Saturday, August 16, 2014

debshops shopping haul 3

I'm going to start of this post with something quite irrelevant but I'm so happy that debshops packed my 2 shoeboxes in a polybag because I was only charged for the total actual weight of my package instead of it's mega huge volumetric weight, so that saved me lots of money. Anyway, I got this haul mainly because of the cutout boots that I really really wanted. It's so pretty and they were all out of my size on other websites. More on that later!
 The first thing featured here is this babydoll top that is actually quite like a brandy melville dress because it has an open back with the strap as well, just that it is super short. It's meant to be a tunic but I will probably just wear short shorts underneath and pretend it's a dress. Anyway, this was on $5 sale. 
 The embroided babydoll top here was also on $5 sale. It's quite pretty with that little flare at the bottom and subtle details at the chest. 
 The daisy trim top here is also $5 and is quite similar to my iwearsin top but I got it to fill up my cart to hit free shipping. 
This pineapple graphic top was something that I have been eyeing also although it is actually quite long and I'd wear it with leggings or something. The pineapple's sunnies are glittery and the glitter kinda gets everywhere though. It also looks screen printed so I'm glad I didn't pay anything more than $5 for it. 
Now, for the shoe that I have been obsessing about! This is it! It's by Qupid shoes and I got it for $30 which is 25% off it's usual price on debshops. It has a 3" heel height which is still okay for walking. I got it in size 7 and it fits comfortably. The cutouts are really cute and will go with both jeans and skirts. However, I do think the material of the boot is not really of very good quality. It's quite thin and flimsy, kinda looks like it may come apart after awhile. You can see what I mean in the second picture:
I also got these golden metallic gladiator sandals for about $10 and these sandals have given me a whole new perspective on sandals because they are so comfortable to wear! They are totally unlike forever21's lousy hard flat sandals because these actually have some cushion! The soles at the heels seem to have extra cushion but I'm not sure where the cushioning is coming from. Perhaps it is because of the thicker outsole that the sandals have. I'll be looking out for more shoes from Yoki. I was actually so hesitant at first also because I thought the golden straps would be flimsy but they are not at all. They are flexible and durable. I highly recommend these sandals.
Yup, so now I'm kinda tempted to get more shoes from debshops although my shoe cupboard doesn't really allow that...