Monday, October 27, 2014

nail art: wunderlust

New nail art for the week is up! I've made a video tutorial for this as well so you can check that out below. This week's nail art is all about triangles and they are giving off so much tumblr vibes! I couldn't help but edit the photo and use some filters and effects from my newly bought Afterlights app. I've considered getting it for such a long time and it's actually quite reasonably priced for such pretty filters. 

Most products for this tutorial can be found on Simply Spoiled. Use the code "megoosta" for 40% off your order!

Colours and Materials:

  • Pink - I used a pink colour changing polish which changes from from light pink to dark pink. Not very obvious but you can see the change in the video while I was painting.
  • White
  • Dark red
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold glitter
  • Toothpick
  1. Paint your base colour on. 
  2. On your middle and ring finger, start painting white lines. I painted across then diagonally to make the triangles.
  3. Fill in the triangles with colour.
  4. Touch up the lines.
  5. From your bottle of gold glitter, take a toothpick to pick up a speck of glitter to place on your index, little finger and thumb.
  6. Finish with a top coat. 
I think four rows of triangles is a good number, like the one on my ring finger. Got greedy with my middle finger and regretted. 
Also would like to make a special mention to Paul Hewitt for sending this lovely phrep anchor bracelet in navy and pink. One more addition to the arm party. It's super cute and well made with a nice rustic vintage look. Check out their watches too. They go so well, but it's got to go with my DW here. My newest hand chain obsession from forever 21. I need more.


Sunday, October 26, 2014


I'm really excited to share this post written and put together for a style challenge - #MyCosmoStyle. The challenge was to put together outfits for a day in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, one of the premier hotels in Vegas. I've been to vegas before, about 6 years ago, so I remember how vibrant the city life was throughout the day and I loved it so much. As such, I decided to participate in it! Btw, these outfits were made using Polyvore.

The first outfit I put together is a beach/pool outfit idea. There is a pretty little pool located at the hotel and I think it would be nice to visit the pool in the morning or noon time. I chose a tribal boho bikini set and paired it with a black lace kimono and sandals. To accessorise it a little more, I chose a floppy straw hat and some cool flash tattoos. It's like bringing the beach to the pool!
Boho Beach Wear

The next outfit is for lunch at Milo's, one of the restaurants in the hotel. Since the restaurant seemed quite posh, I chose a more mature look. Stripes are trending this season so I chose this cute striped top and paired it with a white pleated skirt. I love adding pops of colour to my stripes so I chose a yellow blazer and red lips. 
Brunch at Milo's

The third outfit is for tea time at Jaleo. The interior seemed really retro and cool and sort of gave off some arty vibes so I decided to do basics with a white knitted crop top and high waisted pants but put on a pastel plaid coat to match the ambience of the place. 
Tea Time
The final outfit I put together is for dinner at STK. It is another super cool restaurant in the hotel and since it's night time, I decided to go for some blingz. I chose a pretty shade of pink sequin dresses which you can layer with a white fur coat for that mix of textures. 
Glitzy Glam
That concludes my #MyCosmoStyle challenge for Las Vegas. Hope you've enjoyed it!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hey dreamers,
If you love diys and the idea of giving something your own personal touch, then you're going to love Qtee! It is an online store based in US that allows you to customise your own tshirt based on the graphic designs provided. You may be confused as to how this goes but if you really want to know more, you should give it a shot over at their website. I'll be showing you some of the really cool features here though. 

So firstly, Qtee has a wide selection of cute graphic tees. You'll be impressed to find many of the latest styles and graphic prints on the website - catchy phrases, florals, arrows, feathers, dreamcatchers, etc. These graphics are available in a variety of cuts as well - long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, crop tops. Just click on any one of them and a drop down menu will appear that allows you to modify the colours of the shirt. I chose a dreamcatcher muscle tank.
Note: Each design has a different number of areas for you to customise. For my dreamcatcher design, I could adjust the colours for four different areas of the print. Select the area you want from the box next to the image and select the colour from the palette provided. You can choose to input the hex values of the colours as well. I used the following colours for this design: 
#000000 - the outer rim of the dreamcatcher#808080 - the netting of the dreamcatcher#000050 - feathers and inner rim of the dreamcatcher#6d003e - feathers and centre of the dreamcatcher
So as you can see, the possibilities are endless and I seriously had so so so much fun customising my shirt. I swear I am in love with this idea and the result turned out to be super pretty as well. I used a different colour combination for the one I bought but it was supposed to be this. I guess their system didn't update my design. I pretty much chose colours that were more fall/autumn because I wanted to make a more fall outfit with it. So, I paired it with a maroon sweater and leather skirt, which can go with thigh high socks and boots as well. 
Remember to save your design so that you can check it out again in future. Also, I commend the quality of the shirts. They feel really soft and smooth to the touch. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

UnlockHope Uganda

I've teamed up with the people over at UnlockHope to raise awareness about this cause that aims to break the poverty cycle in Uganda by bringing education to girls. Girls in Uganda tend to marry at a young age and end up having large families due to the lack of family planning. Also, they work in poorly paid jobs that require a lot of labour from them. To overcome this, UnlockHope has partnered with Think Humanity to provide the girls in Uganda with healthcare, food, a home and education. 

When you make a purchase at UnlockHope, you contribute to helping the organisation pay for the necessary expenses - healthcare, food, housing, utilities, education, clothing, toiletries, etc. You've also heard about Emma Watson's HeForShe campaign that is trying to change the lives of females all over the world. If you support her campaign, then why not start changing a life by visiting UnlockHope to make a purchase so that the girls in Uganda can continue receiving education. Use the code "megoosta" for $10 off your purchase!

I am very impressed by the product range over at UnlockHope. Apparels are well designed, keeping up with the latest trends. The graphics are incredible and the captions are well thought of. I am proud to display my UnlockHope products to you in this post and I hope you will visit the site to get your own tee or accessory!
The first one over here is from the unisex section in size XS. It is a baseball tee with a caption "Not all who wander are lost". You've probably seen this caption elsewhere and being a wunderlust, you definitely need such a shirt. This one has a cute compass print on it and the material of the shirt is super soft and comfy to wear. I paired it with a plaid shirt and denim shorts for a laid back look. It is a great outfit to wear to school and show off your UnlockHope pride!
Just a different layout. I paired it with cut out booties but it will go great with sneakers as well!
The next shirt is a maroon crew neck shirt from the women's section in size S. The caption reads "Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep". I think this is a rather empowering message and tells you to be confident of who you are. It reminds me of Deuteronomy 28:13 - "The Lord will make you the head and not the tail, and you will only be above, and you will not be underneath". So yeah, I think the message of this shirt is really good for everyone. This one comes in an equally soft and comfy tee that gives a slightly loose fit. The print looks great on the baseball tee as well. I was totally considering between this and that! 
Wear your shirts together with your bff because they look so cute together! Look stylish, stay comfy and support a good cause over at UnlockHope! Remember to use the code "megoosta" to get $10 off!