Friday, October 17, 2014

sponsored: amiclubwear haul

Style, comfort, quality - these are the three important points to a shoe, which is why I was super excited when I tried on my shoes from AMIclubwear and found them to be an absolute dream! The best part is that the prices on amiclubwear are so competitive. Their site is in a constant state of 40-50% off, including the clearance section, which is just crazy!!! Stuff on sale are less than $20, so with the additional discount, that's like $10! You can get a good looking pair of boots for just $4! AMIclubwear is definitely the place to go for shoes. Period. 

These are some of my new favourite shoes that I can't wait to style more in my photos. For reference, I am a true size 6 but I like to buy between the sizes 6-7. 

I got these cutout buckle booties in both black and brown. I have been searching all over for these and finally found them in stock at ami. They are the Venture booties from Dollhouse. I got them in size 6 as the other sizes were sold out. I think these were priced at a discounted price of $19.95 so at half off, that would be $10 for a perfect pair of booties. 
My favourite part of these booties have got to be the golden plate. They add just the right amount of class and sleekness to the boots. I wanted to get another similar looking pair but it was all out. 
I put them on the moment I received my package and fell right in love because it fit me perfectly. I walked around in them as well and they were just so comfy and soft. The soles are very well cushioned so it didn't make a loud thudding sound. The shoes totally didn't need to be broken in at all. The straps did not dig into my skin and it was so easy to put on because of the zip at the back. 
As I said, I got them in this brown as well. It's a very interesting shade but all pretty at the same time. The buckles are adjustable but I think the default is fine for me. 
Here are just a quick idea of how these booties can be styled. They would seriously go with anything, really. From jeans to shorts to skirts and dresses. I plan to wear them with everything and all the time! They are so good that words are not able to describe my love for these shoes. 
 The black ones go really well with graphic tees and flannels. 
The brown one is a bit more feminine and would go well with skirts and dresses. I still paired them with shorts and a flannel over here though. 
Next, I have these Litas inspired shoes from Qupid. They are a really pretty shade of nude with a pink undertone. The material of these shoes are also amazing. I think these were priced slightly cheaper than the booties above, but yeah, amiclubwear is swarming with such shoes. If you have been looking for these kind of JC Litas, look under the brand Qupid. They have a ton. The ones I have here have tiny perforations all over on the sides and a side zip for easy wearing. 
They were surprisingly easy to walk in. The heels measure about 5-6 inches, but the platform is equally high, like about 2 inches? So your feet aren't that curved and you can still easily keep your balance. Also, the high platform means that the shoe absorbs a lot of impact so it isn't tiring to walk in these. I got these in size 7 and they fit fine as well. I didn't want to risk heels being too small and a pain on my toes. They are quite heavy though and I totally felt like a giraffe after putting these on. I am 5ft2 so with these I grow to 5ft7. Cool. I should totally get more of these. 
Finally, I picked these blue cutout booties from the Doorbusters section. Discount codes do not work on doorbusters because the price of the stuff there are ridiculously low. I think these were priced at 6 bucks only. I got them in size 6.5 and they were a bit big but still wearable. 
I've seen these shoes on urbanog as well and they were being sold in the thirties or higher. I cannot emphasise how great AMIclubwear is. I am totally obsessed because they offer such low prices! Everyone needs to shop there right now. 
There is a zipper at the back for these shoes as well, and as you can tell, I am kinda obsessed with cutout buckled booties. 
Wait no more, unless they are not having a storewide sale, and head on over to AMIclubwear to get all the shoes in the world! You americans are seriously so lucky. 

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