Sunday, October 5, 2014

wetseal shopping haul 6

If you remember, I received a $250 gift card from Wet Seal a couple of weeks back, and I used it up pretty fast because of all the cute things and amazing sales going on. I actually shopped on two separate occasions but I shipped them both back together. I spent like about $100 + $54 which is actually quite a lot if you think about it but since it was free, I was like yay! I got them all when they were having 40% off sales though, so I saved quite a good deal.
This tank is super pretty and selling out really fast! I had wanted to get it in XS but it ran out so fast that I had to get it in S instead. I guess it doesn't really matter cos it is an oversized muscle tee but the typography is just love! Plus, it is totally positive and makes lots of sense! You only have one life, you might as well live happy. It is gorgeous, super soft and super comfy to wear. Definitely get it if it is in your size. 
Seems like the graphic tee here is sold out because I can't find the link to it anymore. Anyway, it totally describes our weeks. Loooooooong weekdays and weekends pass in a blink of an eye. Totally unfair but cute clothes like that will definitely help to brighten our days. 
I had wanted to get this tank as well previously so with the gift card, it was a good excuse to get it now. I love such graphics with such snide remarks on them, like their mean girls range with the one that says something like 'i'm sorry people are jealous of me' and other simple ones like 'i don't care'. This one has pretty typewriter font and a skinny racerback so you can pair it with bandeaus to show off the back. 
This one is similar in cutting to the tank above. It's got a skinny cinch racerback to show off your bandeaus and a bitchy 'can you not, thanks' graphic. Well, there are so many pretenders out there who try to be cool but it is just so sickening to watch them. Can you just not? I feel so embarrassed for you. That's me all the time. 
This cute little tank has floral prints all over and a bow back with a tulip back. Lots of interesting details on this and can be worn alone to show off all the interesting details it has. It's from the Fifth Harmony for Wet Seal collection. I'm not sure if the girls designed the clothes but this one is Camila's style and I think it is really cute.

I also bought quite a number of basics from the store because they were going at 5 for $20 and with the additional 40% off, it was 5 for $12 so each piece is only $2.40! You can score some really cute pieces if you are fast enough. They have crop tops with fancy backs and halters as well in this section. I got some tanks, tees and camis. I won't be styling the tees and camis here because they are really basic and a staple in everyone's closet. I don't suppose you will have trouble styling them either. They are both body hugging and look exactly like they do on the model. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, skirts - anything, really. Otherwise, leave them for home wear or layer them during the colder seasons. 
One of the prettiest kimonos on the site in my opinion. I got it in white and loved it so much that I returned to get it in black. I should have waited though because it is now on sale at the clearance so go get it! Lightweight and with fringe details, this is a great coverup if you do not want to feel too heavy under sweaters. 
Racerback Crop Tank $6.50 (5 for $20)
These come in a wide variety of colours and they are slightly cropped. The material is relatively thin and light and gives a loose fit. There's also a cute pocket detail to spice it up. Pair it with plaids, denim shorts and sneakers for that casual look you can't go wrong with.
Solid Racerback Tank $6.50 (5 for $20)
I got this in black and white and I had initially thought that it would be a loose fitting tank but it is not really. The bust fits tighter and the waist is slightly loose. I guess it is alright though. Also, I'm not a big fan of the material and quality. It doesn't seem very good but I paid for it with my gift card so oh well. It's comfortable but it feels cheap.