Sunday, November 23, 2014

debshops november picks

Hi all! I'm back today with yet another fall haul, featuring items from debshops! This is a rather massive haul and I also have some pairs of shoes that I got two months back but only shipped in recently. I do urge you to check out debshops right now because they are having massive sales like 50% off tops and bottoms, which is a super great time to get knits and jackets because they are usually the more expensive items. 
So this is pretty much all the new shoes that I got from debs. Which pair are you loving the most? I got the studded combat boots and floral sneakers for like $5/8 each when they were on sale. I also got another pair of sandals for $8 but I didn't include it in the picture because sandals are out of season right now. They are super comfy but the floral sneakers seem kind of cheap. They do not have any back heel support as you can see. But for $5, it was a steal. The studded combat boots do not have fantastic material quality but it was a good price for it too. These are out of stock so there are no links for them. I am obsessed with the buckle combat boots and I probably should have waited for a sale to get them but oh well. I love the shiny golden buckles and there is a zip on the other side so that it is super easy to put on. The shoes are comfy but the shaft is rather high. I got it in size 7 but I might have been able to go for a 6. I'm not sure because I didn't try them on with socks but it's still fine. And in my recent order, I got the oxfords and wine booties. The oxfords are on sale at $8 now so do check that out! They look super pretty from the top but I'm quite unhappy about how flat the soles of the shoe are. I'd have preferred it to have some heel and sole height, but I was looking to replace my old oxford shoes that have come apart. Also, I do recommend sizing up. I got it in 6.5 and it was too small for me. I can't wear socks with it. I'm a size 6 but I think 7 would have been good. The wine booties are gorgeous and look higher than 3 inches that is stated on the website. The colour is so pretty and perfect for fall. Moreover, wine coloured shoes are so unique and is a great change from the usual black and brown. Also, the texture of the shoes are so good to touch. I got it in size 6.5 and it was just right. The front platform is definitely thicker than it looks. 
I picked up this rose print dress from the clearance section. It was $10 and I was so happy to see that my size was still available. Also, it's an off shoulder dress and there are actually transparent straps to help hold the dress up. I think dark florals are great for fall and florals are actually an all year round print so this is something you can go with if you are missing florals. I paired it with a leather varsity jacket which is half off right now!! Omg. Unfortunately, the fringe bag is out of stock. 
Another fall floral outfit you can try is this. I think this outfit looks really boho and if it's cold, use jeans instead of shorts. The bell sleeve floral top has cute ruffle sleeves and hem and it is light and breezy to wear. I paired it with a fringe bag and a floppy hat. Also, you can get the cutout booties which are very popular among bloggers. Seems like everyone has them. 
I hadn't realised I had gotten so many florals but this is another floral top for fall. It's actually kinda like a baseball tee style so the sleeves are floral printed and made of rayon while the body is made of cable knit. My mum liked this piece a lot because it's very zara-style, or so she says. 
Over here, we have a baseball tee with the words killin' it all day everyday. How badass. I've been into varsity inspired clothing so I picked this out. It's great for school and casual days so I like it. I'd match it with a baseball jacket and some jeans. Also, I got this caged back bralette which you can just wear underneath or not. The padding isn't that great because it's quite flat, but the back part is really cute.
The ripped jeans are really popular among bloggers as well so I picked that up. It's a nice light wash with cuffed legs and they are by almostfamous clothing. I got them from the clearance and it seems like they are all out of stock, but I do like how it is not too ripped. 
Another killin' it top that is a short sleeved sweater actually. It's got a 74 floral print on it and lace details on the sleeves. I got another varsity jacket and I really like this one because it gives a layered look with the zipper underneath the snap buttons and the contrast of the colours. It's also a great fall jacket because the sleeves are fuzzy inside and the jacket is kinda bulky in general, so get ready to cozy up with this jacket! 
I picked up these tribal striped leggings as well and they are relatively thin but the prints are so cute. I don't have much aztec prints so this looked like a great addition. Plus tribal prints are so suitable this season cos they remind me of christmas! 
Stripes are so in this season so you have to pick up some striped tops from debshops. This one is only $5 right now because of the sales. It is super flattering because it is fitted and the neckline is high so that is cute. Goes great with anything, really.
The last bunch of items I got are two basic tops and two pairs of jogger pants. I need to rant about how good the basic tops are and how incredibly soft and flowy they are! I wanted to do a diy with them but I just can't bring myself to right now because they are in a state of perfection. They look so good on and they are so comfy and soft to wear. The white one is a bit sheer but I don't mind at all. I love how loosely fitted they are and how the scoop neckline is just right. Plus, they were only $5. The jogger pants are cute if you are jogger pants kinda person. I am going to use them for pjs instead because they do not look flattering on me, but I can assure you that they are super comfortable to wear. I love wearing them to lounge around at home. The floral ones come in two designs and is made of french terry knit. The aztec ones feel like cotton and are not as baggy as the floral ones so I think I prefer this one. 

