Wednesday, August 13, 2014

sponsored: rearrangeus

I'm so stoked to have received three pairs of custom made shorts from rearrangeus which specialises in tie dyed and custom made clothing. I gave them my measurements and their team went on to search and create these ombre shorts for me. 

The shorts are vintage denim shorts that vary in brand but they are all high waisted and about the same size. Like, the purple-pink one is originally from Lee Jeans. I got these shorts in XXS which is about 11.5" across the waist. They sit above my belly which is a criteria I have for high waisted shorts. However, the length is a tad too long for my liking and the straight cut of the shorts are not very flattering. I have cut one of the shorts to shorten it and give it a nicer cutting already which you can find in my diy post. All the shorts have got nice frayed edges though so I really like that. 
The dye job, however, isn't too good. I am not too pleased with the way they did it because there were random spots of dye on the shorts. You can see that mess on the blue pair. I'm not sure if it is intentional or accidental but I would prefer it not to be there. The shorts would also definitely look better with some rips and studs. I think you can request for that if you are getting your shorts custom made. I didn't because I didn't even know what they were going to send me. 
Anyhow, these are still so cute and fun for summer and I'm so glad that rearrangeus got me three pairs of super fitting shorts! They fit my waist, my hips and are not as big around my thighs as other shorts. They were tagged $35-40 which is the average price of ombre shorts plus these vintage shorts come from well known brands so I'd say they are quite good. They have lots of stretch to them so even someone who is slightly bigger than me would fit perfectly in these shorts.