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lightinthebox valentine's day lookbook

I got a bunch of items from  Light In The Box  and  Mini In The Box  to do a Valentine's Day themed lookbook or outfit ideas for you guys. I know it's still like a month away but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead and have something to look forward to. I didn't choose anything fancy like dresses or what not because I don't think many of us would splurge on a fancy new dress just for v-day unless it is a really special one for you. So, I put together some casual outfits with the help of versatile pieces that you should be able to find in your own closet as well. If you don't already have a similar item, then maybe it is time to consider getting some shopping done ;) I've placed the links to where you can find most of the items featured in my photos (if they are still in stock as I'm writing this post).  I got the new iPhone 6 recently and it was in need of a new cover. I watched a video online featuring this glittery case before but the shop it was from wa

Wild Daisy Whipped Soaps

I've been into sweet scents and all things that smell good recently. I came across these whipped soaps over at Wild Daisy and decided to pick some up because they sounded so so so tempting. They just look like whipped cream and they do feel like that too! They were priced at $7 each and shipping was also around $7. Apart from whipped soaps, Wild Daisy also carries sugar scrubs and bar soaps in the same sweet scents so there is a wide variety of soaps to choose from their body range. After careful consideration, I picked out Candy Cane (my number one choice because I am a huge peppermint lover), Cookie and Pumpkin Spice. I decided to treat myself to this and bought them over Christmas. I only just recently shipped them back home and tried it out.  These soaps come in rather small jars of 113g each. They are really light and fluffy in texture, which never ceases to amaze me and have amazing smells. They are all infused with jojoba beads to provide some exfoliation and they la

lookbookstore january picks

It's been awhile since I last updated this space. I am back with a haul featuring some items I picked out from Lookbook Store this month.  Striped Cropped Grey Sweater - $35.00 from: Lookbook Store I actually picked this sweater because I saw it styled so well on another fellow Insta-fashionista, but it didn't turn out so well on me. The sweater is slightly baggy so it would fit someone with a wider frame. I'm just too petite. I think it would be fine for the average person and it would look so fab especially with a skirt.  Two-Colored Knitted Pullover - $31.00   from: Lookbook Store I've seen this styled as a sweater dress many times so I had to get it too because it's still the season of sweaters and sweater dressing. I like the marled knitted details and it can be worn off shoulder as well. It is really quite long so if you are around 5' to 5'4, it should work well as a sweater dress for you.  Port Knitted Pullover - $31.00 f