That's about it. Do check out debshops because this is a great time to take advantage of the sales and good deals. You do not want to miss out on all these good stuff!

Monday, November 17, 2014

nail art: berry chevron

(click to enlarge)
Since it's fall and the holidays are around the corner, I decided to use some burgundy/berry colours in my nail art this week. Berry lips have been quite a trend for fall and everyone loves to wear burgundy for fall, so why not don these colours on your nails as well? This is a relatively simple mani that wouldn't use up too much of your time so that you can still do your online shopping for thanksgiving and christmas. 

  1. If you have nail vinyls, you can skip this step but I used masking tape as makeshift nail tape. Before painting my nails, I cut out a bunch of strips to use for my stripes. Depending on the width of your masking tape, you might be able to cut the strip in half to get two strips from one and get a more even chevron line. I did just that so that I didn't have to cut too many. 
  2. I picked out my maroon shade from etude house but you can use anything. It was $3.90 and I think it is really good! This one is very pigmented and goes on smoothly. The brush was neat and gave me a perfect mani when I used it. Also, my white polish is from UNT, which I got from livelovepolish.
  3. Paint your pointer and pinky maroon and the rest white. Or if you want to paint them all maroon, that would be fine as well. Your chevrons will just be the inverse of mine. As I've said, the etude house nail polish is really good and resulted in such a clean and neat mani, with no accidental streaks on the side or top. Two coats for each were enough to get an opaque colour. 
  4. I recommend letting your polish dry for an hour before doing this, but if you do not mind roughening up your polish from the tape, then carry on. In reality, I only waited 5-10 minutes because I figured I would finish with a top coat anyway. Take your nail vinyls or tapes and place them on your nail as shown to make the chevrons. 
  5. Paint your entire nail and use tweezers to peel the tape immediately, while the paint is wet. You might need to touch up so you can use a toothpick to do this. If you used nail vinyls, then I think it should have turned out fine. Or maybe it has to do with the polish. 
  6. But anyhow, repeat this process on your middle finger, ring finger and thumb! Place a top coat over to seal the colours and give them a glossy finish. 
I hope you've enjoyed this nail art and if you do try it out, remember to hashtag #megoostafashion on instagram! 

P.S check out Paul Hewitt if you are interested in the anchor bracelet!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mystique Boutique NYC fall picks

Woohoo! I just received a massive shipment filled with new goodies for fall and the month of November. To start off, I will be introducing this brand I recently came to know of - Mystique Boutique. They are pretty much located all over New York and Long Beach in terms of physical retail stores, but if you do not mind online shopping, then make sure to check out their website and shop from there. I highly recommend this store because the styles of clothing there is similar to that on forever 21 but slightly cheaper, and of better/comparable quality. Though the stuff there isn't self-manufactured but sourced from a variety of wholesale locations, I think they have done a great job in picking the pieces and the stuff are really really good. You'll see why. I'll be doing some comparisons in items which you can find at Mystique Boutique and at forever21. 

I picked out these four items:
Mystique Boutique's varsity jacket is only $19.99 whereas varsity jackets over at f21 are no less than $24.90. This one looks great. It's got all the classic details like the striped cuffs and neckline and snap button closure, contrasting sleeves and side pockets. Quality is soft and amazing. I think it is partially made of knit cos the inner side of the jacket feels that way. This jacket looks great thrown over dresses or graphic tees.  
Mystique Boutique's sweater top with crochet trim details retailed at $23.99 but is on sale at $20.99 while f21 has one at $22.80 but the reviews on it are bad. F21's sweaters can tend to be of bad quality with stiff and itchy material being used but the one from Mystique Boutique is so beautifully knitted and smooth. The crochet details are not flimsy at all and securely attached to the sweater. I think the other two colours are great for fall as well. This would go great with a pair of leggings or a skirt, untucked so that you can show off the cute crochet details. To accessorise, go with an infinity scarf and some long necklaces. 
Mystique Boutique's hooded flannel is priced at a steal of $19.99 while f21's hooded plaid flannel is $24.90. Save that $5 and opt for Mystique Boutique because the length of the flannel is much better than f21's, unless you want a super oversized look. The material is definitely flannel. It is fuzzy and warm to touch and I think this would be nice layered under the varsity jacket! I love the hood detail. It makes it fun to wear the flannel as an outerwear on its own. It is also detachable so you can always convert it to a normal flannel by unbuttoning the hood. There's also a drawstring for the hood so that's great.
Finally, the last item I got is a graphic sweater and while there are tons on f21 with a wide price range, I am loving this particular one from Mystique Boutique that costs $21.99. It's slightly more expensive but it is seriously so comfy. It is so soft, which really surprised me because I wasn't expecting that from this sweater. From the picture, you would think it would feel like some normal cotton sweater but it isn't like that at all. It is a tad fuzzy-ish and just soft. Perfect for cozying up. The inner side of the sweater is made of polyester though so that it doesn't give you skin irritations. So the ultimate layering for fall can be like this sweater + hooded flannel + varsity jacket = perfection. I'd go with a denim circle skirt for a schoolgirl look since y'know, too cool for school. 
Another added benefit from shopping over at Mystique Boutique is that you are more likely to find something you like in your size. Things run out so fast over at f21, it is impossible to shop there happily. So yeah, definitely check this shop out because it is ah-mazing. What's more, subscribe to their newsletter and get a 20% off discount code to use! Hooray!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Qtee november picks

