Wednesday, December 24, 2014

december insta faves

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here are some of my insta faves for the month of December. I normally edit the lighting of my photos on Photoshop by adjusting the levels and colour balance, followed by applying filters with Afterlight. My favourite filters to use are Russ and Fade. I hope you are following me on Instagram!


Friday, December 19, 2014

the christmas gift guide

Are you having trouble finding the right gifts to stuff your stockings or fill the tree this Christmas? Well, look no further. I've compiled a bunch of pretty neat gift ideas that you can consider and they come in a whole range of prices to suit your needs. So, keep on reading until you find the ideal gift! Plus, keep your eyes peeled for nifty discount codes to help you save on your purchase.
Give back this Christmas by helping out someone in need. Check out Sseko Designs for products that are handmade in Ethiopia. Your purchase contributes to empowering and educating the women in Uganda. Plus, supporting the company means that the women will continue to have a job! That's killing two birds with one stone! The women over in Uganda benefit from your support and you get a pretty neat item to keep or give to your loved ones. These golden loafers are made of genuine leather and have a crushed and crackled detail to it. They are super soft and comfy to wear as well. There is a tiny heel to add a bit of height and it is highly raved on the website so do check out the reviews. Overall, the quality of the products are really superior and you definitely should invest in one. 
More handmade goodness coming in the form of floral crowns or floral halos, according to Kayla, the owner of Mad For Halos. I kid you not when I say that I am in total love with her halos and the feel and look of them. They are so perfect and I do swear they are the best and prettiest floral crowns I have ever laid eyes on. They feel really delicate but they are very well made. No glue residues peeking out or no flowers falling apart. Plus, retail stores sell it for the same price. These come as a head tie so the width is totally adjustable and up to you. You can wear it as a flower crown, as a necklace, bracelet or belt! I am wearing the Poppy Halo one over here. There is free shipping on all US orders, as well as a 15% discount when you use the code "huiying".
Can't get enough handmade stuff? Check out Pretty Psycho's etsy shop for these gorgeous crochet tops. She is seriously talented and so skilled to make these pretty tops. They feel really sturdy and each one is tailored to your cup size so it is fitting and flattering. The back straps are totally adjustable and super pretty as well because it criss crosses all over. Get one now and stock up for spring/summer as they are currently half price!
Add a personal touch to your wardrobe by customising your very own shirts, tote bags, caps, shoes or undies! Qtee offers a wide variety of graphic designs for you to choose from and the fun part comes in when you get to choose the colours to fill the design with. Loads of fun and definitely a great Christmas gift. There are lots of new Christmas graphics up on the site now so do check out the cute prints and get one or give one. Use the code QTA15 for 15% off your purchase.
Everyone has one of these nowadays but time is priceless. These simple yet classic looking vintage watches are super versatile and pretty to look at. Each watch comes in a leather box of its own with a manual and pin used to change straps. Yes, straps are interchangeable to suit your mood and outfit. There are leather straps, nato straps or the newly released mixed leather-nato strap to choose from. If you don't have a DW yet, it is time to get one this Christmas or give one. This is a sure heart-winner. DW is offering free (and fast!) worldwide shipping. Plus, you can use the code "holidaychee" for a further 15% off your purchase. Also do check out DW's site for more Christmas promotions. Sometimes they have a buy one get one free strap. Pictured here is the leather strapped Classic Bristol (Male $229/Female $199).
Give the gift of good skin, nails and hair with Vida Glow's 100% marine collagen. Each sachet contains 3g of collagen goodness and works wonders for restoring health and strength to skin, nails and hair. Collagen is vital for firm and supple skin and is especially important as we grow older because our bodies stop producing collagen. Plus, Vida Glow's collagen is totally odourless, colourless and tasteless! So, it is a great supplement to add to your diet.
If you have a makeup junkie as a friend and would like to get her something pretty, good and worthy of experimenting, try out Cate McNabb. They just launched their holiday collection of makeup products such as lipsticks and holiday gift sets that have a value twice that of the price. I have here a lipstick from their holiday collection called All Pinned Up and it has a satin finish with a blue-based red. It seems like a really intense red so if you're a fan of red lips, try this out! The other holiday shade is Blood Orange but I'm actually pretty interested in their nude shades such as Naked Truth, LBD and First Kiss Pink. These lipsticks are paraben-free and cruelty-free, infused with nourishing natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil, for bold and natural lips that always shine. Each colour has a different finish so do take note of that. The lipstick packaging is really cute as well. It is in the shape of a bullet and is quite small and compact. The lipsticks are priced at $16 and there is free shipping within the US on all orders, so you can just pick one or two up easily. Also, it is packed with lots of confetti as seen in the background so that would be great to stuff in stockings as well. 
First off, I'm going to say that this brand has a very clever name. Foot Cardigan. They are these funky and quirky printed socks. The way it works is, you can opt for a one-month subscription or an ongoing monthly subscription of $9 per month (+$2 shipping within US and to anywhere in the world) and you get a random pair of fun socks in the mail every month! It is totally a surprise because you do not get to choose the design but it is also like receiving a present in the mail every month and how fun is that? You could gift the subscription to a friend as well and cancel your subscriptions anytime. Also, they have socks for men, women and even children! Children get two socks but it's a bit more expensive ($11?). I think I like the kids' socks because I saw watermelon ones and cupcake and pizza prints. Totally obsessing over those. Anyway, I have two pairs here and I'm wearing them mismatched on purpose so that I can show both of them in a photo. They are super fun to wear at home to lounge around or to a friend's house (in Asian culture, we take off our shoes at home or in someone's house). They are a cute and fun conversation starter and just so comfy. No one's stopping you from letting them peek out your boots or sneakers as well.  Remember Spencer from iCarly? I always wanted to have rad socks like him, so this is totally the chance to get some! 
Finally, if you are just looking for good ol' fashion clothes and accessories, you can check out my favourite stores: Forever 21, Wet Seal, Deb Shops, Charlotte Russe, Styles For Less, Shop Priceless and some storenvy ones like ootdfash, lovejunkee and pepperknot. I got this donut shirt from f21 and it is actually a nightdress but I am totally going to wear it as a graphic tee or shirt dress because it is way too cute. I really do think some of f21's sleepwear is way too cute to be worn just for sleep. 

