Monday, November 17, 2014

nail art: berry chevron

(click to enlarge)
Since it's fall and the holidays are around the corner, I decided to use some burgundy/berry colours in my nail art this week. Berry lips have been quite a trend for fall and everyone loves to wear burgundy for fall, so why not don these colours on your nails as well? This is a relatively simple mani that wouldn't use up too much of your time so that you can still do your online shopping for thanksgiving and christmas. 

  1. If you have nail vinyls, you can skip this step but I used masking tape as makeshift nail tape. Before painting my nails, I cut out a bunch of strips to use for my stripes. Depending on the width of your masking tape, you might be able to cut the strip in half to get two strips from one and get a more even chevron line. I did just that so that I didn't have to cut too many. 
  2. I picked out my maroon shade from etude house but you can use anything. It was $3.90 and I think it is really good! This one is very pigmented and goes on smoothly. The brush was neat and gave me a perfect mani when I used it. Also, my white polish is from UNT, which I got from livelovepolish.
  3. Paint your pointer and pinky maroon and the rest white. Or if you want to paint them all maroon, that would be fine as well. Your chevrons will just be the inverse of mine. As I've said, the etude house nail polish is really good and resulted in such a clean and neat mani, with no accidental streaks on the side or top. Two coats for each were enough to get an opaque colour. 
  4. I recommend letting your polish dry for an hour before doing this, but if you do not mind roughening up your polish from the tape, then carry on. In reality, I only waited 5-10 minutes because I figured I would finish with a top coat anyway. Take your nail vinyls or tapes and place them on your nail as shown to make the chevrons. 
  5. Paint your entire nail and use tweezers to peel the tape immediately, while the paint is wet. You might need to touch up so you can use a toothpick to do this. If you used nail vinyls, then I think it should have turned out fine. Or maybe it has to do with the polish. 
  6. But anyhow, repeat this process on your middle finger, ring finger and thumb! Place a top coat over to seal the colours and give them a glossy finish. 
I hope you've enjoyed this nail art and if you do try it out, remember to hashtag #megoostafashion on instagram! 

P.S check out Paul Hewitt if you are interested in the anchor bracelet!