Saturday, October 4, 2014

sponsored: 3for12

Ever had the urge to shop, to find some good deals and get cute stuff for a great price? Well, this is the perfect store for you! 3for12 provides you with a variety of cute graphic tees and tanks all at the price of $9.99 each. But, if you use the code HC3for12 and purchase 3 shirts, you can get them at just $12 instead! That's just $4 for each! The shirts are all printed on quality cotton and have a very comfortable fit. The prints are also well printed with no sign of cracking or peeling. For just 4 bucks, this is definitely the place to shop for cheap graphic tees. Here are three of the shirts that I got for my review:
This shirt features a grid of daisy flowers on a bright pink loose fitting batwing shirt. I have a black tank with a similar design from f21 and really liked that one a lot. This is a cute alternative and I paired it with shortalls from wetseal. It would go really well with white shorts and skirts as well. Super versatile to style! 
The next one is a ying yang graphic with floral prints. I've always wanted such a graphic tee because the floral ying yang symbol is quite tumblr-esque. Put on some denim shorts and sneakers and you'll be radiating tumblr vibes! 
The last item I got was this purple tank top with a boho themed graphic on it. It's got a tribal moon print with yellow stars that say "I see dreams and moonlight beams". The colour is a bit harder to match but you can never go wrong with black. I paired it with a black leather skirt for added detail.

So hurry on down to and be sure to use the code HC3for12 at checkout to get 3 items for just $12!