I hope you have a clearer idea of what stocking stuffers you're going to get for your loved ones this year. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

nail art: festive christmas baubles nail art

It is my favourite time of the year because Christmas is around the corner! I love all the sparkly decorations, christmas lights, festive tunes, hot chocolate and gingerbread. So to celebrate the season with some festive cheer, I created some baubles nail art (inspired by nailstorming). I love how sparkly this design is and it definitely makes me happy because it looks just like christmas wrapping paper. I used nail polish from Etude House's Holiday Trio pack. I'm not sure if they still sell it because it was a christmas gift from my aunt last year. Anyhow, it's a relatively simple nail art and you only need four colours - deep red/maroon, metallic glittery gold, green and red glitter, and white.

  1. Paint two-three coats of dark red/maroon as a base colour.
  2. Next, paint on some green, red and gold glitter. Mine came together in a bottle but if you don't have that, you could paint separate coats of glitter. I tried not to pile on too much glitter so I only went with one coat of glitter and made sure they were evenly distributed on my nail. 
  3. Using the metallic glittery gold, dot on the shapes of the baubles. I literally did this in blobs with my brush, slowly dabbing out a circle to the best of my ability. 
  4. Finally, draw on your bauble designs using a nail brush or nail pen and white nail polish. 
Simple as that! Make sure to tag #megoostafashion if you try this out so that I can check our your creation and give it a like + comment! Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

lookbookstore december picks

It's been awhile since my last post. I've been really busy finishing up projects and studying for finals because it is that time of the year, when the term is ending and christmas and new year is coming soon! So, to help you in your shopping, I've got a few items from Lookbook Store to share with you. You should definitely take chance of the christmas sales going on right now. I saw a whole bunch of good stuff marked down at great prices. You can refer to some of my previous lookbookstore hauls here and pick out some items for yourself as well. There are super cool summer highwaisted denim shorts at just $9.90 and free shipping worldwide on all orders!! So you could really just get like one pair of denim shorts for $10 and get it delivered to you for free. 

Apart from the 80% christmas sales going on, I've got a few discount links for you to check out to save even more money!

from: Lookbook Store
Cozy up by the fireplace this Christmas with these super cute aztec floral leggings, filled with festive vibes. Made of stretch knit, these are great for lounging around or for spreading the Christmas cheer. They go well with all sorts of booties and boots, paired with sweaters. It is on sale now for $9.90!!
from: Lookbook Store
The T-Shirt dress trend is still in! Kick start your collection with this thin knitted sweater t-shirt dress that also comes with a braided belt. I paired it with a flannel tied at the waist to cinch it instead of using the belt. Throw on an infinity scarf, socks and boots to complete the cute fall/winter transition look. It is on sale right now for $19.90!
from: Lookbook Store
Maroon is always a favourite colour for fall so this sweater is perfect for the season. It goes great over blouses and plaid shirts or can be worn on it's own. It is long and oversized enough to be worn as a sweater dress (with shorts underneath) and thigh high socks. Alternatively, it can be paired with this chiffon skirt that looks pretty similar to the brandy melville ones, but at a fraction of the cost. For more layering options, add an anorak over and an infinity scarf. 
from: Lookbook Store
I got the white version of this sweater in my previous haul and it was so cute to wear as a sweater dress so I got the lavender one too. I'd wear it with white floral skirts but they are definitely cute with denim shorts and thigh high socks. Also, the V-back design adds to the flirtatiousness of the look. On sale now for $29!
from: Lookbook Store
I also got the maroon version of the chiffon skirt because it was just so cute and I've been wanting the brandy melville one for a long time. The skirt is a tad long but it's fine. I can just wear it a little more highwaisted. It goes great with loose cropped tops covering the waist band. Definitely a cute addition to your closet and can be worn all year round!
from: Lookbook Store
This chunky marled cardigan is so popular that it sold out previously! The dark blue version (shown in the picture before this) is a huge hit and people keep asking me where they can find the cardigan but it's so unfortunate that lookbookstore hasn't restocked it so I can't help them. The red one is very unique and probably less versatile but it is still cute if you can work it. If you wear lots of basics, this is a good piece to layer on to add more details to your outfit. It is also really thick, chunky and oversized so it is perfect for colder weathers. 
from: Lookbook Store
I don't usually get sweaters in this colour but I thought it was kinda unique and the colour reminded me of thanksgiving and pumpkins. So, since it was so fall appropriate, why not? It isn't a very thick sweater so it's nice to just throw on on windy days with some jeans and booties. It has three button details at the sides of the sweater so that is really cute. It's a great fall piece to layer under navy utility jackets as well. 

Happy christmas shopping loves and remember to use the links above to save on some cash!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

november insta favorites

Wrapping up the month with a post dedicated to some of my favourite photos on Instagram. I used Afterlight to filter all these photos and I am definitely in love with all the different looks that I have achieved with this app. Definitely recommending it, especially since it's only a dollar!