Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Qtee november picks

I'm back with another Qtee review! I got two things this time - a sweatshirt and a crop tank top. I always spend an awful lot of time on qtee because I can never decide on the perfect colour and type of shirt to choose. Do you feel me? Also, I love how they give out stickers with your order. Aren't they just adorable? You can stick them on your laptops or notebooks. 
The first one I picked is this Team Unicorn graphic. It's got really varsity vibes about it and I loved that the 01 was filled with a galaxy print! So, for this one, you can customise the colours of the 'unicorn word', the border colour of the '01' and the three gradient colours of the galaxy. Imagine all the possibilities! So you can seriously make your ideal galaxy gradient over here and I loved it. I accidentally picked a sweatshirt but I actually wanted the baseball tee version of it but it turned out not too bad. So do remember that you can change the shirt type by clicking on the 'other shirts' tab below. 
I used the default colours because I thought they were really pretty already but they are on the paler side in person so if you want something richer, I suggest going for a more saturated/brighter version of the colours. The left hex codes are the ones I used and the hex codes on the right are what I suggest you get if you want your galaxy to be brighter. 
#000000#000000#46419b > #6500ca#ad489e > #dd2da8#ad489e > #22d6d3
Next, I picked this Celestial California print that has this cool california bear and mountain backdrop with a sun, moon and star print. I think it looks great on the short sleeved tee, like stuff the cool kids that go skateboarding wear, but I chose the crop tank top because I don't think I would look good in the tee. For this shirt, you can customise the colour of the bear, the mountain, the sky elements, the skeleton of the bear and the colour of the words. I chose a teal-purple-pink combination and I thought they fit together really well. These are the hex codes for the colours I chose:
This shirt printed out with a glossy and sleek finish. I would say to be careful when keeping your clothes, that you don't fold it to prevent the print from sticking together. That would be disastrous. 
So, make sure you check out Qtee and also take a peek at their instagram for inspiration on how to design and style your tees! Have fun!!