I'm back with another Qtee review! I got two things this time - a sweatshirt and a crop tank top. I always spend an awful lot of time on qtee because I can never decide on the perfect colour and type of shirt to choose. Do you feel me? Also, I love how they give out stickers with your order. Aren't they just adorable? You can stick them on your laptops or notebooks. 
The first one I picked is this Team Unicorn graphic. It's got really varsity vibes about it and I loved that the 01 was filled with a galaxy print! So, for this one, you can customise the colours of the 'unicorn word', the border colour of the '01' and the three gradient colours of the galaxy. Imagine all the possibilities! So you can seriously make your ideal galaxy gradient over here and I loved it. I accidentally picked a sweatshirt but I actually wanted the baseball tee version of it but it turned out not too bad. So do remember that you can change the shirt type by clicking on the 'other shirts' tab below. 
I used the default colours because I thought they were really pretty already but they are on the paler side in person so if you want something richer, I suggest going for a more saturated/brighter version of the colours. The left hex codes are the ones I used and the hex codes on the right are what I suggest you get if you want your galaxy to be brighter. 
#000000#000000#46419b > #6500ca#ad489e > #dd2da8#ad489e > #22d6d3
Next, I picked this Celestial California print that has this cool california bear and mountain backdrop with a sun, moon and star print. I think it looks great on the short sleeved tee, like stuff the cool kids that go skateboarding wear, but I chose the crop tank top because I don't think I would look good in the tee. For this shirt, you can customise the colour of the bear, the mountain, the sky elements, the skeleton of the bear and the colour of the words. I chose a teal-purple-pink combination and I thought they fit together really well. These are the hex codes for the colours I chose:
This shirt printed out with a glossy and sleek finish. I would say to be careful when keeping your clothes, that you don't fold it to prevent the print from sticking together. That would be disastrous. 
So, make sure you check out Qtee and also take a peek at their instagram for inspiration on how to design and style your tees! Have fun!!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

lookbookstore november picks

Here's a mini faul haul that I got from Lookbook Store. Shop using this link to >>> get $50 off orders above $200 <<< at Lookbook Store. I got five things this time round because I just couldn't stop obsessing over the stuff and it was so hard to decide. So I got two sweaters, leggings and two bags. 
from: Lookbook Store 
First up featured over here is this tassel bag in black. If you have been following me on Instagram or reading my haul posts, you'd know that I got this in khaki as well and because I love it so much, I decided to get it in black as well. It is seriously gorgeous and jet black in person. It gives off very vintage vibes because it is made of suede and everything about it from the quality to the look of the bag is just perfect. It is so versatile and will go with a lot of your outfits. Plus, black is a great colour for fall/winter so definitely pick this up!
from: Lookbook Store 
Next bag is this black backpack that looks super slick cos of it's high shine finish and it is basically so cute. It is small-medium in size so it is great for all your essentials. It's got three small compartments in the front and it comes in a variety of colours which you can find on their website, such as mint, lilac and white. They are all seriously beautiful. I have this backpack in mint as well and I love it. I get lots of compliments on it whenever I post a photo with it so pick this one too. 
from: Lookbook Store 
The first sweater I picked out is this white one and although it is advertised as a V-back design, I think this one looks better with the V-design in front so that it becomes a V-neck instead. Mainly because I don't think the other neckline was done well. It didn't look like the photo at all so I'd rather keep that at the back. However, I must say that I was super impressed by the quality of the knit and how super soft and comfy it was to wear. I love it so much! There was no weird smell and it was just so smooth to run my fingers over the sweater. A great fall essential. I am definitely eyeing the lilac one. 
from: Lookbook Store 
Also featured here are a pair of sunflower leggings. I have always adored this particular print and I've seen it on crop tops and rompers but never gotten myself anything like that until now so I'm super excited to have them in my closet. They fit a bit loose on me but they should be fine on an average person. I'm just too skinny. Paired it with the sweater I got above and it would go with the maroon sweater below as well.
from: Lookbook Store
Finally, the last item I got is this maroon open knit sweater. I got it in black previously, and I said I'd return to get the maroon one! I loved it so much. It is great for warmer days to just throw over. You can wear it on it's own with a cami or bandeau underneath or throw it over a cami crop top if you start feeling chilly when you go out. It looks great with all sorts of bottoms. Shorts, leggings, pants, skirts... Everything. It can be worn off shoulder so there are so many different ways of wearing this versatile sweater. 

Definitely do check out Lookbook Store for more goodies. Also, you can search my blog for previous lookbookstore hauls to find out what other stuff I got from them.