sweet message which really made my day. Seriously the sweetest thing anyone could have done :')
The first day of celebrations was spent with my JC classmates. We went for a karaoke session at some alumni club house. I'm not sure either. I just know that it's called Teo Heng and it is near Buona Vista and it is super cheap. I think 3 hours for a room that could fit all of us (9-10) was only $36. They had the typical selection of common songs and all. We smuggled in McDonalds because there didn't seem to be food there, or maybe expensive food. Then, we went to Star Vista to chill for awhile more before everyone dispersed and I went off to town to meet my family for dinner.

I chose to spend my birthday dinner at The Marmalade Pantry at Ion Orchard. It is on level 3, right smack in the middle of the floor. You can't miss it because it is just a in-your-way kind of location. Anyway, I chose this place because I had eaten there twice already and I liked it very much. Plus, their cakes are awesome. They are so huge and of great value for the price.
I ordered Spicy Chili Crab Linguine this time and so did my parents + sister. The crab meat is mixed with the sauce and you can choose to have it non-spicy or less spicy. I got it in less spicy and it was quite un-spicy imo. It was super delicious though. My dad liked it a lot too. I think this was $22. 
Then, because it was my birthday and we had a nice waiter called Ken, we were given drinks on the house. I ordered a Cosmopolitan and convinced my brother to get a Lychee martini with me. I thought it was super sweet of the waiter to ask around in order for us to enjoy these drinks. My mum loved her Caramel Latte as well because it was not too sweet and the caramel was not too strong. It was really the perfect balance and very light. The drinks were not cheap either so we were all very happy. 
The meal is not complete without cakes! Marmalade Pantry has a decent variety of cakes and cupcakes to choose from. Cupcakes are $4.80 and cakes are $8 per slice or $70 for a whole cake. You should seriously look at the size of the cakes in person if you haven't. They are huge and they are so good. The best cake would be the Chocolate Fudge cake (bottom of the picture). It was literally pure chocolate heaven. Request for it to be heated up as well so that the chocolate sauce would melt and it would be like chocolate lava cake but even better because their cake is just soooo good! I would eat it every day if I could. My sister wanted to try out the Lemon Meringue but it was such a pity that she didn't finish it because it was nice and light as well. I was feeling too full to finish it for her. My dad got a Cloud Nine cupcake which is coconut and vanilla flavoured. Then, we had 2 Smores cupcakes to bring home because we were all so full. Looking at all this food is making me hungry again though.
My second day of celebration was spent with my Uni friends. They are seriously the best. They got me a Pandora bracelet, so I'm on the pandora bandwagon now. We ate at Concetto by Saveur at The Cathay. I ordered a Salmon and it was really just a piece of salmon with some peas, but the peas were nice and sweet. Then they gave us a complimentary Duck Confit but I don't even like duck. 
Then we went to play laser tag!! I've been wanting to play laser tag for ages now. Like when Barney from HIMYM always wants to play laser tag and his friends think it's a lame game, I'm like noooo, I'd play laser tag with Barney any time.
The equipment is quite cool. We played 3 missions and that costed us $36 each because it was a Sunday. It's $30 for Mon-Thurs and non-public holidays. The first round was a free-for-all style so you could just shoot anyone and I got 2nd hehe. It was fun because there were a total of 14 out of a maximum of 18 people in the arena. The next two rounds weren't so fun because we played as a team of 5 against another team of 4, when there was room for a third team. The second round was capture the flag and the last was to collect points. 

After that we went searching for a place to play LAN/computer games together but there wasn't any nice place so we went back to Cathay to play at St Games. I ended up playing Fifa with the guys. Then, we had dinner at Tim Ho Wan which is my first time there. 
I really had an enjoyable weekend thanks to these bunch of people. Looking forward to meeting up with them again!