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debshops november picks

Hi all! I'm back today with yet another fall haul, featuring items from debshops ! This is a rather massive haul and I also have some pairs of shoes that I got two months back but only shipped in recently. I do urge you to check out debshops right now because they are having massive sales like 50% off tops and bottoms, which is a super great time to get knits and jackets because they are usually the more expensive items.  So this is pretty much all the new shoes that I got from debs. Which pair are you loving the most? I got the studded combat boots and floral sneakers for like $5/8 each when they were on sale. I also got another pair of sandals for $8 but I didn't include it in the picture because sandals are out of season right now. They are super comfy but the floral sneakers seem kind of cheap. They do not have any back heel support as you can see. But for $5, it was a steal. The studded combat boots do not have fantastic material quality but it was a good price for i

nail art: berry chevron

(click to enlarge) Since it's fall and the holidays are around the corner, I decided to use some burgundy/berry colours in my nail art this week. Berry lips have been quite a trend for fall and everyone loves to wear burgundy for fall, so why not don these colours on your nails as well? This is a relatively simple mani that wouldn't use up too much of your time so that you can still do your online shopping for thanksgiving and christmas.  If you have nail vinyls, you can skip this step but I used masking tape as makeshift nail tape. Before painting my nails, I cut out a bunch of strips to use for my stripes. Depending on the width of your masking tape, you might be able to cut the strip in half to get two strips from one and get a more even chevron line. I did just that so that I didn't have to cut too many.  I picked out my maroon shade from etude house but you can use anything. It was $3.90 and I think it is really good! This one is very pigmented and goes on smoot

Mystique Boutique NYC fall picks

Woohoo! I just received a massive shipment filled with new goodies for fall and the month of November. To start off, I will be introducing this brand I recently came to know of - Mystique Boutique . They are pretty much located all over New York and Long Beach in terms of physical retail stores, but if you do not mind online shopping, then make sure to check out their website and shop from there. I highly recommend this store because the styles of clothing there is similar to that on forever 21 but slightly  cheaper , and of better/comparable quality . Though the stuff there isn't self-manufactured but sourced from a variety of wholesale locations, I think they have done a great job in picking the pieces and the stuff are really really good. You'll see why. I'll be doing some comparisons in items which you can find at Mystique Boutique and at forever21.  I picked out these four items: Varsity Jacket in charcoal (I actually wanted the burgundy one because I think th

lookbookstore november picks

Here's a mini faul haul that I got from Lookbook Store. Shop using this link to >>>  get $50 off orders above $200  <<< at Lookbook Store. I got five things this time round because I just couldn't stop obsessing over the stuff and it was so hard to decide. So I got two sweaters, leggings and two bags.  Foldover Tassel Shoulder Bag - Black - $35.00 from: Lookbook Store   First up featured over here is this tassel bag in black. If you have been following me on Instagram or reading my haul posts, you'd know that I got this in khaki as well and because I love it so much, I decided to get it in black as well. It is seriously gorgeous and jet black in person. It gives off very vintage vibes because it is made of suede and everything about it from the quality to the look of the bag is just perfect. It is so versatile and will go with a lot of your outfits. Plus, black is a great colour for fall/winter so definitely pick this up! Foldover Buckled Back