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nail art: wunderlust

New nail art for the week is up! I've made a video tutorial for this as well so you can check that out below. This week's nail art is all about triangles and they are giving off so much tumblr vibes! I couldn't help but edit the photo and use some filters and effects from my newly bought Afterlights app. I've considered getting it for such a long time and it's actually quite reasonably priced for such pretty filters.  Most products for this tutorial can be found on Simply Spoiled . Use the code " megoosta " for 40% off your order! Colours and Materials: Pink - I used a pink colour changing polish which changes from from light pink to dark pink. Not very obvious but you can see the change in the video while I was painting. White Dark red Silver Black Gold glitter Toothpick Paint your base colour on.  On your middle and ring finger, start painting white lines. I painted across then diagonally to make the triangles. Fill in the triangle

UnlockHope Uganda

I've teamed up with the people over at UnlockHope  to raise awareness about this cause that aims to break the poverty cycle in Uganda by bringing education to girls. Girls in Uganda tend to marry at a young age and end up having large families due to the lack of family planning. Also, they work in poorly paid jobs that require a lot of labour from them. To overcome this, UnlockHope has partnered with Think Humanity to provide the girls in Uganda with healthcare, food, a home and education.  When you make a purchase at UnlockHope, you contribute to helping the organisation pay for the necessary expenses - healthcare, food, housing, utilities, education, clothing, toiletries, etc. You've also heard about Emma Watson's HeForShe campaign that is trying to change the lives of females all over the world. If you support her campaign, then why not start changing a life by visiting UnlockHope to make a purchase so that the girls in Uganda can continue receiving education. Use t

sponsored: lookbookstore haul 3

I received two tops and two bottoms from lookbookstore this time round and I am hyped about them. They are all super pretty and I couldn't be happier with the pieces I've received.  Chunky Black Sweater $33 This is a very relaxed and loose fitting open knit sweater. By open knit, I really mean it is almost like fishnet open so it will still keep you breezy. I like the loose fit and it is great to throw over on a casual day. The neckline is also loose enough to wear off-shoulder. I love pairing it with shorts and leggings but I don't seem to be able to tie the waist in a knot like how I would love to. Even so, I would love to get the Port colour as well because this sweater is just so comfy.  Snow White Crop Top $25 How cute is this poncho top with pompom trims! I like that the top isn't so big and baggy but quite the right size. The pompoms definitely add the right amount of detail and makes everything about it loveable. It is very light so it is fun to

nail art: grey roses

This week's nail art is inspired by a graphic tee that I got from Forever 21 during the spring season. I just took it out to wear recently and fell in love all over again with the floral prints. So, I decided to replicate it on my nails! I did something new and filmed a video tutorial on how I achieved this look. I did my nails against a wall though because I was experimenting with how I should place my phone. So, the results that I did in the video are not as nice as the photo. I pretty much wiped off that nail to do a video. I hope you enjoy the tutorial though, and subscribe to my channel, thumbs up the video and leave a comment if you're up to it! Hashtag #megoostafashion to show me your nail art! xoxo

wetseal shopping haul 6

If you remember, I received a $250 gift card from Wet Seal a couple of weeks back, and I used it up pretty fast because of all the cute things and amazing sales going on. I actually shopped on two separate occasions but I shipped them both back together. I spent like about $100 + $54 which is actually quite a lot if you think about it but since it was free, I was like yay! I got them all when they were having 40% off sales though, so I saved quite a good deal.   The Small Things Tank $17.90 This tank is super pretty and selling out really fast! I had wanted to get it in XS but it ran out so fast that I had to get it in S instead. I guess it doesn't really matter cos it is an oversized muscle tee but the typography is just love! Plus, it is totally positive and makes lots of sense! You only have one life, you might as well live happy. It is gorgeous, super soft and super comfy to wear. Definitely get it if it is in your size.  Seems like the graphic tee here is sold out b

sponsored: 3for12

Ever had the urge to shop, to find some good deals and get cute stuff for a great price? Well, this is the perfect store for you! 3for12 provides you with a variety of cute graphic tees and tanks all at the price of $9.99 each. But, if you use the code HC3for12 and purchase 3 shirts, you can get them at just $12 instead! That's just $4 for each! The shirts are all printed on quality cotton and have a very comfortable fit. The prints are also well printed with no sign of cracking or peeling. For just 4 bucks, this is definitely the place to shop for cheap graphic tees. Here are three of the shirts that I got for my review: Pattern Daisy This shirt features a grid of daisy flowers on a bright pink loose fitting batwing shirt. I have a black tank with a similar design from f21 and really liked that one a lot. This is a cute alternative and I paired it with shortalls from wetseal. It would go really well with white shorts and skirts as well. Super versatile to style!  Flowe