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lightinthebox valentine's day lookbook

I got a bunch of items from Light In The Box and Mini In The Box to do a Valentine's Day themed lookbook or outfit ideas for you guys. I know it's still like a month away but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead and have something to look forward to. I didn't choose anything fancy like dresses or what not because I don't think many of us would splurge on a fancy new dress just for v-day unless it is a really special one for you. So, I put together some casual outfits with the help of versatile pieces that you should be able to find in your own closet as well. If you don't already have a similar item, then maybe it is time to consider getting some shopping done ;) I've placed the links to where you can find most of the items featured in my photos (if they are still in stock as I'm writing this post). 
I got the new iPhone 6 recently and it was in need of a new cover. I watched a video online featuring this glittery case before but the shop it was from was selling it for over $30 which is just ridiculous. I found it on Mini In The Box (Glitter Quicksandfor less than $10 and it comes with free shipping as well. It is seriously pretty and I am obsessed with it. I'm currently using it right now and although it is a little thick and bulky, I actually do not mind because the iPhone 6 is so thin. Adding this case makes the iPhone 6 seem like the iPhone 5 and gives it the same shape as the iPhone 5, which is something I actually like. The case is filled with water and a whole bunch of glitter and stars. It is quite hard to remove so don't put it on until you are ready to stick with it for awhile. Mine developed an air bubble as well but it doesn't seem to be showing signs of expanding so I can still live with that. Check out this short clip that I filmed of the phone cover if you are still not convinced at how magical and glittery this phone case is. I highly recommend it and I will be going back for more colours. 

