Saturday, October 11, 2014

sponsored: lookbookstore haul 3

I received two tops and two bottoms from lookbookstore this time round and I am hyped about them. They are all super pretty and I couldn't be happier with the pieces I've received. 
This is a very relaxed and loose fitting open knit sweater. By open knit, I really mean it is almost like fishnet open so it will still keep you breezy. I like the loose fit and it is great to throw over on a casual day. The neckline is also loose enough to wear off-shoulder. I love pairing it with shorts and leggings but I don't seem to be able to tie the waist in a knot like how I would love to. Even so, I would love to get the Port colour as well because this sweater is just so comfy. 
How cute is this poncho top with pompom trims! I like that the top isn't so big and baggy but quite the right size. The pompoms definitely add the right amount of detail and makes everything about it loveable. It is very light so it is fun to wear when the weather gets warm. Pair it with printed bottoms to provide some balance.
If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I have serious issues when it comes to denim shorts and how they fit me. Thankfully, these fit reasonably well. I ordered them in US2 and while they are still a bit big, I'd give it a pass because I can still pin them. These shorts are the cutest for summer! I'm quite bummed that summer is passing by in the States but since it is summer all day in Singapore, I can still wear these shorts all day. These shorts feature an acid wash with frayed hems and cute little daisies sewn onto the shorts. That's right, they are sewn! As such, you do not need to worry about them falling off over time. The shorts are rather soft as well so they aren't heavy and thick like how some denim can be. Definitely something to add to your closet. 
This has got to be the cutest skirt I've owned. 3D roses! It comes in a sweater form (white and pink) as well which has proved to be very popular. I'm glad they made a skirt version because I have been looking for a nice white skirt and this one gives me something that can be used as a basic and something with details at the same time. The skirt is quite thick because the roses are really dimensional. I liked how the model in the photo from the website wore it. She paired it with a nice taupe/blush sweater. I do find the skirt a bit long though but for tall people, I guess that is fine. I mean, it is alright, it's above my knees and all but I wish it were like just an inch or two shorter. Then it'd be perfect for me. I might have to hem it up on my own. Nonetheless, I love this skirt.

I guess you can tell how excited I am about this review. I seriously recommend you to check out these items though.