Saturday, October 18, 2014

UnlockHope Uganda

I've teamed up with the people over at UnlockHope to raise awareness about this cause that aims to break the poverty cycle in Uganda by bringing education to girls. Girls in Uganda tend to marry at a young age and end up having large families due to the lack of family planning. Also, they work in poorly paid jobs that require a lot of labour from them. To overcome this, UnlockHope has partnered with Think Humanity to provide the girls in Uganda with healthcare, food, a home and education. 

When you make a purchase at UnlockHope, you contribute to helping the organisation pay for the necessary expenses - healthcare, food, housing, utilities, education, clothing, toiletries, etc. You've also heard about Emma Watson's HeForShe campaign that is trying to change the lives of females all over the world. If you support her campaign, then why not start changing a life by visiting UnlockHope to make a purchase so that the girls in Uganda can continue receiving education. Use the code "megoosta" for $10 off your purchase!

I am very impressed by the product range over at UnlockHope. Apparels are well designed, keeping up with the latest trends. The graphics are incredible and the captions are well thought of. I am proud to display my UnlockHope products to you in this post and I hope you will visit the site to get your own tee or accessory!
The first one over here is from the unisex section in size XS. It is a baseball tee with a caption "Not all who wander are lost". You've probably seen this caption elsewhere and being a wunderlust, you definitely need such a shirt. This one has a cute compass print on it and the material of the shirt is super soft and comfy to wear. I paired it with a plaid shirt and denim shorts for a laid back look. It is a great outfit to wear to school and show off your UnlockHope pride!
Just a different layout. I paired it with cut out booties but it will go great with sneakers as well!
The next shirt is a maroon crew neck shirt from the women's section in size S. The caption reads "Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep". I think this is a rather empowering message and tells you to be confident of who you are. It reminds me of Deuteronomy 28:13 - "The Lord will make you the head and not the tail, and you will only be above, and you will not be underneath". So yeah, I think the message of this shirt is really good for everyone. This one comes in an equally soft and comfy tee that gives a slightly loose fit. The print looks great on the baseball tee as well. I was totally considering between this and that! 
Wear your shirts together with your bff because they look so cute together! Look stylish, stay comfy and support a good cause over at UnlockHope! Remember to use the code "megoosta" to get $10 off!