Sunday, March 29, 2015

diy: brandy melville graphic tees (updated)

I recently filmed and uploaded a new DIY video on my youtube channel. I did a blog post on these Brandy Melville inspired graphic tees over here last year and it has gone quite viral on pinterest so I decided to film it and make a new blog post with clearer instructions (maybe). I haven't changed much of the tutorial but I think it is more organised than my previous one. If you are too lazy to read, you can always watch the video tutorial. The pictorial was taken from the video anyway. 


  • Plain shirt / Flannel
  • Fabric paint
  • UHU glue 
  • Craft knife
  • Sponge
  • Computer and printer
  • Cardstock
  1. The first thing to do would be to print out the stencil for the graphic tee by opening a word processing application and typing in your desired caption. You can choose any caption and font you like but make sure it is big enough. A good estimate would be to fill the entire sheet of paper. Also, you should use the landscape layout as it allows you to type over a bigger area. Some caption ideas for you:
    • Stay Weird - Times New Roman (145 pt)
    • You Can't Sit With Us - TradeGothicNo.20 Condensed (159 pt)
    • I Love You To The Moon and Back - Courier (50 pt)
    • Stressed Depressed But Well Dressed - Letter Gothic Std (89 pt)
  2. Once you've got that printed, take your craft knife and start cutting out the alphabets of the print. Make sure you keep the insides of alphabets such as 'o's and 'a's so that you can use them later. 
  3. Lay your shirt flat out and slide a piece of cardstock underneath to prevent the paint from leaking through. 
  4. Apply some UHU glue or any craft glue that makes very weak bonds onto the back of your stencil. If you are using the 'stay weird.' design, make sure you are glueing the right side of the stencil. 
  5. Position and press your stencil into place. 
  6. Then, using a sponge, take some fabric paint and dab the paint onto your shirt. Make sure to do this is small amounts because the paint can still leak underneath your stencil if you apply too much paint at one go. 
  7. Once you are done, peel your stencil off and touch up any incomplete areas or uneven edges with a brush.
  8. You can now cut your tee into a muscle tank or crop top if you like. Otherwise, you're all done! 
This tutorial is definitely not limited to plain graphic tees. You can do it on flannels as well and if you are more daring and artistic, you can go for a free handed design as well.