The second case that I got is the clear case with a dreamcatcher print on it. This one is quite a popular design just because the dreamcatcher is so pretty. It's not the best and clearest print out but it's cheap so it is worth the buy. It will do the job in protecting the back of your phone and keeping it pretty. Very versatile as well and will go with any outfit. 
Accessories are vital to any outfit. While it is still winter with spring just around the corner, you should have a stockpile of scarves and socks ready to keep you warm. However, if you have not prepared yourself for the cold, then grab some of these super cute infinity scarves and thigh high socks to stay in trend. The maroon and grey ones can be found here, while the pink and white cable knitted scarves can be found here. Cable knitted thigh highs can be found here, black thigh highs over here and the adorable lace trimmed socks are here.
Girl Next Door
Floral top - Forever 21 | Skirt - Lookbook Store | Booties - Cici Hot | Jacket - Styles For Less | Socks, Scarf - Light In the Box | Bow - Little Blue Garden
If you are going for the sweet girl look, then definitely choose florals for your outfit. Whether it's a floral top or a floral skirt, florals definitely make everything look girly. This particular top has a scoop back, which is why I got it, and that makes it a little more flirty. If it's cold where you live, then add on a jacket and cozy up with an infinity scarf and cute lace trimmed socks. Also, the jacket helps to add a bit of colour to break the reds in the outfit. I chose a utility jacket because it helps to even out the classy look, so you don't look too overdressed. If you do not need a jacket, then I would actually suggest going with a more structured skater skirt instead. It would help to accentuate your waist line and still give the outfit it's girly vibe.  
Rocker Chick
Dress - Brandy Melville | Jacket - Highway Jeans from Wet Seal | Flannel - Light In The Box | Beanie - Wet Seal | Booties - Cici Hot | Sunnies - Forever 21 | Necklaces - Shopxgypsy, IHTEC
This outfit is totally inspired by @rubilove on instagram. I saw one of her outfit layouts and I went, "hey, I could totally make a layout like that too" and I pieced this together! If you are going for a more grungy or if you are more into street wear, then you could try a white skater dress that will always be flattering to your figure. Accentuate your waist and add more details and colours to your outfit with a plaid shirt and top it off with an acid washed denim jacket. Grungy vibes are not complete without some statement accessories so I paired it up with this necklace from Shopxgypsy. You can quote my ig "megoosta" for 5% off your purchase and free mailing in Singapore. Otherwise, go for a crystal necklace, which is the latest jewel trend. The gold plating details on the boots and beanie also oomph to this outfit and make it totally rad. Dig around for some round shades and you are set. 
Good Vibes
Plaid hoodieStudded shorts, Thigh high socks - Light In The Box | Halter top, Shoes - Forever 21 | Necklace - IHTEC
If you're just hanging out with your homies or lounging around at home, then perhaps you could opt for this outfit. I paired a cropped halter top, which I'm super obsessed about with some ripped and studded shorts. You can totally DIY your own but this pair from LITB is seriously looking good and they fit well, just a bit big at the legs. Anyway, if you see this top instock, you have to grab yourself one because the design and the cutting is flawless. Plus it is super cheap and affordable on F21. I love wearing it and it is very very versatile. Such an outfit is never complete without plaid so I paired it with a plaid hoodie I found on LITB. It is about 11 bucks, which is very much cheaper than what you find in other retail stores. It isn't made of thick flannel material but just normal cotton, so that's good or bad depending on how you like your plaid shirts. Hooded stuff are just in right now though. 
Jacket - Styles For LessFloral cutout tank, Cable knit socks - Light In The Box | Skirt - Lookbook Store | Booties - Cici Hot | Floral Crown - Mad For Halos (use code "huiying" for 15% off) | Sunnies - Forever 21
Another simple and plain, yet sweet and girly look is to pair a fancy white shirt with a skirt and jacket or blazer. I chose a utility jacket for this look but I think a casual blazer will suit it as well, but you might want to replace the socks with tights instead. This tank has laser cutout details that make it more interesting, rather than just a plain white tee. The details are brought out even further by layering it over a solid coloured skirt. Add a couple of simple necklaces if you still find it too plain. 
All Prepped Up
Hearts All Over Blouse, Grey knitted scarf, Lace trimmed socks - Light In The Box | Cardigan, skirt- Forever 21 | Booties - Cici Hot
This is one of my favourite outfits for v-day. For all the monochrome fans out there, this is your outfit. This adorable heart printed blouse can be worn under a pinafore or with a black skirt, and infinity scarf. To add a little more detail and texture to the outfit, I chose a leather skirt and a marled knitted cardigan to throw over. The lace trimmed socks will be adding more cuteness to the outfit and lastly, the booties give the outfit all the glam it needs. 

Sexy Back
Heart Cut Out Tank, Studded shorts, Lace trimmed socks - Light In The Box | Floral caged bralette, Sunnies - Forever 21 | Jacket - Styles For Less | Floral Crown - Mad For Halos (use code "huiying" for 15% off) | Booties - Cici Hot
Yet another cool and casual outfit but this one comes with a sexy heart cut-out back design. I love anything with hearts and I actually had a phase with heart cut-out backs before. In last year's v-day lookbook, I posted an outfit with a heart cut-out back and it is still my favourite dress for V-day because it is so suitable for the theme. If you do not feel like dressing up much because you don't have a date, but you don't want to feel left out in the V-day dressing game either, you can check out this top. Match it with one of your cool bralettes to show off that sexy back. The front of this top is quite simple so I suggest going for some simple jewellery as well and ripped shorts for added details. 
Sweet Pastels
Cardi, Skirt - Forever 21 | Knitted crochet top - Urban Girl Co. | Scarf, Socks - Light In The Box | Bow - Oh My Bows | Booties - Cici Hot
This is my go-to style - the sweet and flirty kind of look. Pair a crop top with a floral skirt and you are already looking way too cute. Add some lace trimmed socks and you are an adorable cutie pie. If it is chilly, throw on a knitted cardigan and scarf as well because they're just gonna make you look all the more cozy and huggable. 

I hope you've gotten lots of ideas on how to dress up this valentine's day. I will update this post if I wear any of these outfits or make new ones. 



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