Tuesday, September 16, 2014

nail art: glitter glam

It is back to school for me and I'm back from my vacation to Britain as well so my nude aztec nails were all chipped and falling apart. As such, I had to repaint my nails and since I'm still into nude, I decided to do a nude nail art design again. This is a relatively simple nail art to do and should take about half an hour to complete. All you gotta do is paint a base coat of nude colour of your own choice, and wait for the paint to completely dry. You can do the black french tips free hand (like what I did, hence the imperfection) or you could use nail guide stickers or even scotch tape as guides. You have to make sure your polish is completely dry! That means waiting for at least an hour for the polish to set before putting on the tapes. Make sure the tape is stuck firmly from one end to the other on your nail then paint on your black tips and peel off the tape to reveal a perfect french tip! Finally, add gold glitters, concentrating the glitter nearer the base of your nail and spreading out as you reach the tips. I actually redid my nails because I didn't like how my first go went. The gold glitter started clumping because it is quite hard to dispense the glitter. So, try to take note of that and spread out the polish as much as possible or drain your brush before painting on. 

Now, I'm wondering if my new Daniel Wellington watch has caught your eye yet ;) I'm totally loving this picture perfect timeless classic that is just so pretty and perfect in every way. I will be blogging more about this in a separate post but for now, if you are interested in getting a watch or anything from their website, use the code "chee15" for 15% off your purchase (until 15 oct only!).