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forever 21 shopping haul 9

This shopping haul is going to comprise of some of the stuff I got recently and a bunch of stuff I got two months ago but took forever to arrive because I had to ship it via sea freight. I ordered 4 pairs of shoes back then because they were on BOGO sale so that's like 15 bucks per pair and the quality of the shoes are great! They came in shoeboxes and I used vpost for them so I didn't have a repack option. The volumetric weight was crazy so my dad decided to use sea freight for them and that took mega long to ship. So let's look at the stuff I got recently first so that you can grab them quickly if you like them.
 Over here, I have the Open Knit Shawl Cardigan, Crossback Crochet Crop Top, Rose Print Tulip Shorts, Hammered Elements Pendent Necklace and Metal Trim Sandals. You've seen the sandals before and they are great. The necklace is new and is actually part of the sea freight haul. It is quite heavy but makes a great statement. The crochet top is super pretty and well made. It's got a halter neckline and crossback straps. The details are way too beautiful and I couldn't decide between black and white but I chose black in the end because I think it would suit me more. It is $15.80 and the smalls are all gone though. The shorts have quite bad reviews online and I guess I can see why. It is $15.80 and the material is not good at all. It is basically chiffon so it is thin and semi sheer; you can totally see the prints on the under-side of the shorts.
I got it in a small and it fits me at the waist so I'm not too sure what all the fuss is on the reviews online. The only part I find big are the thigh openings, which is why they should be worn with a cardigan. The cardigan I got here is $22.80 which is rather pricey but it is totally cute. I got it in a large because all the other sizes were out but it still fits perfectly. It doesn't look oversized and you can't tell it is a size L at all. It is just a bit long but that is no big deal. I'd say it is the perfect coverup for summer because it is so holey and light. Did I mention that it has some fringe details? 
Here's how it looks like when worn. Totally cute and trendy right? It's got like elbow-length sleeves that are loose fitting and super open knit details. Really really good for hot weathers when you don't feel like showing off too much skin. I love crop tops and sleeveless stuff but I always need to cover up with a cardigan because I think it looks better that way and this is just perfect. Easy breezy. 
 Next up, we have two of my new favourite skirts for spring/fall. They are basically the most perfect skirts for a school outfit look. The one above is called Floral Lace Mini Skirt and it's got a zip and hook closure. The lace details are so cute and pretty and the floral prints are just perfect. It will go with any basic top and looks cute with anorak jackets or leather moto jackets. 
This other one is Floral Print Skater Skirt that is $14.80 and I got it in size 24 which fits me fine. It's got a zip up closure and is not stretchy. It feels really light and soft because it is made of rayon. The prints are super cute and would definitely go super well with sweaters and a lot of other things. Again, this would look super cute with utility jackets and leather jackets as well as denim jackets. 
The Floral Crossback Crop Top here has totally cute cut out crossback details but it didn't really fit me very nicely. The shoulders kept sliding off and I have no idea which bra to wear to hide the straps other than stick ons. Although it is quite loose on top, it is fitted at the waist. I guess this is due to the crossback cutting and the stretchy material they used for this top. I totally recommend sizing down if you plan on getting this. It's only $8.80 and will match shorts, jeans and skirts!
This is the front of it. Didn't take a back picture because I don't think my back is all that sexy.
I got two green flannels to add to my flannel collection and because I had none of this colour. They are really versatile and would go with lots of neutral colours like brown, white, black, grey. The Snap Button Flannel is highly rated on the website and for $19.80, I can see why. It is really well made and it's got snap buttons which I love. The material is quite fuzzy and thicker than average which adds to the quality. I haven't worn it out yet but I hope it won't be as warm as it feels. 
This flannel is sold out as well and I can see why. The plaid print and colour is really pretty and goes with anything as well. It looks great as an outerwear or tied around the waist. Plus it was also $19.90 only. 
Featured in this layout are a few new things including these Lacy Floral Tap Shorts with rose print and lace hem details. 
It looks super cute but it is quite unfortunate that these run big and so they do not sit as high waisted as I would like them to be unless I pin the shorts up. The prints are super sweet and the lace makes it sweeter so I still love these shorts despite its shortcomings.
Also in the layout are these Modernist Cutout Oxfords which seem to have been removed from their website. The last time I checked, they were on sale at only $14 which is really cheap because these shoes are of high quality. They are suede on the exterior which may be bad because dust and dirt will cling onto it but the cutouts are super cute and the soles have such pretty detail! It adds like an inch of height as well because of the thick soles and it is still super comfortable to walk in them. The insoles are cushioned and although they look narrow, these shoes do fit medium-width feet. You have to tie the laces real tight though otherwise your feet will end up slipping out with each step you take. 
This Tiered Floral Smock Dress was part of my sea freight as well and I got it back then when it was $22.80 but it is like $16 now because it's on sale as no one is buying it. Why? Because it is mega short (29") and basically made of chiffon. The design is cute and it is light to wear for summer but it is still expensive. Luckily, I paid for this using my gift card. 
I matched it with this Forever Cool Denim Jacket which has super cool stud details at the back and an oversized look. It's got some rips here and there as well, including one on the collar which I find quite annoying. Other than that, it is on sale right now and I got it on sale as well. I have no idea why no one is buying this jacket but I highly recommend it. The denim is soft and comfortable and I am so obsessed with the back details. (Hair bow from Little Blue Garden)
Also wearing this Rustic Girl Lace Up Boots in Taupe with cute crochet details at the sides. F21 claims that the shoes will develop a rugged look with wear. The boots are totally comfortable to wear and walk in. The heel height is just right and makes a nice cloppity sound and the material of the boots are really smooth but it's just PU, not leather. It can be a hassle to put the boots on though because the shoelace is real tight and you have to unlace at least the first quite a lot to squeeze your foot in. But then, you wouldnt really need to tie your laces because the shoelaces don't untangle as the lace hole seems to be punched perfectly to size. The black colour looks nice as well so I might think on it. I'm quite sure I will be wearing this lots. 
You can see more of my denim jacket here and the details. The studs feel well placed so I hope they do not fall off with wear. 
The other new thing would be these cool pair of Cutout Combat Boots that I got in Tan but is available in black as well. I kinda want the black one now instead of this colour. F21 tagged this with the rustic look with wear tag so I hope these pair of shoes will last long. It seems to be very well made and fits comfortably. It is a hassle to put on and take off though because you really have to unlace the boot. For some reason, you just can't squeeze your foot in but it is great for everyday wear and walking. Totally goes well with anything. 
Finally, the last pair of shoes I got are these Globetrotter Gladiator Sandals in walnut. The reviews online were complaining about how these shoes ran big so I got them in size 6.5 and it fit me comfortably. I'm quite sure I could do with size 6 as well as you can see the gap between my toes and the end of the shoes. It still looks fine though. I don't look like I have big feet or anything. These are one of the most comfortable sandals from f21. The straps do not dig into my skin and the cushioned soles make it great for walking and going shopping. 
I have a pair of sneakers with rubber cushioned soles like this and I must say they are my favourite pair to wear and walk in because the soles are so soft and have so much grip. More shoes should be made with such soles. 
I will have more shopping hauls coming up, without a doubt!


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