Monday, September 15, 2014

nail art: nude tribal

I bought some nude nail polish from the face shop and tried out a nude base on my nails for the first time. I've seen a bunch of pretty nude nails so I decided to give it a go. It required some getting used to because I've never seen myself with nude nails and they seemed so bare. To add some colour and detail, I decided to do some aztec patterns with black and a hint of turquoise. These are inspired from @gabbysnailart on instagram. I used a nail pen for the black bits and a toothpick to do the turquoise parts. I modified some of the design as well because not everything seemed to fit onto my nails. It shouldn't be hard though, because you can't really go wrong with aztec. Aztec is also really easy to do. They consist mainly of lines and dots. If you have trouble doing triangles, try painting on a thick line (of black) and then use a thin line (of nude) to paint zig zag lines.  

Also featured here, is a floral watch from miniinthebox which is a sister company of lightinthebox that previously sponsored me some items. I chose it in brown because the watch face already gives off a very vintage vibe and brown matches with pretty much anything! The strap is pretty loose for my wrist so I might punch more holes on the strap so that it fits better. I've worn it out for my entire trip to the UK and there are no major scratches on the watch crystal. So I'd say that if you are looking for a cheap and fashionable watch, this is a good choice.